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Can brain training boost running endurance?

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
British military study finds 126 per cent increase in time to exhaustion.

Some new results from Samuele Marcora's "brain endurance training" protocol, funded by the British Ministry of Defence, have been declassified. Bradley Stulberg has a good article at Outside describing the findings. This is the same brain training technique that I wrote about for RW US back in 2013, ...  Continue ... 

The ELLE x RW running playlist

By on in Training
Here's some musical motivation ahead of the RW & ELLE bumper packs going on sale

Featuring 31 tracks, the ELLE UK running playlist is here to motivate you to get out there and claim a few miles as your own. So why are you seeing this? Well, you can get ELLE and Runner's World as a bumper pack at the moment (more info here) and ELLE ... 

Healthy change more successful with a partner

By Alison Wade on in Health
People are more likely to begin exercising, lose weight when a partner makes the change at the same time.

If you’re looking to make a positive health change, consider enlisting the help of a partner. Research published in JAMA Internal Medicine found that couples who work together to form healthy habits are more likely to be successful. People had greater success in beginning an exercise program, losing weight, and quitting smoking ...  ... 

Brain plasticity in skill vs. endurance sports

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Or, why I took up rock climbing.

Running, and endurance exercise more generally, is good for your brain in all sorts of different ways–increased cerebral blood flow, formation of new blood vessels (including new neurons), elevated levels of growth factors, protection from damaging inflammatory substances, and so on. But there are some things running doesn't do, and Continue ... 

World Anti-Doping Agency to investigate widespread doping claims

By on in News
WADA is to investigate allegations made in a series of German TV documentaries.

In a German television documentary aired last month, it was reported that three unnamed British athletes escaped a doping inquiry after officials decided not to test 150 suspicious blood samples between 2006 and 2008. As well as the three unnamed British athletes, it is alleged that Russia, Kenya, Germany, Spain and ... 

The Hoka Highland Fling: Training week three

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Can an average runner take on 53-miles in the Scottish highlands? Our Online News Ed Rhalou starts the third week of her training.

Week three of my training plan for the Hoka Highland Fling and things are now in full swing. The plan stipulated a 60-minute easy run on Monday, a midweek speed interval session, strength and conditioning, and a 5-minutes easy 35-minutes long pace and 5-minutes easy run, finishing off with a ... 

Strength training for first time marathoners

By Susan Paul on in News
How to incorporate strength exercises into training for your first marathon.

Strength training is a great idea for all runners, period. But, given a challenging marathon course, it's even more important. In addition, cross-training can be an effective training tool as well, especially if you are following a three or four day-a-week running plan. Just one word of caution though, know ... 

A beginners guide to cadence

By Ben Hobson on in Training
Fast feet could be the key to better running. Master the art of a higher cadence

If you’re new to running, now is the perfect time to master the art of a higher cadence. Even if you’re not new to running, introducing some cadence work into your routine will help speed you up, improve you posture and reducing your ground contact time, all key parts of ... 

Weekend of running 24th & 25th January

By on in Events
Your weekend of running in pictures.

"Meltham AC 's 'Tough' 10K, hills hills and more hills, with a proper 'welcoming' headwind over the moors!" - Ali Nash  Continue reading

Paula Radcliffe speaks out on the effect of the menstrual cycle on performance

By Annie Rice on in News
The 'last taboo' in sport has been brought to a public forum.

Paula Radcliffe has said that sport hasn't learnt to deal with elite athletes’ periods, "I would argue it's a lack of learning," Radcliffe told BBC Sport. "Too often in sport, doctors are men and they don't understand." This response has come after periods have been labeled the ‘last taboo’ in sport by ... 

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