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Are sports supplements “gateway” drugs to doping?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
If a pill’s benefits are in your head, will you be more or less likely to use it?

In 2013, Susan Backhouse of Leeds Metropolitan University in Britain published an interesting anonymised study looking into attitudes toward doping among university and international athletes, and how they related to the use of legal sports supplements. The key finding was that the athletes who reported using nutritional supplements were also more than three-and-a-half times ...  Continue reading ... 

Running for redemption? Inside a prison half marathon

By on in Community
To the inmates of America’s Oregon State Penitentiary, where a pioneering programme allows them to run and race, the wall is much more than a metaphor. RW’s Michael Heald gets inside an extreme illustration of the redemptive power of running.

When the first inmates arrived at the Oregon State Penitentiary (OSP) back in 1866, it did not have a wall. Prisoners were instead fitted with an unforgiving iron ankle shackle, and anyone who tried to run in the ‘Oregon Boot’ wasn’t going anywhere fast. A 14-foot wall was later built. ... 

How to train for a flat race course

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
If you’re accustomed to ups and downs, you need to prepare your muscles for the repetitive stress of pancake-like terrain.

I live in a very hilly area, but I’ll be racing on a very flat course this fall when I run the Chicago Marathon. Should I train any differently to prepare? Running hills is a definite asset in developing strength and fitness. However, it is wise to modify your training plan to ... 

How to become a morning runner

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
Make morning jaunts a habit.

You meant to log five miles today, but with family, work and social obligations, it just didn’t happen. Or perhaps you find evening runs disrupt your digestion or your sleep. The solution: put running first on your agenda. ‘People who start to run early in the morning get hooked on ... 

How to deal with an annoying running partner

By Susan Paul on in Community
Don’t let negative self-talk ruin your run.

My running partner complains before every run. We meet up in the mornings, and the excuses start as soon as he gets out of his car. They range from not sleeping well, to his back hurts, to a bad week at work, to the time of day and so on. This starts runs ... 

How to make strength and cross-training work for you

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
You know it's good for your running, it's just finding a way that fits with your routine.

Ramp up your strength work Building muscle improves your health, reduces injury risk and, according to a review in the journal Sports Medicine, improves your running performance. In 26 studies of endurance athletes, strength-training programmes (either plyometrics or heavy weights) boosted fitness, increased efficiency and reduced runners’ times in 3K and ... 

7 things to remember when taking up swimming as a runner

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
Whether you want to take on a triathlon or just up your cross-training game, bear these tips in mind when you return to swimming.

You may have smashed out lengths at swimming galas as a youngster and enjoy a leisurely dip on holiday, but when it comes to the thought of tackling anything more that whole swimming lark seems a lot more intimidating. However, don’t let your reservations hold you back – we got ... 

Should you worry if your knees crack?

By Editors of Men's Health on in Health
A little popping is harmless in most cases, but not always.

In most cases, if your knees crack but don’t hurt when you do cross-training squats or burpees, then the noise is just crepitus - gas bubbles bursting, says Tony Gentilcore, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance in Hudson, Massachusetts.  Sure, crepitus sounds scary, but those gases - oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide - are ...  ... 

First look: ASICS DynaFlyte

By on in Gear
Following its debut in last year's MetaRun, ASICS' FlyteFoam technology is back.

The shoe: ASICS DynaFlyte In a nutshell: ASICS' lightest, most cushioned running shoe to date. The technology: After three years of development and 300 prototypes, 2015 saw the launch of ASICS' FlyteFoam technology - a midsole material which ASICS says bounces back to its original form in the air between each footstrike ... 

Rob Young's USA record attempt ends after injury

By Brian Dalek on in News
Rob Young’s efforts to break a 36-year-old record had come under scrutiny from observers who alleged he was not running the whole way.

Rob Young, who was attempting to break the record for fastest crossing of the U.S. on foot, has ended his effort because of an injury.  The 33-year-old ultrarunner from London sustained a broken right fifth toe and cellulitis last week, according to a crew member who was supporting Young on his run. Michael ...  ... 

191 to 200 of 1,761 blog posts

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