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Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Stage 5

By Alison Hamlett on
11 April 2011 at 10:19
in Events
As the end of the race nears, Triathlete's World Editor Alison's thoughts turn to home comforts - a hot shower and a cold margarita are first on the list!

Stage 5: 42K Today was the marathon stage of the race. I managed to run the first half - I'd become bored with walking and wanted to test myself, but at the second checkpoint, at the 24K-mark, and with the temperature hovering around 50C, I took a break and never really ... 

Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Stage 4

By on
08 April 2011 at 10:44
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Alison reports on the 82K long stage - quite simply, an amazing feat of endurance

Stage 4: 82K I made it! Everyone says that if you can get through the long stage you'll finish the race. I'm happy to report that at around 1.30 today (Thursday) I hobbled across the finish line after 82K, not quite last but with not too many people behind me. Continue ... 

Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Stage 3

By Alison Hamlett on
06 April 2011 at 09:49
in Events
Day three, the wind drops and our desert challenger is finally able to appreciate the beauty of the dunes

Stage 3: 38K I should say a little about our routine in the camp: at 6am the tent is taken down while the eight of us sharing it pull sleeping bags high and tight over our heads to pretend it isn't happening. Grudgingly accepting reality we rise for breakfast: cold porridge ... 

Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Stage 2

By Alison Hamlett on
05 April 2011 at 10:21
in Events
In her second missive direct from the desert, Alison updates us on running through sandstorms - and learning the French for 'blister'.

Stage 2: 38K The sun usually rises here just before 6am but there was no sunrise this morning. We woke to a sandstorm, just what we didn't need to kick off a 38K stage. I'm sharing a tent with Jay Batchen, who has done the race eight or so times: he ... 

Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Stage 1

By Alison Hamlett on
04 April 2011 at 10:47
in Events
Fresh from the Moroccon desert, it's our first progress report from intrepid Triathlete's World Editor Alison.

Stage 1 : 33KThe first 13K of the stage was on the flat. The ground was uneven but firm and I was feeling fine. In the distance were towering sand dunes that shimmered like silk; they turned out to be the next part of the route and stunning though ...  ... 

Alison's Marathon des Sables blog: Who, What, Where!

By Alison Hamlett on
01 April 2011 at 16:10
in Events
Intrepid Editor of Triathlete's World Alison heads to Morocco to take on the toughest footrace on earth - the 2011 Marathon des Sables

On Sunday 3rd April, the 26th Marathon des Sables gets underway somewhere in the Sahara in southern Morocco. Around 1000 runners will be setting off t run 150 miles in six stages at what's often billed the toughest footrace on earth. I'll be one of them. My running history Like many runners, ... 

Are you ready?

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Get ready to get going! Any questions? Read on...

What shall I wear? All you need are comfortable trainers and clothing. It need not be running-specific gear to begin with, just something that won’t chafe or get too hot or heavy if you sweat. Where do I start? The ideal surface for your first sessions is a level park path or grass, ... 

But I can't run because...

By Sam Murphy on in Training
We debunk four of the biggest issues that keep people from running.

1/ I’m too old You can reap the health and wellbeing benefits of running at any age. A recent University College London study found people who began to exercise in their 60s and 70s still gained significant health benefits. Just ask Sandra Bridger, who took up running at 66 and says ... 

Why should I run?

By Sam Murphy on in Training
From physical health to stress, running can improve many areas of your life.

Why should you run? If you’ve never run a step, you may wonder if you should try. The answer, for so many reasons, is yes. Running delivers myriad health benefits for body and mind. These are too numerous to cover in full here, but let’s give you a taste: in a study ... 

PB Awards 2016 - T&Cs

By on in Community

Terms and Conditions: Runner’s World Personal Best Awards 2016 Prizes. Main prize: Chicago Marathon Place 1.    One prize for one person to go to the 2016 Bank of America Chicago Marathon on 9th October.   2.   Your prize includes entry into the marathon and return flights from London Heathrow, leaving on Friday 7th October, and ... 

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