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3 ways running helps your heart get stronger

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Ever wondered exactly what happens to your heart when you run? Here are the answers.

‘For any running other than sprinting, the muscles depend on the constant supply of oxygen as fuel,’ says Clodagh Dugdale, a sports physician at Fit Again Sports Therapy. ‘The heart is the pump that pushes oxygenated blood around the body, transferring it to muscles in exchange for carbon dioxide and ... 

Does getting older increase injury risk?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Ensuring you get enough recovery time and managing your training well will help you stay on form.

I am a marathoner and triathlete who was rarely injured in my 20s and 30s. I recently turned 40 and feel like it's much harder for me to stay healthy and injury-free now. Is it possible that all the wear and tear I put on my body in my “youth” ... 

How to solve IT band pain

By Susan Paul on in Health
When you return to running after this nagging injury, make sure it doesn’t flare up again.

Emily asks: I'm having some pain on the outside of my knee. It seems to kick in at about mile four and gets worse if I continue running. I've taken a few days off  and it seems to be no better. Any idea what this might be and what to ... 

Nutrition battle: Chicken vs. tuna

By on in Health
Which provides the best protein punch for runners?

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Make me a better runner: Pilates (Part 3)

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
We venture into the world of Pilates Tower equipment to see how it can enhance core strength.

Read Part 1 and Part 2. Having kicked off my Pilates challenge with matwork, I was now ready to level up to equipment-based classes. I signed up to a Tower session at bePilates, not entirely sure what I was letting myself in for but assured that it was perfect ...  Continue ... 

3 ways running boosts your brain

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Getting out for a run is good for your grey matter as well as your health.

It’s a common assumption that once you reach adulthood there’s nothing you can do about the number of brain cells you have, except wave them off as they die throughout your life. Until the late 1990s it was assumed that only children’s brains were capable of continued growth, but then ... 

What's the financial cost of running injuries?

By Georgia Scarr on in Community
Running injuries can cost you more than just your pride. What are the economic consequences?

Injuries are ludicrously common among runners, but they don't just cost you training sessions and PB goals - the money spent on physiotherapy treatments and kit adds up too. Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports studied the economic burden of injuries on runners in ...  ... 

Should I do a cool-down after a run?

By Jo Pavey on in Training
GB 10,000m champion Jo Pavey has the answer.

Should I do a cool-down after a run? Cooling down after a hard session or race helps with the recovery process, as it allows your body to return to its resting state in a more gradual way than stopping abruptly. Keeping the blood circulating with lower intensity movement helps clear the ... 

Hill running poses no extra risk to Achilles

By Kit Fox on in Training
Research in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine offers reassurances about training on inclines.

You’re running out of excuses to avoid tough hills. Uphill and downhill running doesn't seem to harm your Achilles tendon as much as previously thought, reports a study in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. Your Achilles stretches and thins during any type of exercise, but it was previously assumed that the ...  ... 

10 fastest marathons in the world

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
If you're keen to improve your long distance speed then perhaps it's time to enter one of the world's fastest marathons.

Feeling the need for speed? Aside from good old-fashioned training, if you want to up your pace then optimum weather conditions, good organisation and a little touch of magic can all contribute to a speedy marathon time. Check out our rundown of the world’s top ten fastest marathons and get ... 

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