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10 moves to keep you healthy

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
Experts agree that one of the best ways to prevent injuries is to strength-train.

Any weakness in your kinetic chain can compromise your form, leading to gait changes that increase your risk of getting hurt. Plus, strong muscles absorb more of the force that occurs when you strike the ground, meaning less of it remains to damage your bones, joints, and ligaments. Do this routine ... 

EXCLUSIVE: Runner's World's Usain Bolt interview

By on in News
With his eye on three more golds at the Rio Olympics, a relaxed Usain Bolt talks to RW’s Kerry McCarthy about medals, fame and ugly feet.

So, honestly, what can we expect from you in Rio? ‘Three more golds, man. Last year I was injured for months and nobody knew what the problem was until really late, and I still won in Beijing. This year I’ve been training really well and I think it’s a good sign ... 

Do you need to drink during a one-hour run?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
New research revives debate on when dehydration begins to hurt performance.

I just got back from a very sweaty run in hot and humid conditions, and downed several glasses of cold water before hopping in the shower. But, as is my habit, I didn’t drink anything during my run. Am I an idiot? That question (whether you need to drink during short ... 

Meet Team GB's furry friends

By Georgia Scarr on in Community
From dachsunds to cockapoos, our Olympians train and relax with a whole host of canine pals.

Katarina Johnson-Thompson, heptathlon Chorizo and Bronx the dachshunds Just me and these two tonight 👬 A photo posted by Katarina Johnson-Thompson (@johnsonthompson) on Sep 5, 2015 at 9:29am PDT In between sprinting, jumping and shot-putting, Johnson-Thompson recovers by spending time with dachshunds Chorizo and Bronx. While she was off competing in Rio, ... 

4 reasons to eat more mackerel

By Sam Murphy on in Health
This oily fish is not to be underestimated when it comes to health benefits.

Oily fish are nutritional superstars and if you want to buy local, you won’t do better than mackerel, which is abundant in our waters in early summer. Here’s why it’s a good catch. 1/ One 100g serving contains more than 1,000mg of omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce inflammation and lower the ... 

Budd and Decker come face-to-face 32 years after the infamous fall at the 1984 Olympics

By Georgia Scarr on in News
The controversial 3,000m race is under the spotlight in Sky Atlantic documentary The Fall.

It’s one of running history’s most iconic moments: the highly anticipated 1984 LA Olympics 3,000m women’s race. A barefooted Zola Budd, who at 18 had only taken on one other international race prior, battled at the front of the pack with the US’s national treasure Mary Decker. Both runners were ... 

How to improve your half-marathon training

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Looking to smash a new half-marathon PB? Let these expert tips guide you to your fastest ever finish.

So you already have a half marathon or two under your race belt and you’re thinking about getting your time down rather than simply finishing. How? ‘Your aerobic system provides over 99 per cent of the energy for a half marathon, so developing that system is your highest priority,’ says ... 

Beginner guide to half-marathon training

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Run your way to 13.1-mile glory with these training tips.

A half marathon is a big step up if you’re new to the distance. It’ll require a higher weekly mileage, longer ‘long’ runs and a greater variety of sessions to develop the speed and endurance you’ll need. But, says coach Martin Yelling, ‘If you can run a 10K, you can ... 

What's causing my arch pain?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Plantar fasciitis is a likely culprit. But before you self-treat, get a proper diagnosis.

I have arch pain after I run for 30 minutes. I have several pairs of shoes that I rotate, and I'm good about replacing them. Do you know what could be causing this? The foot is an amazing structure. It absorbs some of the shock with each foot strike with rarely ... 

4 warm-up drills to do before speedwork

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Speed sessions are tough on your legs. Get the prepped and ready to go with a short jog and these simple drills.

1/ Slow skipping Skip slowly forward, keeping strides short and focusing on driving off each leg at the back of the skip to propel you up and forward. 2/ High knees Run forward using small quick strides, bringing each knee to hip height but keeping the foot behind the knee. Land lightly, do ... 

91 to 100 of 1,724 blog posts

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