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4 digital races to get involved with

By Sam Murphy on in Events
Race any time, any pace, anywhere by signing up to a virtual reality event.

London in 3D On 24th April 2016, astronaut Tim Peake ran the Virgin Money London Marathon on the International Space Station, using VMLM’s new digital download of its famous course. And runners all over the world can enjoy the race experience, too: sign up via the RunSocial app (currently ...  Continue ... 

Bolt earns third straight Olympic gold in men's 200m

By Brian Dalek on in News
The victory gives the Jamaican sprinter a “triple double” - and his eighth gold medal.

Usain Bolt added to his legacy Thursday night in Rio, becoming the first athlete to win three consecutive gold medals in the 200 metres. He finished in 19.78. The performance came four days after he accomplished the same feat in the 100 metres, giving him an Olympic “triple double” by winning ...  Continue reading ... 

How long should you warm up for before a tough workout?

By Susan Paul on in Training
Take stock of your training goals to find the right amount of prep time.

I’m training for my second marathon, and lately I’ve been running a three-mile warm-up before my speed workouts, which are usually once or twice a week. Is a three-mile warm-up too long? A three-mile warm-up is long, however that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. While a one-mile warm-up is usually ... 

Training hard? Don't skimp on sleep

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Advice on squeezing in running - and snoozing - around long work hours.

I work 12-hour night shifts with a one-hour commute each way, which brings my total daily work hours to 14. I’m training for a marathon, and I’m worried about fitting in my runs. I’m wondering if I could cut out a little sleep to fit in training runs before I ... 

6 maximum heart rate training myths get busted

By A.C. Shilton on in Health
Think you know everything about max heart rate and why it’s important? Think again.

For decades, athletes have used maximum heart rate as a way to figure out which zones they should be training in. The most common wisdom was to subtract your age from 220, and - voilà! - you had your max HR, a figure representing the greatest number of beats per minute your ... 

How to return to running after a sprained ankle

By Jenny Hadfield on in Health
The key is to ease in slowly, and only after you’ve recovered strength and range of motion.

I sprained my ankle a few weeks ago. I still can’t run. I’m a bit disheartened, and I can’t seem to get motivated to go to the gym. Do you have any tips to maintain my mojo and get me back to running again? Getting hurt can be a blow to ... 

3 simple ways to improve running efficiency

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Want to run faster while using less energy? Here’s how to train your body to be a more efficient machine.

I’ve been running for about two years now, and I want to improve my running efficiency. I follow a program that has plenty of variety (tempo, hills, long run, cycling), but I’d love to know what I can do to improve.  Training for speed via intervals, tempo, and other workouts is ... 

Inspirational runner who battled terminal cancer passes away

By Michelle Kight on in News
Rebecca Griffiths had completed a half marathon in spite of her terminal diagnosis.

Back in December 2015, we ran a story on Rebecca Griffiths and the running group set up in her name, Team Bex. The motivational runner had defied a terminal cancer diagnosis to raise thousands of pounds for charity and inspire her Cambridgeshire community – including friends, family, nursing staff and ... 

Rio 2016: Olympic Spirit as runners help each other after fall

By on in Events
Athletes collide and help each other to finish in show of Olympic spirit

Not an uncommon scene occurred during the women’s 5,000m qualifying heat at the Rio Olympics when athletes Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D’Agostino collided halfway through the fifth lap. In a move that touched viewers worldwide, D’Agostino got up but chose to help her fellow athlete to her feet, rather than continue with ... 

Rio Olympic Games 2016: Day 11 and 12 running round-up

By Michelle Kight on in News
Catch up on Tuesday and Wednesday's athletics events.

Women’s 1500m Faith Kipyegon pulled ahead of Ethiopia’s world record holder Genzebe Dibaba to win Kenya their third athletics gold medal. Dibaba, who was favourite to win, took silver as she finished in second place in 4:10:27, just behind Kipyegon’s 4:08:92. Jennifer Simpson won bronze in 4:10:53, giving the US their ... 

101 to 110 of 1,761 blog posts

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