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Does learning to suffer make you a better runner?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
The ability to tolerate more pain can impact your athletic performance.

I’ve just returned from the first Endurance Research Conference, a gathering of experts interested in the science of endurance sport hosted by the University of Kent’s Endurance Research Group. The great thing about a small, focused conference like this is that everyone is interested in similar things, so you ...  Continue reading ... 

4 walking problems that are warning signs for runners

By on in Training
The way you walk may reveal problems in your running gait, says musculoskeletal specialist podiatrist Nicola Blower.

When you walk… Your toes point in or out Your natural position could be more in-toed (pigeon-toed) or out-toed, than straight. This is normal, but you may compensate elsewhere to walk efficiently. Over time, in-/out-toeing can cause muscle imbalances. What to do: Don’t try to walk with your feet straight; this will ... 

Running a mile: tips from Steve Cram

By on in Training
The British record holder for the mile, Steve Cram tells us why everyone should run a mile

Ahead of running a special mile event at the Anniversary Games, we caught up with British Mile record holder Steve Cram to talk about this very important distance in running.  RW: So Steve, any advice before we race?! SC: Just don’t go mad! When you’re there waiting and the gun goes off, ... 

Progress from “today” speed to target speed

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Create a plan based on how much faster you need to get and how long you have to do it.

In November 1968, Steve Prefontaine was an American high school senior with a two-mile best of 9:01, set the previous spring. His audacious goal for his senior year was 8:40, well under the national high school record of 8:48. To get him there, his coach, Walt McClure, devised a training plan based on the principles he'd ... 

8 ways to be a more positive runner

By Diane Stopyra on in Training
Approach a run with a positive outlook – you’ll improve your health and your performance.

We run to release the tension of a bad day. We run when we feel down and need a pick-me-up. We run to silence the inner critic who tells us we aren’t clever, talented or slim enough. And it works. Thanks to those wondrous morphine-like chemicals called endorphins, running is ... 

6 mistakes runners make (and how to fix them)

By Pete Magill on in Training
Runners sometimes get the small things right at the expense of the basics. Here’s how you can avoid the most common errors of all.

It’s not a lack of the latest running shoes, technical T-shirt, gels or does-it-all-and-more GPS that holds us back as runners – it’s something much simpler. Whether we care to accept it or not, basic mistakes – the kind nearly every runner makes – are what stop us from reaching ... 

10 herbs to help your health

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
More than just garnish, herbs add fresh flavour to meals and boost your intake of health-boosting nutrients.

Basil Rich in rosmarinic acid, an antioxidant that helps to prevent cell damage. Basil also contains eugenol, which can relieve conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Use it: Make your own pesto. Chives They supply quercetin, (good for vascular health) and are rich in compounds associated with a reduced risk of stomach cancer. Use it: Sprinkle ... 

Race report: A taste of the top 5 autumn half marathons

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
Tempted to enter a half marathon? To celebrate the start of the autumn half marathon season check out our 13.1 mile taster reviews.

Event: Windsor Half Marathon Date: Sunday 27th September 2015 Words: Penny Comins The course is two concentric loops of the centre of the park – the first five-mile loop being contained within the second seven mile one. The Long Walk provided the spectacular start and finish point, although the brightly coloured bunched ribbon of runners ... 

Should I really worry about my knees?

By Susan Paul on in Health
Answering the common question of whether runners put themselves at increased risk.

Denise asks: I began running about eight months ago and am really enjoying it. However, when I tell my friends I'm running now, the conversation immediately turns to concern for my knees. I've had several people tell me that running will ruin them. Is this true? Welcome to running and to ... 

How the iliotibial band makes us human

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
The famously injury-prone structure may have evolved to store energy.

No one ever talks about the iliotibial band, except when it’s broken. It’s a band of fascial tissue running from the hip to the outside of the knee (fascia is a tendon-like type of connective tissue), and it’s the site of a common and famously difficult-to-shake injury that’s usually felt as ... 

131 to 140 of 1,238 blog posts

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