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3 running pitfalls and how to learn from them

By Jessica Migala on in Training
What you take away from tough days, when nothing seemed to go right, can set you up for future success.

Most of the time running is a joy, but you can’t really expect every outing to go to plan. Maybe it’s pouring down, or you feel tired, or you have to dart inside every toilet you see, or that chafing is really becoming an issue… The problems may make you ... 

2016 in running stats

By Harriet Lewis on in News
Strava users have run the equivalent of 900 return trips to the moon this year. Crikey.

Whether you’re an avid user or not, we’re all familiar with Strava, the source of friendly competition and mainstay of many a runner’s internet history. They’ve now published their annual End of Year Insights for 2016, which give a remarkable insight into the world of training. In 2016, a huge 9.6 ... 

Why you need to work on ankle flexibility

By Sam Murphy on in Health
Your ankle flexibility can have a big impact on your running technique. Here’s how to test it and sidestep shortcomings.

If you lack ankle flexibility you may compensate by rolling your foot in or out more, or lifting the heel off the ground earlier, says podiatrist Nicola Blower. This can lead to pain in the ankle and foot, and overuse or deactivation of the peroneal tendons (which run behind the ... 

Why you have one side stronger than the other and how to fix it

By Mark Henricks, Carl Leivers on in Health
Running well is all about balance. Strengthen your weaker side to cut down on injuries.

A few years ago, Jim Rose kept getting injured while training for a half marathon. Nearly 20 years of running had taught him that the sport and injury are often partners and he was clocking 35-60 miles a week, but Rose was struck by an odd consistency. ‘My injuries in ... 

4 pieces of timeless nutrition advice

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
Thirty years of truth about diet plans, fat loss and mid-run fuelling.

In 1986 I wrote my first column for Runner’s World, covering sports drinks and hydration. Over the years, my columns have been based on the latest scientific research available. And while performance nutrition has undoubtedly changed, even flip-flopped, these are steadfast truths to keep in your fuel belt. 1/ There is no “magic” ... 

How to tame chronic inflammation

By Brad Stulberg on in Training
Harness physical (and mental) stress to make you stronger, rather than putting your body in a state of chronic disrepair.

After you finish a run, white blood cells rush biochemicals to your legs, where they rebuild your exhausted muscles. This process can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on the damage incurred. During this time, you may feel fatigued, achy and sore: that’s your nerves sending ... 

How to have the perfect runner's day, according to science

By Laurel Leicht on in Training
A perfect runner’s day takes more than just hitting your splits. Here’s how to upgrade yours.

6am: Start early Trying to lose a few pounds? Set your alarm. A run before breakfast (when you are in a fasted state) appears to encourage your body to burn more fat, according to research published in the Journal of Physiology. 6:05am: Drink up When you exhale, your body releases water vapor. During ... 

10 must-have winter running gear picks

By on in Gear
Wrap up warm, stay visible.

Heading out on dark, dull days is hard enough even before you take dodgy weather into account. Get kitted out and ready to take on anything with these picks of the top winter running gear. 1/ 2XU Hyoptik compression tights With 2XU’s signature logos on each leg in reflective material these tights ... 

9 Black Friday deals runners won’t want to miss

By on in News
There are running bargains aplenty to be had this Black Friday - and you don't even have to brave the shops!

1/ Human Race events Get ready to start filling up your race calendar for 2017! Human Race events are offering discounted entries to the Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 10K, with 15% off individual entries and 30% off groups of three. The Cancer Research Manchester Winter Run 10K ...  Continue ... 

4 training techniques to make you a faster runner

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Work these track sessions and power-lifting moves into your routine to boost your speed potential.

Speed drills feature in all elite distance runners’ training. Sprint efforts and powerbuilding gym sessions sharpen leg turnover and fire up that killer finish. Try these speed workouts from British sprinter Zharnel Hughes, who finished fifth in the 200m at the 2015 World Champs, to develop your kick. 1/ Sprint countdowns ‘My ... 

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