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Q. I had shin splints in my right leg last year after training for a half marathon. I saw a physio, didn't run for 6 weeks, started wearing insoles as I overpronate, did a lot of stretching and added some extra glute strengthening exercises. I recovered and started running again but now I have shin splints in my left leg, which is a bit unfortunate as I'm training for a marathon in April. I've started with the stretching, icing and strengthening exercises again but I'm still in too much pain to run. I will see a physio next week but my question is whether you think I'll still be able to run the marathon in 10 weeks' time and whether it's better to stop running completely for a bit or just stick to shorter, slower runs? - MsLauraH

A. I think it is very possible for you to run, but agree it’s tight on time.

Is there any chance you can make it to see me, I have a lot of success with these sort of things?? 

I would suggest really strengthening your tibialis posterior if you aren't already and plenty of core strength to be going on with.  You need to start building your training up with cross training and dove tailing in some running with interspersed stretches.  Do your strengthening before bed so you aren't overloading the muscles during the day and get adequate recovery.  I wish you all the best, this will be a tough journey but all the more rewarding when you make it….. (I have got people over the line with far less time and in a worse place than you before now, so don't give up hope)

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