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Runner completes 401 marathons in 401 days challenge

By Katie Brown on in News
34-year-old Ben Smith has raised over £250,000 for Kidscape and Stonewall.

Even for an established athlete, 10,506 would be a considerable number of miles to have covered in a running lifetime. However, if you’re Ben Smith, you’d have already finished running that many miles in just over a year. Starting his journey on 1st September last year, yesterday (5th October) Ben ... 

Live like an Olympian: DNA analysis

By Sam Murphy on in Training
How much does your DNA affect your running? We took a test to find out.

What it measures: Your genetic profile Why have it? They say if you want to be an athlete, choose your parents carefully. While it’s a bit late for that, you can now see what genetic cards you’ve been dealt through fitness-specific DNA testing. ‘Genetics determine between 20 and 70 per cent ... 

Midnight-to-Midnight relay returns in aid of The Running Charity

By on in News
Organised by the London Midnight Runners crew, the event is fundraising for London-based programme The Running Charity.

After an incredibly successful launch in 2015, London Midnight Runners are bringing back their epic charity relay event, Midnight-to-Midnight, for a second year. Starting at, you guessed it, midnight, on Saturday 15th October, the event will be a relay run around central London involving 24 x 10K loops. With each ...  ... 

Runners Need to offer £20 voucher in return for recycled shoes

By Katie Brown on in News
The #RecycleYourRun initiative takes place from Sunday 9th October.

As hard as it can sometimes be to let go of the miles we’ve endured in our favourite pair of training shoes, there’s no better time than now to renovate our runs with a new pair. From October 9th, running shop Runners Need is launching their nationwide ‘Recycle My Run’ ... 

6 ways to take your running to the next level

By Philip Latter on in Training
If you're not getting where you want to be, give these tips a go.

With 2km of a 10K to go Kaitlin Goodman felt strong. Fluid. She picked up speed and flew the last mile to cross the line with a 52-second PB. So how had she managed to do so well? To make such a breakthrough you need to ask: What elements are missing ... 

Ultrarunner faked parts of record run attempt, report says

By Kit Fox on in News
Rob Young maintains his innocence, despite findings from a three-month investigation.

Ultrarunner Rob Young received “unauthorised assistance” during his attempt this year to break the record for fastest run across America, according to an investigation commissioned by his chief sponsor, the sports compression company Skins. “We have identified no alternative plausible explanation for the data-of-record other than assistance, most likely in the ... 

6 simple exercises to keep you running strong

By Gareth Cole, Andy Dixon on in Training
Maintain and improve your strength by fitting these moves into your routine.

1/ Eccentric calf raises Target the calf muscles. With your feet together and legs straight, push your heels off the floor to the highest point of your tiptoes, then take one leg off the floor and lower down to the floor slowly (five secs). 2 x 20 reps. 2/ Single-leg knee flexion This ... 

How to run at your best when you're 35-44

By Richard A. Lovett on in Training
You've not reached your peak just yet.

It’s tempting to deny that age has any effect at the lower end of the masters range. After all, Jo Pavey won the European 10,000m title at the age of 40, while US marathoner Meb Keflezighi’s PB win at Boston came only weeks before his 39th birthday. Similarly, the two ... 

6 ways to stop your mental energy being drained

By AC Shilton on in Training
Is your brain tiring you out? Daily decisions and distractions can sap your resolve to run. Here’s how to preserve your precious mental energy.

After dealing with your unrelenting workload, demanding boss, erratic computer, incessant emails, texts and the other stresses of your day, you may feel too tired to run by the time 5:30pm rolls around. Feeling fatigued may seem odd if you’ve been parked in a chair for eight hours. But while you ... 

6 warm-up exercises to prep you for running

By Gareth Cole, Andy Dixon on in Training
Raise your heart rate and mobilise joints with these simple moves.

1/ Gluteus medius Sitting on a roller (with it placed just below your coccyx), cross one ankle above the knee of the other leg and roll the glute of the bent-leg side. Do 20 rolls. 2/ Calves Sitting on floor with your legs straight, place the roller under your lower legs, just above ... 

91 to 100 of 1,803 blog posts

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