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Get your kids running this summer

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
Struggling to fill the final weeks of the summer holidays and desperate to fit some training in? Now is the time to get your kids active!

Incorporating the little ones into your training regime not only kills two birds with one stone, it sets them up for a healthy, happy future in the process. Encouraging your kids to get active is also vital for their development. The NHS advises that to stay healthy, young people need to do ... 

Christmas 10Ks to cut your teeth on

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Start training for a 10K today and by the time Christmas rolls around you'll be running faster than the speed of Santa

Edwinstowe Christmas 10k Trail Race This undulating rural trail run in Mansfield near Nottingham is the perfect 10K race to kick off the silly season. Enter here Full Monty Cute 10 This chilly winter run in Stoke Sub Hamdon near Yeovil is a steep hilly course with 10 monster hills. It's muddy and hilly and ... 

Cool Running: surviving heat, hills and high altitude

By Kieran Alger on in Health
How to prepare for the hottest, hilliest, highest races on earth

Heat, humidity, hills and high altitude, these are the things normal marathon runners fear most. When choosing a race, it is standard practice to check the course profile, the weather and the altimeter and reject all but the flattest of smooth, sea-level tarmac runs. Regardless of experience or training, conquering the ... 

Weekend of running: 18th & 19th August

By on in Events
See your picture highlights here.

"Mt Ephraim 10k" - Felicity Eva  Continue reading

#pumaraverun week 3 winner

By on in CityRaveRunsEdit

This week's winning #pumaraverun entry goes to @mollywoodrow3, with a photo of her finishing the Chester half. Next week (16 - 22 August) we're giving away a pair of PUMA Faas 1000 - men's or women's designs.  To win, send your urban running pics to #pumaraverun on Twitter or Instagram. You can ...  Continue ... 

Jo Pavey wins 10,000m European Championship gold medal

By on in News
RW columnist Jo Pavey storms to victory in Zurich

A fantastic start at the European Championships last night in Zurich as Runner's World columist Jo Pavey ran the race of her career to take gold in the 10,000m Pavey looked and later admitted to being quite tired in the early laps of the race and chose to stick to ... 

Make me a better runner: boxing (part 6)

By Kerry McCarthy, RW Commissioning Editor on in Health
The sixth blog in our new series, in which we guinea pig ourselves trying training programmes and workouts from different sports to see which ones can help your running. This week we explain how Kerry developed greater mental strength through boxing, and how it can translate to results on the run.

THE POWER OF THE MIND Growing up in Manchester, I got in a few scrapes as a teenager and have been smacked in the face a few times (in fact some days I’m sure my colleagues at RW Towers would like to add a few more to that record), but that ... 

#pumaraverun week 2 winner

By on in CityRaveRunsEdit

Another week, another winner! This week's winning #pumaraverun photo goes to @steveriley03, with a photo of a race through Liverpool's Mersey Tunnel. This week we're giving away a PUMA NightCat jacket - both men's and women's designs - so send in your city running pics for a chance to win. Make ... 

Weekend of Running: 9th & 10th August

By on in Events
Your weekend of running in pictures.

"Running this weekend Walsall Parkrun" - Paul Butler  Continue reading

Set the perfect marathon pace

By Susan Paul on in News
The right training pace for beginner marathon runners.

The marathon is a very unique blend of different running components; it requires speed, strength, and endurance. The different training paces you see recommended for runs reflect each of these components. You will need some speed, some strength, and a lot of endurance to successfully complete your race.  You can "just ... 

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