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Do older marathoners gain a heart-health advantage?

By on in News
In the first report of its kind, a German study followed 108 over-50 marathoners for 6.5 years

No one doubts that training longer and harder will improve your marathon performance. But will it make you healthier? The question is particularly germane for older runners, since increasing age brings on higher disease risks. German cardiologist Stefan Mohlenkamp has been studying the cardiac risks of marathon runners older than 50 ... 

Lizard trail running - day 1

By Ben Hobson on in Training
Based in South East Spain, our home for three days offers some amazing views and incredible trail running

Even before I've laced up my trainers, I get a taste of what's to come. Driving to Almond House (our home for the next three days), we leave the tarmac road in the local village and the rest of the journey to takes place on a dried out river bed, ... 

This weekend in pictures: 15th & 16th March

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See the highlights of your weekend's running.

"Colchester half marathon, completed in 1hr57, not a pb and found tough due to heat and steep inclines but happy I completed." - Martin Mead Continue reading

261 Women's Marathon

By Annie Rice on in Events

In just less than three weeks from now, I shall be setting off to sunny Mallorca to take part inthe 261 Marathon; the world’s first ever women’s only marathon. The woman behind the race is Katherine Switzer and Switzer’s story is a powerful one for the history of women’s running. ... 

Gear: Garmin Fēnix 2 - First Look

By Ben Hobson on in Gear
Garmin reveal the fēnix 2, their benchmark watch for those who love the great outdoors

A firm favourite with trail and ultra runners, the Garmin Fēnix gets an update and it seems that the advances made with the Forerunner 620 have been incorporated with this seemingly all-singing-all-dancing watch.  The original fēnix that we tested was and still is a firm favourite at RW, so the ...  Continue ... 

#pumaraverun highlights: 14 March

By on in CityRaveRunsEdit
'City selfies' is the theme of this week's City Rave Run highlights...

We’ve spotted plenty of city running selfies this week in our City Rave Run competition – just what we like to see! Check them out and send in your pics to #pumaraverun on Twitter, or see if you've made the edit in the City Rave Run gallery. The capital’s ...  Continue ... 

How thoughts affect running efficiency

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Positive feedback produces improvements in running economy.

This is one of those studies that seems simple and even a bit silly, but actually has something quite profound to say. Researchers at UNLV recruited 20 experienced runners, divided them into two groups, and measured their running economy for 20 minutes at a pace corresponding to 75% of VO2max. ... 

Gear: LumbaCurve review

By Samantha Peliza on in Gear
We put this back pain reliving tool to the test.

I recently suffered with an acute lower lumber injury. It started to creep in to my life slowly over the course of a couple of long, stressful months in the office (the joys of working for fitness mags!) where I found myself sitting at a desk for long stretches of ... 

‘I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again.’

By Joe Mackie on in News

"I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again," Amol Rajan Full article  Reading this saddened and irritated me in equal measure. Leaving aside the questionable arguments about joints and relative required financial expenditure, I’d like to get straight to ...  ... 

#pumaraverun highlights: 7 March

By Katie Hiscock on in CityRaveRunsEdit
We’ve been loving seeing your City Rave Run photos come through on Twitter this week. See some of our picture highlights...

We’ve been loving seeing your photos come through on Twitter for our PUMA City Rave Run competition this week. Some of our picture highlights are in the montage above and you can see other great pics in the City Rave Run gallery. We’ll be updating the gallery every few days, ...  ... 

181 to 190 of 547 blog posts

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