Water Workouts

On holiday or at home, deepen your stretches by cooling down in the pool

by Paige Greenfield

Hip Flexor Stretch
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After a long run on a hot day, few things feel better than diving into a pool. But why stop at cooling off?

By taking your stretching routine underwater, you’ll be able to move your joints and limbs through a wider range of motion – and with greater control – compared with stretching on land, says Scott Riewald, a biomechanics expert who works with Olympic athletes.

“It’s easier to reach and hold the point of optimal stretch, with less strain,” he says. Do this routine in the pool after a run. Hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds, repeating twice on both legs.

Hip Flexors Start in a lunge position with the left leg on a low step. Bend the right knee and shift your body weight forward so your hips drop down. You’ll feel this in the front of your left hip.

Picture credits: Stephen Frink

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