Elite Advice: From Injury to Victory

How four elites managed to turn disappointment into drive

Posted: 23 February 2011
by Ruth Emmett

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Athlete: Craig Pickering
Setback: A stumble

Overwhelmed by the Olympics, Pickering set off early in the 4 x 100m relay at Beijing 2008, causing Team GB to crash out in the heats.

"It was really awkward with the rest of the team," Pickering says. "I got out of the athletes' village for a few days, but raced again within a week. In athletics, all you can do is get on with it."

And that's what he did, clinching victory for GB at last year's Aviva International Match in Glasgow by winning the 60m by 0.002s.

Bounce Back

Pickering's first step was to maturely take responsibility: "I said straight away that it was my fault; that way we could all move on. Now it feels like it happened to a different person," he says. 

Picture credit:John Gichigi/Getty Images

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I have picked up an injury i have had a friend who is training in physio he has said I havent got runner kneee, but my quads are causing me pain at the top of my knee.  At the moment there is a slight swelling above my knee.  I am resting it for 4 days as that is the advice he has given me, I am also going to see my doctor but I have a 10k run in 7 days.  I am hoping this doesnt stop me running as I have been running for a year now and really enjoy it.  It also has lots of benefits, like happy endorphins and helps keep my weight down and also its my tie to clear my head. I would be lost without running but if I end up having to stop as you cant run without your knees I am going to be gutted.  Any other advice

Many Thanks


Posted: 11/03/2012 at 11:04

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