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Ask the podiatrist: Pain on the outside of feet
We put your questions to Carnation Footcare podiatrist Michael Ratcliffe.

Ask the physio: Splayed feet
Your stance can indicate if your running form is not what it should be.

3 ways to fix your everyday posture
How you sit and move on a day-to-day basis can impact your running form. Here's how to keep yourself in line.

Ask the physio: Calf tears
I keep getting calf tears. What should I do?

5 pre-run Pilates moves for better form
Prepare your body to run at its best with these essential Pilates exercises from Lynne Robinson, director of Body Control Pilates.

4 simple steps to injury-proofing your ankles
Add these easy exercises to your running routine and protect yourself from sprains, tendinopathies and more.

Ask the physio: Piriformis syndrome
For runners, a compressed nerve can be a right pain in the backside.

Check your form: Glutes
How to check that your glutes are driving your running action.

4 causes of knee pain and how to fix them
Sports doctor Jordan Metzl explains the most common knee injuries and how to manage them.

Check your form: Core
Build core strength to guard against injury and boost your power.

4 exercises for stronger feet and ankles
Put your best foot forward (literally) by doing these simple moves frequently to ease post-run pain and avoid injury.

Check your form: Upper back and shoulders
Avoid injury by building strength and improving flexibility in problem areas.

Ask the physio: Sports massage
I had my first sports massage recently and felt sore afterwards. Does it have any benefits?

Ask the physio: Knee pain
I get knee pain when I run. Shall I just give up running?

5 exercises for stronger hip flexors
This simple hip flexor routine can help you fend off injury.

Watch your body language: Early signs of 7 common injuries
Check yourself before you wreck (or at least mildly inconvenience) yourself by getting injured with our ultimate guide to early signs of trouble.

8 exercises to help prevent injury
They're simple exercises, but they might help you run injury-free for the rest of your life.

Ask the physio: Running after injury
How do I return to running after injury?

Ask the physio: Plantar fasciitis
Our resident physio Paul Hobrough talks through the nasty affliction that is plantar fasciitis.

Ask the physio: Shin splints
What's behind shin splints and how can they be avoided?

21 to 40 of 197 articles

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