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2015 FloTrack Beer Mile Men's World Championship - new world record

By on in Events
A new world record was set at the Beer Mile champs

A sub 5 min beer mile? Check out Lewis Kent running a 4:47! Watch more videos on Flotrack Continue reading

How a running app helps a blind runner train solo

By Megan Hetzel on in Community
Despite loss of his eyesight, Simon Wheatcroft wants to complete more marathons and ultras.

Before Simon Wheatcroft starts running near his home in Doncaster, he finds where the grass begins on his left and takes one step to his right, positioning himself in the centre of a ribbon of sidewalk. Like any run, light poles and street signs jut slightly onto the path on occasion. While ... 

How to fit training into a hectic lifestyle

By AC Shilton on in Training
Schedule key training elements to become healthier, stronger and faster.

Between work, family and social obligations, life can sometimes feel like a game of Tetris – so many moving pieces and a limited amount of time to fit them into the right places. If you tell yourself you’ll run whenever you have a free moment, you may rarely get out ... 

9 recovery methods to use after your run

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
Making use of your downtime will help you get the most from your training.

Regardless of what you hope to gain from your running – speed, endurance, better health – the training you do makes up only half the equation. The time you spend not running serves a crucial role in your progress towards any goal. ‘We can train all we want, but if ... 

Outrage at Tyson Fury's SPOTY nomination & Ennis-Hill remarks

By on in News
Heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury has made homophobic comments to the Mail on Sunday and a series of sexist remarks including a reference to Jessica Ennis-Hill.

The BBC is facing calls to remove heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury from their Sports Personality of the Year 2015 shortlist due to homophobic comments he made in an interview with the Mail on Sunday. A Change.org petition has gathered almost 50,000 signatures in support of the move. Fury was quoted ...  ... 

Can I do a DIY version of gait analysis?

By on in Training
10,000m champ Jo Pavey shares her knowledge.

Can I do a DIY version of gait analysis? Look at the wear pattern on the tread of your running shoes. Wear on the outer edge could suggest excessive supination (outward roll of the foot), which may mean you’re not absorbing shock well and may need more cushioning. Increased wear on ... 

Running with a cold: Pros and cons

By Susan Paul on in Health
If you’re starting to come down with something, here’s advice for when to take a break.

Some health care professionals suggest using the “neck rule” when deciding whether to run or not. Symptoms involving the neck and below - sore throat, cough, chest congestion, bronchial infections, body aches, chills, vomiting, diarrhoea or swollen glands - require time off from running. Symptoms above the neck - a ... 

British astronaut to run London Marathon in space

By on in News
Tim Peake will become the first man to run a marathon in space.

British astronaut Tim Peake is set to run the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon from space next year. He'll take on a 26.2-mile virtual reality treadmill run while stationed on the International Space Station (ISS). Peake, who's running to raise awareness for The Prince's Trust, will start at 10:00 GMT on ... 

Why breathing cold air can hurt

By Dr William O. Roberts on in Health
Can you exercise in cold conditions without fear of damaging your lungs?

Why do my lungs seem to burn when running in cold temperatures? This is a common question, especially among new runners or runners who move to cold places. The lung is an amazing organ, evolved to warm and humidify inhaled air to body temperature and humidity without damaging tissue. Think ... 

Paralympian Oscar Pistorius's verdict changed to murder

By Rhalou Allerhand & Ben Hobson on in News
Update - Oscar Pistorius's verdict has been changed to murder

UPDATE - 3rd December 2015 The South African appeals court announced this morning that they have overturned an earlier manslaughter verdict and that Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of the murder of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.  South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that the lower court did not ... 

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