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Can hot baths make you faster?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
A post-run soak in the tub offers a shortcut to heat acclimation.

One of the hottest topics in endurance science during the last few years has been the idea that training in hot conditions can make you faster in “normal” conditions. Spending a week or two acclimating to heat triggers a series of adjustments in the body, including an increase in blood plasma ... 

6 essential moves for marathon cross training

By on in Training
Feeling the burn of race training? Keep your body on tip-top form with these simple exercises.

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Boston Marathon documentary underway

By on in News
The first feature-length documentary film about the Boston Marathon has been announced.

The creators of Boston, the first feature-length documentary film about the Boston Marathon, will focus on the iconic footrace’s first steps in 1897 as opposed to the 2013 bombings. ’Over the years, the Boston Marathon has had so many extraordinary stories of people achieving and accomplishing things,’ the film’s producer Megan Williams ... 

Chasing the Distance

By on in News
A short film about ultra runner Rob Krar and his wife Christina Bauer

Sierra Club: Chasing the Distance from Tandem Stills + Motion, Inc. on Vimeo. Chasing the Distance is a four-minute film about ultra runner Rob Krar, his wife and running partner. Christina Bauer and the couple's deep connection to the land within the proposed Greater Grand Canyon Heritage National Monument in Arizona. The ... 

Gadget can scan your food to reveal its nutritional value

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Ever wondered exactly what's in your dinner?

If you’re keen to make positive life changes by cutting down the calories but don’t have time to measure every meal, then the latest technology might be right up your street. After a successful Kickstarter campaign a new gadget, launched at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show by the French startup ... 

Mark Zuckerberg's mile-a-day run streak

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg aims to run 365 miles this year.

The mighty Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame yesterday announced he wants to encourage us (all 1.55 billion Facebook users no less) to run a mile-a-day, every single day of 2016. ‘I'm going to run 365 miles and I'd love for as many people in this community to join me as possible,’ ... 

How strong are your glutes?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Ensure your glutes are firing you effectively with our easy test and conditioning exercises.

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Stay warm without overheating

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Training
What to wear to run comfortably in cold temperatures.

Jack asks: How can I stay warm on my runs when it is cold outside but still keep from sweating too much once I get warmed up? This is the paradox of winter runners - keeping warm while avoiding overheating. From my perspective, the key for exercisers who produce a lot ... 

2015 in running data

By on in News
Strava reveal what running in the UK looked like with insights using logged data

Strava, the social network for runners and cyclists, has published its annual End of Year Insights for 2015. Comprising of millions of individual runs and rides, the data offers unique insight into the habits and behaviour of Britain’s runners. The data reveals that in 2015 a staggering 5.3 activities were uploaded ... 

Fruit and nut bars

By Pip Taylor on in Health
Packed with dried fruit, these bars from The Athlete's Fix are a brilliant energy booster before a run.

Change up this recipe to make these bars your own: use different varieties of dried fruit (apricots, dates or sour cherries), try hazelnut flour in place of almond flour, add some orange zest or step up the spices, or mix in pure cocoa powder for a rich, chocolate spin. Fruit and nut bars Makes 16 bars or ... 

231 to 240 of 1,530 blog posts

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