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10 things I learned in my final attempt at a sub-3 marathon

By Andy Dixon on in Training
Runner's World editor Andy Dixon set out to tackle a sub-3-hour marathon for the last time. Here's what he found out along the way.

Having missed out on a sub-three-hour PB by two-and-a-half minutes in Chicago in 2012, I was unsure whether or not I could go through the whole exhausting rigmarole again. But once the sore legs and disappointment had worn off, the lure of dipping under the 180-minute landmark started nagging at ... 

Paula Radcliffe's husband says doping authority should protect clean athletes

By on in News
Wada should protect clean athletes, says Gary Lough.

Paula Radcliffe's husband and coach Gary Lough has said the World Anti-Doping Agency should step up and back the long distance runner after she was implicated in blood doping allegations. "I am probably not happy with how Wada have handled this situation," Lough told BBC Radio 5 live. "I think this is a special ...  ... 

What does running mean to you?

By on in News
Fill in our survey to enter a prize draw for a 5 star trip to the Cyprus Marathon.

Here at Runner’s World, we love to hear about your running experiences and how running and fitness fit into your life. Tell us how, why and where you run, and your attitudes to fitness, and we’ll enter you into a prize draw for the chance to win a fantastic 5-star holiday ... 

Mo Farah wins Great North Run second year in a row

By Georgia Scarr on in News
The 5,000m and 10,000m world champion landed first place again yesterday (Sunday 13th September).

Mo Farah has extended his winning streak this summer by taking first place at the Great North Run for the second year in a row. Farah won the half marathon in 59:23, knocking 37 seconds off his previous time of one hour exactly. He beat Kenya's Stanley Biwott to the ... 

Make me a better runner: Pilates

By on in Training
In this new blog series, our Deputy Digital Editor Georgia takes up regular Pilates classes to overhaul her running technique and get back in marathon shape.

As runners, we’re made abundantly aware of how important it is to cross train. Running-free workouts – such as cycling, yoga and more – help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. You know this. I know this. Still, that doesn’t mean I do it – to my own detriment. My body ... 

Roger Bannister's sub 4-minute mile spikes sell for £266,892

By on in News
86-year-old Bannister is donating the proceeds to charities including the Autonomic Charitable Trust.

The running spikes worn by Roger Bannister when he became the first person to run a sub four-minute mile have sold at auction for $412,000 (£266,892.97). The shoes, which were sold at Christie's Auction House, were expected to fetch between £30,000 and £50,000. 86-year-old Bannister said "I think it’s the right ... 

'Marathon Man' Rob Young to take on 1,900-mile running challenge

By on in News
Famed for running 370 marathons in one year, Rob Young is set to run 1,900 miles around the UK in 26 days as part of the Champions Walk for Peace.

With a list of achievements most can only dream of, it's hard to believe 'Marathon Man' Rob Young only started running long distances last year. After entering the Virgin Money London Marathon in 2014 as a 20p bet with his partner, Young went on to run 370 marathons in 12 ... 

What can I do about shoulder pain at the end of long runs?

By Jo Pavey on in Health
We ask GB Olympian Jo Pavey for her advice on painful shoulders during runs.

When I do a long run I get pain in my shoulders during the latter stages. What can I do to solve this? - Marie Dwyer, via email If the pain is achy in nature and it’s not experienced at a specific range of shoulder motion then it’s probably referred pain from ... 

Boosting your fuel economy

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
More evidence that strength training helps you run efficiently.

Another result presented at the Endurance Research Conference in Kent, this one on strength training to improve running economy. First, some background. Running economy is like the fuel efficiency of a car: it tells you how much fuel a given runner needs to run at a given speed. The more efficient you ...  ... 

The knee: A user’s guide

By Annie Rice on in Health
20% of running injuries affect the knee. Here’s how to spot the warning signs and strengthen your hinges to run strong – and sidestep time on the sidelines.

HOW YOUR KNEE WORKS ON THE RUN ‘Your knee is a complex hinge joint,’ explains physiotherapist Paul Hobrough. It’s a synovial joint, which means it has a capsule filled with synovial fluid for lubrication. It has four key ligaments for protection against unwanted movement and meniscus cartilage for shock absorption, essential ... 

231 to 240 of 1,357 blog posts

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