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Menstrual cycle and running performance

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
How you store and use carbohydrate depends on your cycle.

After British tennis star Heather Watson was knocked out of the Australian Open in the first round last month, she blamed her poor play on "girl things." That sparked a series of articles in the British press on a generally neglected topic: the effect of menstrual cycle on athletic performance. ... 

4 Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints

By Catlin Carlson on in Health
Protect an injury-prone spot with these simple moves.

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How to run on the dreadmill without losing your mind

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
The key to finding ways to stay entertained on indoor runs.

The key to marathon preparation is to train with quality and consistency, which you can accomplish on a treadmill. That said, running longer than an hour on a treadmill can be—yawn!—boring, because of the lack of stimulation and scenery change that outdoor long runs provide. However, it is possible to simulate an outdoor ... 

#Run2WorkDay – Turn your run commute into a fat burner

By on in Training
Why not try fasted training on Run2Work day

If you’re someone who can’t function in the morning without your brekky, then this might not be the article for you, but the benefits of fasted training first thing in the morning might make you change your mind. Bucking the trend that every training session should always be completed with high ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog week 8: Throwing caution to the wind

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
In the eighth week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou rebels and mixes up her training plan.

Week eight of my training plan for the The Hoka Highland Fling stipulated a 35-minute run, a couple of interval sessions, some strength and conditioning work and a 22-miler at the weekend. Despite trying extremely hard to stick rigidly to the plan, I’m going to have to come clean and admit that ...  ... 

40-year-old Bernard Lagat breaks 3000 metre record

By Peter Gambaccini on in News
Lagat outkicks three Kenyan stars to win in Metz, France.

Bernard Lagat’s record-smashing indoor season as a 40-year-old reached its peak on Wednesday in Metz, France, as he not only lowered his masters world record for 3000 metres to 7:37.71, but also won in the fastest time in the world this year in a 3000-metre race. Lagat demolished the masters world record ... 

Avoiding muscle soreness

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Harness the "repeated bout effect" to ward off soreness.

I ran my first marathon two springs ago, and – like many first-time marathoners – staggered through the last 10K or so. I wasn't bonking, and I didn't go out too fast. My problem, as I described in the brain training article I wrote about the experience, was muscle damage in ... 

World Marathon Majors switching to new scoring format

By Peter Gambaccini on in News
Payments over 5 years will minimise rewards for drug cheats

The six-race Abbott World Marathon Majors series will now base its selection of overall $500,000 male and female winners on a one-year cycle rather than the previous two. Each one-year cycle will begin and end with the same race. Then a new cycle will start with the next Majors race. For ... 

IAAF World Half Marathon Championships 2016 to be held in Cardiff

By on in Events
Video highlights from the official launch of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, Cardiff 2016.

The world’s elite distance runners will be converging on Cardiff on Easter Saturday, 26th March 2016, to take part in the 22nd edition of the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, Cardiff 2016. While the race will be an important stepping-stone for many of the athletes towards the Olympic Games marathon in ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog week 7: The importance of prehabilitation

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
In the seventh week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou gets a stinking cold and tries to focus on prehabilitation.

Inevitably with any dedicated training plan, there’s going to be a week where the wheels fall off, things don’t go to plan and you’re forced to reassess your tactics. For me this was last week when, seven weeks into my training plan for The Hoka Highland Fling and nine weeks away ...  ... 

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