Elite Advice: From Injury to Victory

How four elites managed to turn disappointment into drive

Posted: 23 February 2011
by Ruth Emmett

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Athlete: Greg Rutherford
Your limits

With a 100m PB of 10.38, Rutherford realised early on that he'd never set a record.

"I'm just not as fast as Bolt - there's as much chance of me running 9.60 as becoming the Queen," he says. "But I see myself as a potential long jump world-beater, so that's where I now focus most of my training. You have to be realistic."

Rethinking his ambitions paid off at the World Championships in Berlin 2009; he beat the previous British long jump record by one centimetre.

Bounce Back

Still racing in the 100m for fun, keeping up some sprint-specific training helped Rutherford adjust: "I'll do three sets of five intervals, running for 2:30 minutes, then 2:40, 2:50 and so on, with 2:00 recovery," he says.

Picture credit: ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images

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I have picked up an injury i have had a friend who is training in physio he has said I havent got runner kneee, but my quads are causing me pain at the top of my knee.  At the moment there is a slight swelling above my knee.  I am resting it for 4 days as that is the advice he has given me, I am also going to see my doctor but I have a 10k run in 7 days.  I am hoping this doesnt stop me running as I have been running for a year now and really enjoy it.  It also has lots of benefits, like happy endorphins and helps keep my weight down and also its my tie to clear my head. I would be lost without running but if I end up having to stop as you cant run without your knees I am going to be gutted.  Any other advice

Many Thanks


Posted: 11/03/2012 at 11:04

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