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After twelve action packed weeks, two training days, countless miles and a nervous wait on a sunny September morning in Nottingham, our New Balance Good Form Runners joined seven thousand other runners taking part in the Ikano Robin Hood half marathon. 

With some final words of encouragement from Team NB and their race numbers firmly secured, Tim, Ashley and Emma lined up in their waves and waited for the starters gun. After two short hours, all three runners were standing around smiling, rewarded with medals around their necks and a much-deserved sense of achievement. 

And what an achievement it was with all three runners maximising on the fundamentals of good form running - lean, cadence, mid-foot strike and posture - to produce performances far exceeding their expectations. 

Both Ashley and Tim clocked new PBs and Emma was able to run injury free, but most important of all, all three runners were able to rediscover a sense of enjoyment for their running that had at times been lost to the demands of training and set backs, but as they reflected on what they had all achieved, it was clear that the hard work had paid off and they’re already looking for that next challenge to take on! 

"Learning the new midfoot running technique has been really important for me. I've found it a really helpful way to run and it's going to help me stay injury free" - Emma

"Good race, good atmosphere, new PB, home town, feel fantastic!" - Tim

"I've got a good base to start doing more, pushing on further" - Ashley

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