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Q. I'm doing the Rome marathon at the end of March and pre-Christmas, training was going really well and I was up to 12 miles with little difficulty. Unfortunately I put my back out just before Christmas and then spent three weeks on holiday not doing any running. When I returned I pushed myself too far, too fast and my back has been niggling ever since - not enough to stop me running but enough to be of concern. Since my 13.5 mile run last weekend my knee has also been feeling a bit dodgy - walking up or down stairs has caused a strange sensation though it's been okay this week when running. I've been replacing some of my training runs with cross trainer sessions to try and lessen the impact on my knee and back - is there anything else I can do to keep my fitness up whilst also allowing my body to heal? - Belinda Whitehead

A. Sounds like you could benefit from having a second look at your back and knee as this may be something fairly quick to resolve. As for keeping your training going, aqua jogging is the best way as it is so specific, but if you can tolerate some cross trainer as well then this is also very good. By the sound of it you need a great deal of core strength to help you over your recent back issues and if you can translate this into some good functional training for your legs then you will come back stronger than before.

Try to replicate your running programme with the cross training described in terms of duration and intensity as you will begetter placed to get back into your programme of running once the injury is fixed.

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