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7 embarrassing running stories from Team RW

By on in Community
We asked our office to share their ultimate running blushes.

1/ 'After a mucky trail run (I was part of relay team in a triathlon), I decided to shower in the leisure centre that doubled as race HQ. The open row of showers struck me as odd, but rather than be thought a prude I stripped down and lathered up. As ... 

What happened when we used CrossFit for marathon training

By on in Training
‘Run faster by running less’ may sound an odd notion, but what if you could smash your marathon PB by chopping your mileage? RW’s injury-prone marathon veteran Kerry McCarthy gave it a go.

See if this story sounds familiar: you sign up for a marathon and you tell yourself that this is going to be the year you nail that PB. You find the right training programme, refresh the kit drawer, alert the world on social media and start pounding the miles. The ... 

5 things sports doctors are talking about right now

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Our expert gives us a rundown of highlights from the American College of Sports Medicine's annual meeting.

I have compiled some highlights from the 2016 American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) annual meeting, which was held recently in Boston. I hope this information improves your running and your overall health. 1/ Running is still good for you - and your heart. There has been a fair amount of press ... 

Ultimate guide to ultra-marathon training

By on in Training
Preparing for an ultra needn’t take over your life – here are the rules of smart long-distance training.

Not long ago, a runner planning to race 50 miles in one go would have been branded a maniac. But today more and more runners are making the leap to ultra running. Having run all kinds of event, including ultras, I can see why. The wild courses can make road ... 

Dietitians reveal the most misguided weight loss advice they’ve heard

By Caroline Praderio for Prevention on in Health
This is the stuff they wish people would stop repeating.

When it comes to bad weight loss recommendations, dietitians have heard it all from their clients. Here are the tips they wish you’d stop believing, plus some proven strategies to use instead. “Stop eating gluten.” Unless you have coeliac disease or non-coeliac gluten sensitivity, there’s no reason to eliminate gluten from your diet, and there’s no evidence that doing ... 

Olympian Liz Yelling answers your running questions

By on in Training
You asked, world-class marathoner Liz answered.

With two Olympic performances and a Commonwealth Games bronze medal under her belt, long-distance runner and coach Liz Yelling is more than well-placed to answer your burning running questions. Read on to get her advice on everything from hydration to the elusive negative split marathon. I'm a 20 stone single mum ... 

Should you run further or faster to boost your aerobic energy?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Maximising the 'powerhouses' of your cells can boost your performance, but how should you do it?

During aerobic exercise, most of the energy your muscle cells need is supplied by the mitochondria, a cellular component often referred to as the "powerhouse" of the cell. That’s why one of the key benefits of training is that you develop more and better-functioning mitochondria to fuel your efforts. At last ... 

5 dynamic stretches for your running warm-up

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
This punchy warm-up will help you run your best and stay on the road for longer.

If your pre-run warm-up usually consists of jogging – or worse, nothing – here’s a very good reason to step it up: a recent study revealed that a dynamic warm-up routine can help you perform better. Researchers compared how well study participants ran after moving versus sitting. When runners did ... 

Is it better to state your goals or keep quiet?

By Ted Spiker on in Training
There are positives and negatives to both options.

I used to think that the secret to progress involved minds and mouths as much as legs and lungs. That is, if you simply articulated your goal to someone other than yourself, then the public proclamation would help propel you forward. Ego, accountability and pride could be just as important ... 

Why you should improve your gut health to run better

By Sam Murphy on in Health
If you’re looking to improve your running, go deep – a tune-up for your digestive system could boost your performance and your health.

It’s the day of your big race. You’ve done the training and you’re toeing the line injury-free. Things go well for the first few miles, but then the rumblings begin. Your stomach begins to gurgle, bloat and cramp. You try hard to run through it, but there’s no escape – ... 

211 to 220 of 1,765 blog posts

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