TRX Training: Speed Up Your Recovery

Strengthen your body and improve your posture with TRX training

by Cath Harris

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Trust us: the T doesn't stand for torture. TRX is a revolutionary workout using straps and your own body weight to add resistance to dynamic stretches. It helps strengthen muscles, restore joint mobility and encourage good posture. "It's especially useful for injured runners in recovery," says TRX specialist David Miller (

You can try TRX at gyms or buy a home kit for £132.50 (, attaching the straps to anything from a wall mount to a suspension frame or a tree. Try 10-12 reps of these exercises unless stated, progressing to three sets of each. 

Are you ready?

If you've recently suffered an injury, here are four steps you should take before strapping up:

1 Consult a physiotherapist.
2 Use a foam roller to release tension around damaged tissues: place it beneath tender spots, relax and gently roll.
3 Start stretching (stop if it hurts) to re-engage muscles without tiring them. Address obvious muscular imbalances, and if you've suffered a joint problem, make sure you regain full flexibility before trying TRX.
4 Be realistic about how long the acute injury phase will last. "For muscle strains it could be three to four weeks," David says. "But tendon and ligament problems take longer to heal because of their poor blood supply. It could be six weeks to three months before you're ready for TRX."

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TRX Training

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It's great to see an article on the TRX.

Unfortunately this article doesn't do it justice - it is far more than a piece of equipment for recovery after injury! I use it regularly to train with and I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. I also use it with clients who vary in abilities from complete beginner (I mean complete beginner as in not exercised for many years) to advanced users, the possibilities are so vast!

Just check out some of the video clips on youtube to see for yourself what an amazing workout you can have with a TRX - Oh and one of the things I love most about it is that you can workout outdoors!!!

Posted: 20/10/2011 at 09:19

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