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Last but not least

By Lisa Jackson on in Community
One-time staunch fitness-phobe Lisa Jackson ran her first marathon at the age of 31. In April 2016 she ran her 100th, more sure than ever that there’s more to running – and life – than going faster. Here she explains why running’s not about the time you do, but the time you have…

By rights, I shouldn’t be a runner at all – I’m really rather rubbish at it. I only started in my 30s and I’m patently not cut out for it. I waddle. And I walk. A lot. Oh, and I don’t take running seriously enough, as evidenced by my love of ... 

Why do my legs get tired before I'm out of breath?

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
We suggest some training strategies to put more pep in your step.

Why do my legs get tired before I'm out of breath? Your legs may not be keeping up with your cardio for a variety of reasons. Here are a few, and some options for tweaking your regimen to move faster. Run less often and with higher quality When I started running in my ... 

3 mile repeat workouts for any fitness level

By Pete Magill on in Training
Make the most of the mile in your training sessions.

Mile repeats are a quintessential interval workout that will help to build your physical and psychological fitness – their length forces you to adopt a race-like mentality. But when you change the pace or number of reps, you change the physiological effect, which makes them a key speedwork session for ... 

10 tips for first-time marathon runners

By Susan Paul on in Training
How to build up to your first 26.2.

I started running six weeks ago; I train three days a week and have already built up to running a 3K in pretty decent time. I know this may be crazy, but I’d like to do a marathon some time next year. Is that a realistic goal or is it ... 

Which matters more, muscle or fat?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
A new study looks beyond BMI to assess health and heart disease risk.

Researchers at UCLA recently decided to explore a stubborn riddle. Why is that some studies suggest that being a little bit heavier than “ideal” can translate into lower risk of death from heart disease and other factors, an observation often called the “obesity paradox”? Their hypothesis was that the effect may ... 

One key move: Eccentric lowering

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Help problem hamstrings with this resistance band move.

This eccentric (lengthening under resistance) exercise is great for strengthening the hamstrings after a muscle tear or tendon problem. It’s also good for prehab. 1/ Lie on your back with a resistance band secured to a support behind you. Put the ankle of your ‘bad’ leg in the loop of the ... 

How elite athletes improve their mental strength

By on in Training
Top runners share the psychological strategies they use to get the most from themselves in every race.

1/ Learn from disappointment Amby Burfoot: Winner of the 1968 Boston Marathon, RW US editor at large ‘One of those things that running teaches you is that there is disappointment. Once you get to a certain level of high achievement, you are much more likely to lose a race than win it. ... 

From Russia with love: Is ‘sorry’ enough to lift the Rio ban?

By on in News
Russia has apologised for cheating, but should they be allowed to compete in Rio?

In an article published in The Sunday Times last weekend the Russian sports minister apologised for the doping scandal surrounding the country. Vitaly Mutko said Russia is 'ashamed' of its cheating athletes and maintains he is committed to ensuring the sport is 'clean and fair'. Mutko went on to argue that maintaining the ban for the ...  ... 

Night of the 10,000m PBs

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Cheer on the England Athletics 10,000m championships from the sidelines for free.

Athletics fans will be excited to hear you can watch the England Athletics and British Athletics 10,000m Championships action unfold up close and personal this month. On Saturday 21st May athletes will do battle to become British and English champion and secure places for the 10,000m at the Rio Olympic Games ... 

Rob Young attempts fastest crossing of the USA

By Ben Hobson on in News
Marathon man plans to run 3100 miles in less than 46 days

This month, Rob Young aka Marathon Man UK is attempting the fastest crossing of America on foot. To beat it, Rob has to run across the USA faster than Frank Giannino Jr did back in 1980 - a feat that no runner has been able to achieve since. That’s 3100-odd ... 

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