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Q. Achilles tendonitis. Came on after PTT, which went away no problem, but the achilles just won't get better. Tried rest, heel raises, short runs, ice... Any other options or tricks? - Martin Hook

A. Achillies tendon issues are very successfully fixed using the Alfredson protocol The heel drops must be eccentric, slow, with weight and every other day. The protocol takes 12 weeks to full completion and I require my clients to come bi monthly for the duration for treatments.  Running is ok as long as you do not run with a pain over 4/10 (0 being no pain 10 being the most pain you can imagine) and that the pain doesn't increase either during a run or over a weekly period.  If the pain does fall into these categories then rest will be required for a week and then try again. The way that I prescribe this protocol is as follows (there may be subtle differences) months 1 is 3 x 15 reps (alternate days for all of these - not every day!!)  as described, month two =  4 x 10 reps with a heavier weight and the final four weeks are 4 x 6 reps again with a heavier weight. 

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