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Massage may boost muscle regeneration

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Rabbit experiments help researchers explore how (and if) massage really works.

It's very hard to conduct a placebo-controlled, double-blinded experiment on the effects of massage. People tend to notice when someone is rubbing their leg. That has made it challenging to tease out what, if anything, is going on when you get a massage after a hard workout. Does it really ... 

Can happy hour hurt performance?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Feel free to enjoy a drink or two if you have a training run planned, but if you're racing, hold off.

I usually wrap up my work week with happy hour on Friday evenings, and I tend to run long distances (anywhere between 10-20 miles) on Saturday mornings. Does drinking alcohol the night before a long run have any impact on running performance? If you have one or two drinks at a ... 

Hill training index

By on in Training
Run for the hills with help from our articles and top training sessions.

Conquer ascents and hammer hillocks with guidance from our hill training index. The links below have everything you need to know for hill running success. Everything you need to know about hill training - The ultimate introduction to hill training. Read everything from why it works to troubleshooting and training sessions. Continue reading

8 minutes of running a day can boost health in teenagers

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Study finds two minutes of high-intensity exercise repeated four times improves heart health and metabolism.

Parents, no need for expensive gym memberships – you’ll be relieved to hear that teens can boost their health with just eight minutes of high-intensity exercise per day, such as cycling or running. A study published in the journal Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental found that when teenagers did two minutes of ... 

"Excessive exercise" proponents soften their views

By Amby Burfoot on in Health
Advocates of controversial theory significantly increase the amount of running they recommend.

Leading proponents of the “excessive exercise” theory — the idea that running more than a couple hours a week at a gentle pace increases the risk of heart damage — are now softening their earlier views on the topic. In particular, cardiologist-runners Carl Lavie and James O’Keefe have modified the approach and conclusions ... 

Diet cola and running: Harmless or hurtful?

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Sugar free and low in calories, diet cola can seem like a good choice on hot days - but is that the case for runners?

As it heats up outside, we’re starting to move away from hot tea and coffee and onto something cooler. If you fancy a refreshing drink but are conscious of calories, diet cola can seem like a no-brainer. While sugary soft drinks have widely been linked to health problems such as ... 

Train like an Olympian: Form

By Jo Pavey on in Training
Want to train like an elite?
 Look no further – GB Olympian Jo Pavey has developed this bespoke workout to improve your form.

Good running form reduces injury and will improve your performance by optimising your strength and energy. These exercises encourage good joint alignment and proprioception (the body’s ability to sense movement and joint position). Core stability work will also help you develop a good running posture. A stable core while running ... 

4 ways running can help your career

By David Nicholson on in Training
You gain so much more from running than just fitness. Find out how it can boost you in the workplace...

Faster times aren’t the only gains you’ve made by running. In his new book, Think like an Athlete (Hardie Grant), David Nicholson says lessons we learn in sport are just as useful when we’re not wearing trainers. ‘Once an understanding of the transformative potential of running sinks in, it’s just ... 

World’s fastest female para-athlete Hayes heads to IPC Athletics Grand Prix

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Ilse Hayes will be one of 475 athletes from 38 countries competing in Grosseto.

Less than two months ago, Ilse Hayes became the fastest female para-athlete of all time when she sprinted to victory at the IPC Athletics Grand Prix in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The partially-sighted athlete clocked 11.89 seconds in the 100m T13, 0.02 faster than the previous global best set by China's T12 world ... 

parkrun partners with Fitbit

By on in News
Performance fitness product pioneer joins forces with UK’s biggest running community.

Parkrun has announced a three-year partnership with Fitbit wearable activity trackers. As parkrun UK’s official sponsor, Fitbit will offer its software expertise to parkrun’s community, empowering runners with the information they need to reach their performance and training objectives. Parkrun holds free, weekly 5K timed runs around the world. The runs are ... 

181 to 190 of 1,094 blog posts

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