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Running for time vs. running for distance

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Both minutes and miles have pros - and cons.

Researchers have found that our minds process distance and time differently. When the finish line of a measured effort is in sight, you get visual feedback about how much further you have to go, which spurs you to accelerate near the end. Time feedback, however, is discontinuous: you have to ... 

How to handle the middle miles of a 5K or 10K

By Carl Leivers on in Training
The beginning and end of the 5K and 10K tend to look after themselves. If you want to do well, you need to focus on the bit between the two.

The 5K and 10K races are Trojan horses. They seem safe from the outside, but they’re filled with danger – waiting to inflict pain on those who let their guard down. ‘It’s the worst feeling in all of running,’ says running coach Ben Rosario, describing the pain of oxygen debt ... 

I ran a marathon dressed as a hot dog and set a world record

By Meghan Kita on in Community
You don’t need superhuman speed or endurance to claim your place in history… if you’re willing to race while dressed like this.

Lemon and lime Gatorade sloshes in my stomach. The dense clouds of the early morning have burned off, and the sun beats down on the field, three-plus hours into the 2015 Marine Corps Marathon. On a shade-free stretch of highway around me, men and women alike shed their shirts as ... 

4 tips for staying fit in the heat

By A.C. Shilton on in Health
Shine bright all summer with the right seasonal goal.

Summer can be a tricky time for runners. Sure, you’ve got long days, but that occasional sunshine can be sweltering. Holidays, BBQs and other seasonal fun can tempt you to skip workouts, especially if you aren’t actively training for something. “There are a lot of distractions for athletes during the warm-weather ... 

Smart guide to carbs, dietary fat and protein for fat loss

By Jennifer Van Allen and Pamela Nisevich Bede on in Health
Losing fat is not as simple as eating less and running more. Here’s a practical guide to dropping those stubborn pounds – and keeping them off.

It’s often said that fat loss is a simple matter of eating less and running more. But anyone who has tried that knows it’s hard to balance fuelling for a run with trying to burn off calories you’ve already consumed. That’s why runners from all parts of the pack struggle ... 

How can I stop feeling self-conscious as a new runner?

By on in Training
Jo Pavey offers her advice to someone new to the running world.

It’s normal to feel self-conscious when you do something new; all runners were anxious beginners at some point. But the running community is diverse, with all ages, shapes and sizes, and ours is an inclusive sport. Embrace the great things about running. As well as the health and fitness gains, ... 

5 new findings on oxidative stress in runners

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
If you want to optimise your body’s antioxidant defences, it’s all about balance.

One of the themes that cropped up repeatedly at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting earlier this month in Boston was the delicate balance between oxidative stress and antioxidant defences. While it might seem a simple contrast between bad (oxidative stress) and good (antioxidants), the picture is quite a ... 

Essential guide to hypermobility for runners

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Flexibility isn’t the anatomical holy grail you may think it is and too much can increase your risk of injury and hamper your performance. Here’s how to spot the warning signs and take action to keep running strong.

One of the first things you learn as a new runner is that flexibility is crucial. We are constantly being told of the need to stretch regularly and avoid becoming too tight, but just because some flexibility is good for runners, does it follow that more is better? You may ... 

4 training tips to make running easier

By Kelly Bastone on in Training
If you train yourself to run with less effort, you’ll go far - and fast.

If you want to run further and faster with less exertion, you must perform like a hybrid car, not a gas-guzzler. Like cars, runners exhibit a range of fuel economies, only they draw on oxygen rather than petrol. ‘We’re not technically burning oxygen, but we need it as part of ... 

Does rotating two pairs of running shoes extend their longevity?

By on in Training
Useful tip or manufacturer's myth? Jo Pavey clears it up.

Using more than one pair of shoes can extend their life and also help prevent injury. If they are different models or types of shoes, the forces on your body are subtly different, which reduces the risk of overuse problems that can come from wearing the same shoes on every ... 

111 to 120 of 1,698 blog posts

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