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The optimum marathon training plan duration

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Training plans can last anywhere from 14 to 30 weeks. Coach Jenny explains how many weeks you really need to improve performance.

I’m training for my second marathon and shopping training plans, and I wondered about the best length of time for marathon training. I want to improve my time, and I’ve seen plans that last anywhere from 14-30 weeks. What are your thoughts? Thank you!! Catie There are a lot of plans ... 

Sprinters are born, not made

By News on in Health
A new study reports you're either born fast or you're not.

Many people who ran track in high school remember the kid who showed up at practice one day and was immediately the best sprinter on the team. A new analysis of world-class sprinters supports the belief that you're either born fast or you're not. Two professors at Grand Valley State University in ...  ... 

The summer of speed

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Keen to beat your PB? Test your speed at a 5K race this summer.

Alderton 5K Set on picturesque, quiet country lanes from Alderton past the hamlet of Great Washbourne, the Alderton 5K is mostly flat with a few undulations, so it's ideal for runners hoping to clock a good 5K time. The event is also family friendly with games, stalls and activities for the ... 

Exclusive interview: We speak to West Highland Way Race winner Paul Giblin

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Ultra runner Paul Giblin sets an incredible 14:20:11 record at the renowned 95-mile Scottish ultra marathon.

With race season in full swing, numerous running events took place in June, but few would surpass the iconic West Highland Way Race. 95 punishing miles set over the stunning West Highland Way in Scotland, it’s one of the most challenging events on the ultra race calendar. Starting at Milngavie ... 

Make me a better runner: boxing (part 2)

By Kerry McCarthy, RW Commissioning Editor on in Health
The second blog in our new series, in which we guinea pig ourselves trying training programmes and workouts from different sports to see which ones can help your running. This week we explain the benefits of Tabata sprint training.

Tabata: a word you may have heard increasingly over the last 18-24 months in the fitness press, but what is it? It’s a specific type of high-intensity interval training that takes its name from the man who invented it, a Japanese physician and researcher called Dr Izumi Tabata. It’s very simple and ... 

Runner's World Trailblazer, picture highlights

By Photography: Tom Miles on in Events
Take a look at the highlights from our Trailblazer series

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Weekend of running: 28th & 29th June

By on in Events
The picture highlights of your weekends of running

"Our group training for Airtel Hyderabad Marathon, the toughest road race in India. A  small contingent training in the army base in Hyderabad." - Sharath Reddy, Hyderabad Runners Continue reading

adidas launch the adizero Prime Boost

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
The first performance shoe to feature energy-returning foam cushioning BOOST with the precision fit of Primeknit.

In its continuing quest for the perfect running shoe, adidas has launched the adizero Prime Boost. The first performance shoe featuring energy return foam cushioning BOOST™ in conjunction with the precision fit of adidas Primeknit, the adizero Prime Boost promises to be a smooth ride. Worn by the winners of no ... 

Alysia Montana runs 800m at US race at thirty-four weeks pregnant

By News on in News
The national champion didn't let her pregnancy slow her down.

Alysia Montano ran the 800m event in the US Track and Field Championships whilst 34 weeks pregnant yesterday. The five-time national champion finished in 2min 32.13sec in the qualifying rounds, only seven weeks before she’s scheduled to give birth to her first child. She said after the race, “I’ve been running throughout ... 

Stretching and footstrike

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
Stretching produces longer ground contact times with each stride.

Following the blog on when to stretch I just came across a study from earlier this year that I hadn't seen before, which has a few interesting wrinkles. It was published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research by a group from the University of Tampa. The goal of the study ...  Continue ... 

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