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Weekend of running: 11th & 12th October

By on in Events
Your running highlights in pictures.

"This weekend was the first date of the Westward Cross Country League, with the venue Plymouth's Central park. The turnout was double that from last year's meet in the XC league at Plymouth with over 350 senior men and women taking part, as well as the junior age groups. Great ... 

How exercise protects your brain from depression

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Study suggests a new protective role for fit muscles.

Researchers at Sweden's Karolinska Institute published  study in the journal Cell last week that may shed some light on how and why exercise fights depression (press release here). It's fairly complicated stuff (to me, at least), and it's a mouse study – but I think it's interesting enough to be worth ...  Continue reading ... 

Do I look like a man?

By Lauren Fleshman on in Health
Female athletes come in all shapes and sizes and our definition of femininity has to catch up.

I used to be afraid to call myself a feminist. It sounded like the kind of woman a man wouldn’t like. I used to look at runway photos in fashion magazines as a pre-pubescent teenager and pray that puberty would be good to me, giving me height with the right kind ... 

Top 10 race day alternatives to the London Marathon

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Didn't get in on the ballot? There are plenty of great 26.2 alternatives to tackle next spring.

Be it the first or the fifth time you've failed to secure a London Marathon ballot place, it can be disheartening not getting into your dream race. But fear not, there are plenty of excellent marathon alternatives across the country. Check out our top ten spring marathons, get one booked ... 

Take the Timeless Challenge

By Jenny Hadfield on in News
Coach Jenny explains how to pace yourself to a strong finish using your inner GPS.

There are a host of tips I could give you on how to improve your time, like "run the tangents," "dial in your nutrition," and "pace yourself," but the most effective strategy I’ve seen for improving performance has been in the form of a challenge I set to my running ... 

Race report: Nike 10km Paris Centre

By Ben Hobson on in Events
A quick trip under the sea to race in Paris made for a great weekend...

Having travelled a fair bit for races, I was more surprised than anyone when I realised I’d never run a race in Paris. The Eurostar has been shuttling people under sea for twenty years now and seeing as it only takes two and a half hours to reach Paris from ... 

Preview: Aldi running gear

By Annie Rice, Ben Hobson & Kerry Mccarthy on in Gear
Ahead of the latest Aldi kit launch, we run through their budget running offerings

Running kit can be very expensive. A lot of research and design work goes into the key developments that major brands put out each season and if you want to enjoy these innovations, then you have to pay for them.  However, it can be argued that running kit is just running ... 

Weekend of running: 4th & 5th October

By on in Events
Your weekend of running in pictures

"Weekend running." - Maggie Trusdale Continue reading

What runners think the leading causes of injury are

By Scott Douglas on in Health
The most-cited cause isn't supported by research.

"Not stretching." That's what was named as the explanation for running injuries more than any other factor innew research exploring runners' beliefs about what causes injuries. Unfortunately, that belief and the third most popular reason given for running injuries aren't necessarily supported by previous research. Ninety-five runners were surveyed for the ...  ... 

Make Me A Better Runner: Boxing (part 8)

By Kerry McCarthy, RW Commissioning Editor on in Health
In this penultimate blog Kerry recaps some of the main training tips runners can take from boxing and reveals some startling final results after his programme.

If this is the first Boxing For Runners blog you’ve clicked on and you’re wondering if the others are worth a go – or if you just want a recap on how some pugilism training could give a substantial boost to your running, here’s a refresher of the main benefits: Continue ... 

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