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7 tips to help you make it out for evening runs

By Sam Murphy, Katie Brown on in Training
Tempted to ditch your evening run? Our expert energy and motivation tips promise to deliver a second wind.

Do… yoga ‘A simplified sun salutation increases blood flow to the brain,’ says yoga teacher Annie May Rice. Inhale deeply, lift your arms out and up to the sky. Exhale and fold down, bending your knees and hanging your head. Repeat 3-5 times. Hear… a pulsing tune The ‘priming’ effect of music ...  ... 

Why running higher mileage can mean better energy efficiency

By Alice Mosey on in News
If you want to improve your overall performance, it may be time to become a player in the high-mileage game.

If you're looking to improve your energy efficiency - being able to run for longer using less energy - it may be time to ramp up your mileage. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has found that runners who had a higher weekly mileage showed a more ...  Continue ... 

How weight training during pregnancy can benefit your running after birth

By Alice Mosey on in News
Research reveals how body strengthening workouts can prevent your run being hit by awkward postpartum side effects.

Returning back to your normal running regime after you’ve just spent the past nine months homing your unborn baby (not forgetting the transformations your body experiences in labour too) can be intimidating. And we’re not talking about the fear of your PB having plummeted dramatically because you’ve been out of ... 

5 post-run recovery moves for tired legs

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
This post-run cool-down routine will give your muscles a healing boost.

If you come to a screeching halt after running hard, waste products and even your body’s own healing nutrients and chemicals can pool in your legs, creating inflammation that harms rather than heals. To avoid that, running coach Robyn LaLonde developed this cool-down routine. It reduces swelling, calms your nervous system ... 

What to drink when you’re doing Dry January

By Alice Mosey on in Health
7 drinks that won’t savage your social life or wellness resolutions in Dry January.

When you’ve spent the whole of December on a diet of mulled wine, G&Ts and whatever else was offered to you at all your festivities, what to feed your thirst with come Dry January can often make you feel like a little lost sheep. Of course water’s great, but when ... 

5 running movies and their starring actors get the professional verdict

By Sam Murphy on in Community
Some actors go to great lengths to prepare for their roles, but what happens when they have to play runners?

Being an actor is about putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. But when they happen to be running shoes, getting into character presents an additional physical challenge. Some excel: for example, Stephan James, who played Jesse Owens in Race (above), a biopic about the legendary sprinter (out now on DVD), ... 

How running enhances your brain function, according to science

By Alice Mosey on in News
Study reveals how runners are better at decision-making and multi-tasking.

Whether you run for fun, for fat loss or to train for a big race, there are heaps of benefits to be had from getting your kit on and enduring a regular run. In fact, you’ve probably seen fellow runners post a motivational quote to their Instagram profile along the ... 

50 years of running shoes

By Jonathan Beverly on in Gear
A history of 50 years of (mostly) fantastic footwear innovation.

1966-1970 The First Flats In the beginning there were racing shoes. But they were not terribly good. ‘Very few running shoes were available, if they could be called that,’ says running-shoe collector Dave Kayser, who started running in 1966. ‘They were heavy and stiff, usually with leather or canvas uppers.’ RW contributor ... 

6 running nutrition products that have stood the test of time

By Kelly Bastone on in Health
Sports nutrition has evolved over the last few decades, but these classic products still get the job done.

These days, attempting to run a marathon without drinking anything along the way would be defined as either an act of pure lunacy or a first-class attempt at self-sabotage, yet that was the status quo until the 1960s. ‘People thought that drinking cold beverages while running would give you a ... 

How to avoid toilet breaks during a race

By K. Aleisha Fetters on in Health
Ease stomach troubles and make that portable loo trip a thing of the past.

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and a new PB is that pesky mid-race toilet break. And even if it’s not a full-on sprint to the bathroom, maybe the cold-sweat-inducing cramps that come with it are enough to keep you from a strong finish. We chatted with top gastroenterologists to ... 

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