Training Diary: Take Note

Keep a training log to nurture self-belief and prepare for race day

by Phoebe Doyle

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In your Notepad

The ‘I want’ list 
If your only goal is a sub-4:00 marathon or losing three stone, your enthusiasm is likely to wane when results don’t come quickly. Buffer each main goal with two small ones to achieve in the meantime: “I want to try a new form of cross-training”, for example. As for setting realistic time goals, physiologist Janet Hamilton says that, “in ideal conditions”, you can expect a three per cent max improvement from race to race. 

The ‘What if’ list
“It’s not the setbacks but your response that determines whether or not you reach your goals,” says Russell. “Minimise the impact  by thinking through every bad situation that might crop up; next to each, write how you will overcome it.” Be it injury, poor weather or missing out on a race place, facing your fears head-on will reassure you that everything’s in hand. And if the worst should happen, you’re ready to act. 

Background reading
“Doing your homework and learning more about running is enormously motivational; you’ll see people just like you succeeding with similar targets,” says Russell. Keep a page for noting down or stapling in inspiring quotes and useful tips gleaned from running buddies, forums and (of course) RW.

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Training Diary: Take Note
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