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UK Anti-Doping to investigate Salazar

By Charlie Hanson on in News
The UK Anti-Doping organisation is set to investigate Salazar following doping allegations made against him by BBC Panorama.

Alberto Salazar is to be investigated by the UK Anti-Doping organisation (UKAD) after recent doping allegations made in BBC Panorama episode “Catch Me If You Can". Salazar, who coaches Mo Farah and has been an advisor to UK Athletics since early 2014, is accused of giving US long-distance runner Galen Rupp performance-enhancing testosterone medication ...  Continue ... 

Get over it: 5 ways to overcome common obstacles to running

By Beth Dreher on in Training
Too tired, stressed or hungry to run? Here's how to get past everyday training roadblocks.

As much as you may love to run, there are still days when simply tying your shoes requires a marathon effort. Morning runners groan when the alarm buzzes; midday runners battle full inboxes and growling stomachs; evening runners are tired after a long day. And when you hit the road, you ... 

Runners encouraged to only 'drink when thirsty'

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Listening to your body's cues can help avoid dangerous drops in blood sodium levels.

The urge to chug gallons of water on a hot run can be overwhelming but it's safest only to drink when you truly feel thirsty while exercising, according to a statement published in the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. Overdrinking can lead to severe drops in blood sodium levels during exercise or ... 

Protein before bed builds muscle

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
A new study confirms that muscle growth is enhanced by a pre-sleep dose of protein.

Contrary to popular myth and wishful thinking, you can't build muscle just by eating a lot of protein. It is clear, though, that the combination of resistance training and protein is a powerful stimulus for muscle growth. Plus, studies in recent years have shown that the most effective way to ... 

Gear Q&A: What are the best all-round running shoes?

By on in Gear
We ask our resident gear expert Kerry McCarthy for his advice on compression kit, all-round running shoes and anti-blister socks.

What makes a pair of great all-round running shoes for road, trail and treadmill? Well, first of all you can discount the treadmill. You should use separate shoes for that if only to keep the mud out of the gym, plus you're not likely to clock high mileage on a treadmill ... 

Moderate beer intake 'has no ill effects' on post-running recovery

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Drinking a moderate amount of beer in addition to water after running had no adverse effects on rehydration, according to the findings of a new study.

That post-run pint isn't anything to be ashamed of - a recent study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that moderate beer intake after running in hot conditions had no adverse effects on rehydration. The research, carried out at the University of Cadiz in Spain, had 16 ... 

Which antioxidants help and which hurt?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
A new review weighs the evidence on antioxidants for athletes.

Everyone knows that you should eat a healthy diet with plenty of vitamins in it. But what about pills with concentrated doses of antioxidants? The evidence there is much shakier, even though many athletes continue to turn to supplements in search of an edge. In the upcoming issue of the journal Continue ... 

Making the best of a bad workout

By Greg McMillan on in Training
Don’t despair if things haven’t gone to plan – you often learn more from failure than you do from success, says elite running coach Greg McMillan.

Bad workouts and poor races: we all have them and we always will. As a coach I no longer fret about the occasional flat session - instead, I see them as learning opportunities. Let's look at the main reasons for bad workouts and, more importantly, what to do about them. Wrong ... 

10 steps for making hot weather tolerable

By Susan Paul on in News
Once you understand why summer running feels harder, you can try to overcome it.

Understanding how your body cools itself may help you figure out how best to run in hot weather. When you run, you get warm because your exercising muscles increase body temperature. When body temperature rises, a greater percentage of blood flow is directed to your skin surface in order to carry ... 

5 key prehab rules to avoid injury

By Paul Hobrough on in Training
These five essential prehab tips will help keep you running strong.

Think about where you work and what position you’re in most of the day. If you spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk you will have tight hip flexors and lengthened glutes. This means you increase your chance of developing lower back pain when you’re running. Schedule more ... 

11 to 20 of 975 blog posts

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