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Physio blog: Increasing cadence.

By Noel Thatcher, MBE, British paralympic runner, Physiotherapist on in News
Can increasing your cadence improve your performance?

Seemingly overnight, there has been an explosion of research into every variable in the reduction and management of running-related injuries.   Among these a great deal of attention has been given to the potential of changing running technique or “gait re-training” to reduce pain and optimise performance.   One of the changes ... 

Jo Pavey wins 5,000m bronze for England

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Just 10 months after giving birth, forty-year-old Pavey put on a heroic display at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

On the last night of athletics action at Glasgow 2014, RW columnist and mum of two Jo Pavey demonstrated the meaning of true grit. With 200 metres to go, it looked like the three Kenyans – Mercy Cherono, Janet Kisa and Margaret Muriuki – were set for a podium finish, ... 

New research shows considerable health benefits of running just 5 miles a week

By Amby Burfoot on in News
Study says modest mileage extends longevity and protects against heart disease.

An important abstract presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine attracted a lot of attention because it added fuel to the “excessive endurance exercise” hypothesis that was gathering steam at that time. Now the paper has appeared in its full-text, peer-reviewed form in ...  ... 

Make me a better runner: boxing (part 5)

By Kerry McCarthy, RW Commissioning Editor on in Health
The fifth blog in our new series, in which we guinea pig ourselves trying training programmes and workouts from different sports to see which ones can help your running. This week we explain why a lighter weights programme for explosive power will give you a vital change of pace on the run.

Earlier in this series we went through the importance of weight training for runners, and how adding a session or two per week will make you stronger, leaner and less injury-prone. This week’s blog is also about weight training but this time to develop explosive power, so you can add speed ... 

#pumaraverun week 1 winner

By on in CityRaveRunsEdit

#pumaraverun is back – and we want your city running photos! From now until October, we’ll be giving away PUMA kit each week, including shoes, jackets and T-shirts from PUMA’s new Forever Faster autumn/winter collection. We’ll be selecting a winner every Friday, so watch this space to see who’s won each week. ... 

Talent v. training in runners

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Comparing sprints and distance running yields insights about the role of talent.

It's been almost six years now since Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers brought the idea of a "10,000-hour rule" to widespread attention. The debate about the relative importance of talent versus training in academic circles is, if anything, fiercer now than it was then. New studies continue to appear, like those ... 

Join In launch a nationwide summer relay

By News on in News
This initiative will see athletes volunteer at sports clubs across the country.

Join In, the London 2012 legacy charity has rounded up a host of Britain’s sports stars to launch the Join In Summer Relay. A nationwide tour of community sports clubs will take places throughout August and will watch Commonwealth athletes get involved with sports clubs across the country.  The relay commences ... 

Can ginger help you recover from hard training?

By Scott Douglas on in Health
Study: Ginger lowers post-workout markers of inflammation.

Here are two well-established findings concerning exercise and your immune system: First, moderate exercise boosts your immune system, thereby making you less susceptible to colds and other forms of sickness. Second, hard exercise, such as an intense track session or an especially long run, temporarily compromises your immune system. That's ... 

How to organise your own ultra marathon

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
A sucker for a challenge and determined to celebrate her birthday in style, Rhalou organised her own ultra.

After getting my heart broken on my birthday last year, to mark the occasion this year (and ensure I had a better time, which frankly wouldn’t take much) I was determined to do something a bit different. Having survived a difficult 12 months, I wanted to celebrate how far I’d ... 

Weekend of running: 26th & 27th July

By on in Events
Your picture highlights from this weekend's running.

"Team Shropshire Shufflers, weekend of running at Thunder Runner." - Louise Woodvine  Continue reading

191 to 200 of 690 blog posts

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