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How to rock your first ultra

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Train smart to target a strong (and fast) finish.

So you’ve been there, done 26.2, and you’re looking for a new challenge? The obvious choices are to either go faster or go farther. Option B is increasingly popular, but for the truly hard-core, there’s a third option: Move up in distance, but don’t just aim to finish. Go far ... 

Gear review: Runderwear

By Adrian Monti & Georgia Scarr on in Gear
We put his and hers Runderwear pants on test. Here's what we thought.

For her My underwear drawer sports a stark divide. It opens with nice pants (new, good quality, colour unsullied by laundry mishaps), and then switches to run pants (big, comfy, where nice pants go to die). In spite of what I once thought was a flawless strategy to ensure my running ... 

5 reasons why running makes you sick

By Megan Hetzel on in Health
For those who believe spilling your guts is a sign of a race well run, it’s not.

Unless you have ironclad guts, there’s a good chance you’ve thrown up thanks to running. Because upchucking is an unpleasant occurrence that doesn’t discriminate, knowing its possible causes is essential if you want to avoid regurgitating after (or during) a tough run. If you’ve ever found yourself draped over a trash ... 

Essential guide to bones

By Pete Magill on in Health
Get the lowdown on the inner workings of your skeleton.

Bones: the lowdown Your adult body contains 206 bones. They form a balanced and symmetrical skeletal structure that puts even the best Lego toys to shame. They’re also your primary defence against gravity, with your femur (thigh bone) alone capable of supporting up to 30 times your weight. Of course, we runners ... 

WADA doping report recommends Russia’s suspension from athletics

By Georgia Scarr on in News
World Anti-Doping Agency report includes Russian lab director's admission that he deliberately destroyed 1417 samples.

The World Anti-Doping Agency’s independent commission regarding the athletics doping scandal has accused Russia of "systemic doping" and recommended the country's athletes are suspended from competition. The report investigated allegations that the All-Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF) engaged in cover-ups of doping, along with claims that the International Association of Athletics ... 

Chocolate, cherry and coconut recovery bites

By Pip Taylor on in Health
Get a quick hit of energy post-run with these delicious chocolatey bites from The Athlete's Fix.

These sweet bites are addictive, perfect after a hard run when recovery is critical and hunger is looming. It’s hard to stop at just one, but two or three make a good-sized recovery snack and are just enough to take the edge off before a full meal. They also work ... 

Which injury specialist should I see?

By Sam Murphy on in Health
When injury strikes, a specialist sports medicine practitioner can help you diagnose the problem, ease symptoms and heal faster. But who does what?

Osteopath Osteopaths are masters of palpation, using their hands to detect sites of tension, weakness or strain. They look at the body as a whole, rather than just the injured site. The aim is to redress imbalances anywhere to alleviate symptoms. Sessions are likely to include passive joint movements, neuromuscular techniques ... 

Pre-race sniffles: Is it safe to medicate?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Runners should exercise caution about taking cold remedies before a distance event.

Molly asks: I came down with a cold right before my marathon. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to take a cold reliever if it was something I didn’t train with. What’s your advice on this? Coming down with an illness just before a race is always a dilemma for ...  Continue ... 

6 ways to come back stronger after injury

By Sam Murphy on in Health
Running injuries can be devastating. Here are six steps to recovery for your body and mind.

‘The physical hurt you feel when you get injured is only one small part of the overall pain that you go through,’ says Dr Alan Goldberg, a sports performance consultant and author of Sports Slump Busting (Llumina Press). ‘The mental pain caused by your injury and the loss of your ... 

Essential guide to tendons

By Pete Magill on in Health
From what they do to how to protect them from injury, here's our must-have tendon knowledge.

What do tendons do? Tendons connect muscle to bone, transmitting the force generated by muscles to move your joints – and hence your body. But tendons are far more than just cables. They are active, responsive and vital partners with your muscles, so much so that the two tissues are regularly ... 

141 to 150 of 1,357 blog posts

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