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How tainted was the women’s 1500m at London 2012?

By Peter Gambaccini on in News
Six of the first nine finishers of that Olympic race have been linked to performance-enhancing drugs in the years before or after.

On February 29th, the IAAF announced that Sweden’s 2013 world 1500-metre champion, Abeba Aregawi, had tested positive for a banned substance and has been suspended from competition pending the examination of her “B” urine test sample. News reports say she tested positive at an out-of-competition test early this year for meldonium, which was added ... 

5 essential moves for your deep core

By Nicole Radziszewski on in Training
The key to injury-free running lies in deep muscles you’re not working – yet.

Runners are always told to strengthen their core. It’s good advice, but many people still assume ‘core’ is synonymous with ‘abs’, implying that whatever tightens your belly will also make you a stronger runner. But most traditional core exercises – think planks and sit-ups – don’t translate into the kind ... 

Run for International Women’s Day 2016

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
Join forces with your friends and celebrate International Women’s Day by going for a run!

Tuesday 8th March is International Women’s Day! And what better way to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the globe than by going for a run together? Various runs are happening around the world in celebration of the contributions of women throughout history. Here’s what’s happening ... 

My antidepressants are affecting my running

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Mood-lifting drugs don't need to hurt your running. Talk with your doctor about medication options.

I was diagnosed with depression and started medication about six weeks ago. Unfortunately, this medication leaves me exhausted, and I sleep about 10 hours day. My run times have changed, and running seems to be harder and more of a struggle than it used to be. I need my medication, ... 

4 combination workouts to boost your running performance

By AC Shilton, Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Combine your run with a little something extra to maximise the effectiveness of your workout.

Pairing your usual run with another workout can make both elements more effective – as long as you’re careful to make the right match. When you add strides to an easy run or do strength training after a speed workout, the ultimate benefit can equal more than merely the sum ... 

Q&A: Body questions

By on in Health
We put your body questions to our expert panel.

I'm still sore three days after a long run. Is that okay? If it’s not sharp, localised pain – which could indicate an injury – it’s probably delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS), which can peak two days after a hard workout and linger even longer. However, spend the next day or two ... 

Essential guide to long runs

By Philip Latter on in Training
The long run should be a staple of every runner’s plans. But it is far more flexible than you might think. Here’s how you can get the most from going long

Since the 1960s, long runs have been a weekly staple in most runners’ training plans. This holds as true for those doing 5Ks as it does for marathoners. But instead of sending runners out to simply ‘put miles in the bank’, many coaches are now advocating higher intensity workouts that ... 

How can I relieve IT band pain?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
IT band syndrome is commonly caused by lack of strength.

I've been struggling with IT band syndrome since I started training for the Big Sur marathon. It got so bad at mile 18 that I had walk most of the way. After the marathon, it came and went when I ran. There would be periods when it was fine then there would ... 

Gear pick of the week: Stealth gels

By on in Gear
We give our verdict on this range of caffeinated, isotonic and recovery gels.

With a range of products covering all nutritional bases from caffeinated and isotonic energy gels to recovery, Team RW think these Stealth gels are a must-try if you’re looking to pep up your fuel routine. "It can be a bit of a gastrointestinal gamble trying a new gel brand. What goes ... 

Shoe review: Nike LunarEpic exclusive first look

By Ben Hobson & Kerry McCarthy on in Gear
We had some of the first pairs of the new Nike LunarEpic to review. This is what we thought of them as running shoes

The hyperbole has been building for weeks now as is standard with all major product releases. Social media has been teased, glimpses and rumours are shared and now we have reached the grand reveal. All this fuss for a running shoe, yet it’s important to consider why there's this song-and-dance ... 

171 to 180 of 1,576 blog posts

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