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Is 100 miles the new marathon?

By Warren Pole on in Training
Now that 26.2 miles is mainstream, runners are increasingly considering ultra events. Should you be putting triple digits on your to-do list? And just how do you go the distance?

In the film Run, Fat Boy, Run, Simon Pegg’s character faces losing his former fiancée to the dashing Whit. Among Whit’s qualities, the fact ‘he runs marathons’ is delivered as the final nail in Pegg’s coffin. After all, how could a mere mortal compete against such a superhuman? In 2007, when ... 

Getting over perfectionism

By Richard Lovett on in Training
We runners tread a fine psychological line between celebrating success and forever wanting to perform better. Here’s how to ensure perfectionism doesn’t sabotage your results

After months of diligent training, Theresa Hailey was perfectly on pace for her time goal when she reached the halfway mark in a marathon. But by mile 18 she had faded significantly and she crossed the line over six minutes outside her target. She was ecstatic. Why? She had missed her ... 

Gear pick of the week: Every Second Counts Speed leggings

By Georgia Scarr on in Gear
We're picking up the pace in these stylish, sleek leggings.

British sportswear brand Every Second Counts launched in 2014 and they’re already making a name for themselves as one of the best sources to go to for stylish, functional fitness gear. Their women’s Speed leggings are the perfect example of this. The moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortably dry during long ...  ... 

Kara Goucher's journey to 2016 Olympic Trials marathon

By on in News
Video - Kara Goucher talks about her journey to Olympic trials and Rio 2016

Two-time Olympian Kara Goucher tells her story in her words. From her beginnings in the sport, through two Olympics, a Worlds' Bronze Medal, and multiple Marathon Majors she has emerged as the US's most notable female distance runner - beloved by fans all over the world. While her story touches ... 

World's first running event for able-bodied and disabled people announced

By on in News
Parallel London will take place on Sunday 4th September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

This autumn will see the world's first ever mass participation running event for able-bodied and disabled people take place in London. The not-for-profit event, Parallel London, will take place on Sunday 4th September at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It includes a range of distances to suit different abilities, ranging ... 

London Marathon to celebrate 1 million milestone

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
The millionth finisher is due to cross the finish line of the Virgin Money London Marathon this April.

History will be made on April 24th when the Virgin Money London Marathon's millionth runner crosses the event's finish line. To celebrate the incredible milestone, London Marathon organisers have launched a campaign to celebrate every single runner who has completed the 26.2-mile challenge in the capital since the inaugural race in ... 

How strong are your lower legs?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Ensure your calves and ankles are up to scratch with our quick test.

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Susie Chan sets new 12-hour treadmill world record

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
British ultra runner Susie Chan broke the previous 12-hour treadmill record by almost two miles this weekend.

40-year-old mum of one Susie Chan set a new world record this weekend for the furthest distance run by a woman on a treadmill over 12 hours. During the challenge carried out at Kingston University last Saturday, Chan covered 68.5 miles over the 12-hour period, narrowly breaking Swedish runner Kristina Paltén's ...  ... 

8 tips for successful long runs

By on in Training
Training for your first ever big event? Here's how to nail your long runs.

1. Slow your pace You'll save energy for those bonus miles by slowing your pace. You should feel comfortable and able to carry on a conversation. A good rule of thumb: Add 90 seconds to two minutes per mile to your normal pace.  2. Add miles gradually To keep injuries and burnout at ... 

What will it take to run a 2-hour marathon?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Community
It's the ultimate holy grail. How can it be achieved?

1/ The course will be very boring Runners used to set world records at the New York City Marathon. But since 1998, NYC winners have featured only three times in the year’s fastest 20 performances. Blame the 240m of ascent and the 26 sharp turns, which hinder momentum. Today, records require a ... 

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