Ask the physio: Plantar fasciitis

Our resident physio Paul Hobrough talks through the nasty affliction that is plantar fasciitis.

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Q. I’ve been told I have plantar fasciitis and to stop running until it eases off. Is there anything I can do? - Jon, Guildford

A. Plantar fasciitis is a condition characterised by pain when you take those first few steps in the morning or after you’ve been sitting down for a while. 

The plantar fascia is a flat length of connective tissue that runs from your heel bone (calcaneus) to the base of your toes (it splits into five ‘digital slips’, one for each toe). Its main roles are supporting the long arch in your foot and helping with the toe-off when you’re walking or running.

The condition can prevent you running for a while, though in extreme cases it can mean the end of a running career. Plantar fasciitis may resolve itself, although there are forums filled with stories of people spending thousands of pounds on treatments – including night splints, orthotics and injections. 

You probably do need to stop running to allow the injury to heal, but there are plenty of simple steps you can take to speed up the recovery process a little. 

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Hi Paul,

Nice concise overview of PF management for runners. I am pleased to see you are an advocate of the Strassburg Sock. I have prescribed this for a number of years for my patients and after receiving some critical feedback from one patient I decided to redesign my own night splint - the PF Sock. It is very similar to the Strassburg Sock with a minor adjustment at the stiching across the toes so that it provides improved 1st MTPJ dorsiflexion. It is also cheaper as well at £29.95.

You can find the product here -

Kind regards,

Benn Boshell

Musculoskeletal and Sports Podiatrist

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 21:07

That should be

Posted: 20/11/2014 at 21:09

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