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Events: January & February 2014 10Km races

By Isabelle Aron on in Events
Our pick of 10K races to get your 2014 off to a great start.

Capital Runners Bushy Park 10K, 19 January For those who want to start the New Year with a 10K after some Christmas indulgence, this event will ease you back into the race mentality. Taking place in Bushy Park, it’s a flat course with pleasant views and a mix of tracks, trails ... 

Events: January 2014 5Km races

By Isabelle Aron on in Events
Our pick of the top five races for first timers this January.

The Gravesend Floodlit 5K, 9 January  If you find you only have time to run in the evenings then you might feel more at home running your first 5K race in the same conditions. It's a night time race, starting at 7pm set on a floodlit track so you won’t be ... 

Experts say vitamin supplements don't improve health

By News on in News
"Stop wasting money," medical journal urges.

Unless you have a known, specific deficiency, buying vitamin and mineral supplements is a waste of money. That's the take-home message from three studies, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, that found no health benefits from the use of vitamin and mineral supplements. In the first study, researchers reviewed the results of three trials ...  ... 

10 Years of Inov-8 - The Story so far

By on in Gear
Founder of Inov-8, Wayne Edy explains the brand journey so far

As the Inov-8 brand celebrates its tenth year making running shoes and apparel, founder Wayne Edy explains how he first came up with the idea for the brand and how that idea became a reality. Continue reading

Garmin training schedules

By on in News
Changes to the Garmin training plans on RW...

You may have noticed that the Garmin ready schedules we previously had on the site are no longer available. We are making some developments to the site alongdside some changes that Garmin have made and will be launching new functionality in the New Year that will include a number of ... 

How to reduce sitting time at work

By News on in Health
Greater scheduling flexibility helps workers be more active.

For health research watchers, 2013 will probably be remembered as the year that the negative effects of excess sitting, even for daily exercisers, gained widespread notice. Or, as we put it over the summer, sitting is the new smoking. A new study takes the next step in addressing the problem by ...  ... 

Nelson Mandela brought South Africa's runners out of the shadows

By News, Image by PhotoRun on in News
After his release, South Africa was in Olympics for first time in 32 years

Nelson Mandela, the revered Nobel Peace prizewinner who after 27 years in prison gained his freedom and became South Africa’s first black president in a newly post-apartheid era in 1994, believed “sport has the power to change the world … It has the power to inspire. It has the power ... 

New study questions 'healthy overweight'

By News on in News
Compared with normal-weight people, the heavier are at increased risk of disease.

When it comes to long-term health, sorry, but you probably can't have your cake and eat it, too. According to new research, recent suggestions that it's possible to be overweight or obese without increased health risks are wrong, and concepts such as "benign obesity" aren't supported by data. Writing in Annals of ... 

Review: Nike Road Machine sunglasses

By Joe Mackie on in Gear
Be prepared for that low slung winter sun...

I remembered precisely where my running sunglasses were at precisely the moment my eyes screamed themselves into slits against the glare of the autumn sun coming off Hampstead Ponds. And safely packed in the loft with all the other summer kit I wouldn’t consider sporting on a chilly November morning ... 

For beginners: Have I Reached a Training Plateau?

By Susan Paul on in Health
Training plateaus are not bad, they are a sign you need to change your plan.

Q: I have been running for about six months now and loving it. However, recently I feel stuck, like I'm going nowhere. I am not getting faster or any more fit. In fact, I almost feel like I'm going backwards. What's going on? - Steve A: When we begin running, we experience dramatic ... 

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