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How music tempo can affect your running pace and recovery

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
The tempo of your running tunes can make all the difference, according to a small study.

If you always run with a pumped up soundtrack, you may be onto something – research has found that listening to fast tempo music while running can help you increase your speed without perceiving it as more intense. The study, published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, saw ... 

Quick guide to your hips

By Cindy Kuzma on in Health
Hip issues are behind many common running injuries. Get to know yours and stay off the physio bench.

Weakness or dysfunction in the structures of the hip can contribute to a wide range of running injuries, extending up into your lower back and as far down as your feet. Here's a quick anatomy lesson. What’s in a hip? Pelvic bones These anchor your core and upper leg muscles and should stay ... 

Q&A: Cross training

By on in Training
We put your cross training questions to our expert panel.

Is a short bike ride as good as a short run? It can be, on recovery days, especially if your legs are tired from a hard run – cycling emphasises different muscles. Don’t take it too easy: try to maintain a cadence of 90 revolutions per minute. Also, don’t make this ... 

4 reasons chillies are great for runners

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Health
Spice up your life and feel the benefits.

In the winter months it makes sense to add a little chilli to your dinner to warm things up, but the humble pepper has more benefits than simply adding spice to your supper... 1/ They can help you live longer Are you keen to see in your centenary or run 100 marathons ... 

Gear pick of the week: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080

By Georgia Scarr on in Gear
For a light, cushioned ride, it doesn't get much better than these shoes by New Balance.

This offering from New Balance strikes a unique combination of lightness and cushioning, giving a supremely comfortable ride without weighing you down. The design was developed using data from runners with an average pace, making it particularly good for new runners or those beginning to up their mileage. I personally ... 

How your arches make you a faster runner

By Kit Fox on in Training
New research explores how energy is stored and released every time your foot strikes the ground.

Each time your foot strikes the ground on a run, your body claims something valuable that few species can - free energy from the arch in your foot. A recent study published in Scientific Reports examined the role of the human arch while running. The authors wanted to see how energy ... 

Kenyan athletics chief suspended over bribery allegations

By on in News
The chief executive of Athletics Kenya has been provisionally suspended over allegations of corruption, the IAAF Ethics Board has announced.

Athletics Kenya (AK) chief executive Isaac Mwangi has been provisionally suspended from all positions within Athletics Kenya and the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) after it was alleged he asked athletes for bribes to reduce doping bans. The news comes a week after Mwangi asked to step down for 21 days while the IAAF investigated bribery ... 

How to talk to a runner about eating disorders

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
If you're concerned about a fellow runner, follow these tips to make this difficult topic a little easier to address.

We’ve all met the odd runner who strikes us with concern – the person pounding the gym treadmill each morning, your running club friend looking frail at a race start line or a colleague unfalteringly pushing themselves to exhaustion. But at what point should you say something? “Eating disorders come in ... 

A runner's guide to yoga classes

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Whether you're looking for more flexibility or core control, there's a yoga class to suit your goals.

All styles of yoga offer a myriad of benefits for runners, however it can be useful to learn the specifics of the movement patterns in order to develop a training recipe that includes a variety of ingredients to balance your strengths and weaknesses and optimise your performance. Every runner is unique ... 

How to balance yoga and running

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Yogis should focus on easy running, while runners should choose less intense yoga classes.

Yoga is a fantastic complementary activity for runners. It aids in developing muscular strength, flexibility and balance, which can reduce the risk of injury, and it also helps you improve your mental focus and breathing efficiency for running. Running is also a wonderful complement for yoga enthusiasts as it boosts ... 

191 to 200 of 1,574 blog posts

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