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Live like an Olympian: Physiological profiling

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Ever wondered if you're really responding to those training sessions? There's a way to find out...

Physiological profiling What it measures: Physiological response to training Why have it? ‘Physiological testing provides a here-and-now picture of how an athlete’s body is responding to training, which is monitored over time,’ says Paul Hough, lead sport and exercise scientist at Sports Performance Services, St Mary’s University. ‘Quicker race times only tell ... 

Activity trackers have limited advantage in weight loss efforts, study finds

By Georgia Scarr on in News
People who used activity trackers as a weight loss aid lost less overall than those who used traditional methods.

If your FitBit is every bit as essential to your day-to-day life as food and water, you might want to reassess your wearable habit. Research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that overweight people who began using fitness trackers six months into a two-year weight loss ... 

Best fitness classes for runners: Spinning

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
Low impact with a powerful cardio kick, indoor cycling makes a perfect match for your training routine.

Cycling’s leg-focused cardio makes it the perfect form of cross-training for runners, but if you lack the confidence to take on the open road or, say, don't own a bike, indoor cycling or spinning is your answer. It may seem intimidating but once you get to grips with this gym ... 

One key move: Resisted foot inversion

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Injury-proof your lower legs and feet with this simple move.

The posterior tibialis muscle inverts and points the foot, as well as playing an essential role in stabilising the arch. This move helps strengthen the muscle and tendon. 1/ Loop a knotted resistance band around a support at ground level. Sit on a chair side on to the support and slip ... 

Triathlete Alistair Brownlee supports his brother to finish line

By on in News
The older Brownlee brother showed incredible sportsmanship to his sibling at the ITU World Triathlon Championships 2016.

An exhausted Jonny Brownlee was helped to the finish line by his brother Alistair at the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Mexico this Sunday. 700m from the finish, the humid conditions began to take their toll on Team GB's Jonny, who was leading the field. As he staggered and paused ... 

Emil Zátopek: The man who changed running

By on in Training
When the world’s greatest runners assemble in Rio, they will all owe a debt to one man, Emil Zátopek, the Czech legend who revolutionised our sport. Here, his biographer, Richard Askwith, explains how he did it and why he was forgotten for so long.

If you looked closely at the athletes of the Czech Republic as they took to the Olympic track in Rio, you may have noticed a little squiggle on their kit. It was a cartoon self-portrait that used to form part of the autograph of Emil Zátopek, their nation’s greatest sporting ... 

20 lessons from 20 years of running

By on in Community
No matter where you are in your running life, you can always learn something. Here’s a little wisdom from RW’s Mary Remy, who’s known the ups, the downs, and the long, flat stretches.

In 1995, Eric Cantona was giving martial arts lessons, Blur and Oasis were doing battle in the charts and Bridget Jones’ first diary was published. The world marvelled over a new storage format called the ‘digital versatile disc.’ Bruce Willis died hard with a vengeance – in a film I ... 

Does starting fast make exercise more enjoyable?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Use psychology and behavioural economics to make workouts more pleasant.

For those who imagine that (contrary to all the existing evidence) humans behave rationally, exercise presents a riddle. Surveys indicate that nearly everyone understands the benefits of exercise; and yet objective studies using accelerometers find that as few as 3.2 percent of adults get the recommended amount of exercise. Why don’t people do what ... 

Live like an Olympian: Movement screening

By on in Training
RW's Sam Murphy puts an injury risk screening favoured by Team GB to the test.

Movement screening What it measures: Musculoskeletal function and injury risk Why have it? Most of us don’t see a physio until we encounter a problem. But in the top echelons of our sport, physiotherapy is seen not just as an aspect of a cure, but as prevention. ‘Movement screening is like an ... 

How do you get over the disappointment of a bad run?

By on in Training
We all have them. Jo Pavey shares how to manage your dismay.

How do you get over the disappointment of a bad run? It’s important to put every bad run into perspective. Even with the best preparation, there will be times when you have bad workouts and races. With running, sometimes you also need that little bit of good fortune so everything feels ... 

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