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50 years of running shoes

By Jonathan Beverly on in Gear
A history of 50 years of (mostly) fantastic footwear innovation.

1966-1970 The First Flats In the beginning there were racing shoes. But they were not terribly good. ‘Very few running shoes were available, if they could be called that,’ says running-shoe collector Dave Kayser, who started running in 1966. ‘They were heavy and stiff, usually with leather or canvas uppers.’ RW contributor ... 

6 running nutrition products that have stood the test of time

By Kelly Bastone on in Health
Sports nutrition has evolved over the last few decades, but these classic products still get the job done.

These days, attempting to run a marathon without drinking anything along the way would be defined as either an act of pure lunacy or a first-class attempt at self-sabotage, yet that was the status quo until the 1960s. ‘People thought that drinking cold beverages while running would give you a ... 

How to avoid toilet breaks during a race

By K. Aleisha Fetters on in Health
Ease stomach troubles and make that portable loo trip a thing of the past.

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and a new PB is that pesky mid-race toilet break. And even if it’s not a full-on sprint to the bathroom, maybe the cold-sweat-inducing cramps that come with it are enough to keep you from a strong finish. We chatted with top gastroenterologists to ... 

Lidl launches new activewear range

By on in Gear
Getting fit this January doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank.

Whether you’re gearing up for a spring marathon or taking your first steps into the running world, having the right training gear is essential. Problem is, that’ll take its toll on our already deleted bank balances, which haven’t recovered post-festive season enough for a sportswear shopping spree. But fear not ... 

Watch Laura Muir break 25-year-old British indoor 5000m record

By on in News
The race was streamed live on Facebook, watch the action again...

Laura Muir has started 2017 with a bang and shown that a recent stint of training in South Africa has really paid off as she broke yet another British record, this time the 5000m indoor record, with a time of 14:49.12, taking 14 seconds off the 25 year old recor ... 

8 steps to running your strongest marathon

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
We distil decades of running experience and expertise to help you reach the start of your next marathon healthy, happy and ready to race.

In some ways, 1980 was a lot like 2016 – there was a contentious US election, a notably left-wing and divisive Labour leader in the UK and a new Star Wars film. But in the world of marathons, the now-and-then finish-line photographs look very different. Back then, marathons were largely ... 

Welcome to your First Mile!

By on in Training
Want to take your first steps towards becoming a runner? You're in the right place.

You are about to begin your journey towards becoming a runner. The ‘finish line’ is one mile away; the start line is right here. It doesn’t matter how improbable it might sound right now – embark on it with commitment, confidence and patience, and with the guidance you’ll find on ... 

The Runner's World 6-week First Mile training plan

By on in Training
Build up your running stamina and get ready to complete your first ever mile!

Week 1 Day 1: Brisk walk 5 mins then alternate 30 secs jog with 90 secs brisk walk 10 times. 5 mins easy walk Day 2: Optional easy walk 20 mins Day 3: Brisk walk 5 mins then alternate 30 secs jog with 90 secs brisk walk 10 times. 5 mins easy walk Day ... 

4-week pre-plan programme for new runners

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Not fit enough to tackle 20 mins of walking/running? Ease into it with our pre-programme.

Week 1 Day 1: Easy walk 10 mins (divided into 2 x 5 mins with a 1-2 min breather if needed. This applies to all sessions in weeks 1+2) Day 2: Easy walk 12 mins (or 2 x 6 mins) Day 3: Easy walk 10 mins. Include 3 bouts of 20 steps of ... 

Safety while running survey

By on in News
How safe do you feel when you're out running? Tell us your thoughts.

In October, our colleagues over at Runner's World US reported shocking results on how many runners experienced harassment while out training. Now, we want to hear from UK-based runners about your encounters. Let us know your experiences through the survey below - and if you've got a story you want ... 

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