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Is weight-bearing exercise really useless for bone strength?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Contrary to reports, exercise does matter for long-term bone health.

“Exercise Is Not the Path to Strong Bones,” according to the headline of a recent article in the New York Times, by Gina Kolata. In fact, the article continues, exercise “has little or no effect on bone strength.” Allow me to disagree. The problem, in my view, isn’t so much that the ... 

Gear pick of the week: Hoka One One Vanquish 2

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear
We tested out this maximal brand's latest offering.

Famed for their full cushioning and ‘rolling rocker’ design at the toe, Hoka One One’s Vanquish 2 has these same classic maximal features but with a remarkable lightness. They look bulky, but in the hand and on your feet the low weight (298g for men’s size UK8) is surprising. This was ... 

Bristol parkrun faces park usage charge

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
A council could become the first in the UK to charge runners to use one of its parks for parkrun.

UPDATE: 13/4/16 Olympians Paula Radcliffe and Dame Kelly Holmes have joined the backlash against Stoke Gifford parish council, who are trying to charge runners for taking part in their local parkrun. The former Team GB athletes spoke out on Twitter, voicing their outrage. "Have I missed the whole reasons park runs ... 

How to carb-load for marathon week

By Pamela Nisevich Bede, M.S., R.D on in Health
Got a big race soon? Here's how to fuel in the days leading up to your marathon.

This week, thousands of runners are focused on one thing: tackling a marathon. Whether you are in training for a late spring marathon or gearing up for next week’s London Marathon, the subject of fuelling has probably come across your mind. At this point, you’ve likely ironed out your pre-race ... 

Why does my vision get blurry when I run?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Fuzzy vision could be caused by mid-run changes in blood pressure.

Kelly asks: Why does my vision get blurry during the later part of runs? Exercise impacts blood pressure. There may be some temporary and transient changes in your blood pressure late in your runs that could affect blood flow to the part of your brain that governs your vision clarity. There could ... 

Surgical tape could be the answer to blister blues

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
In a study of 128 ultra-runners, surgical tape was found to significantly lessen the chance of developing blisters.

Been splashing the cash on top-of-the-range socks, lubricants and plasters to avoid the curse of the mid-race blister? You could have saved yourself a few quid - and some sore feet - by just using surgical tape. A study at the 155-mile RacingThePlanet event in 2014 saw 128 ultra-runners have basic ... 

Female runners take on Iran's first marathon despite ban

By on in News
Two women ran the 'I Run Iran' 26.2 despite being banned by authorities.

Two female runners competed in Iran's first official marathon this Saturday (9th April), despite women being banned by the region's authorities. Local video journalist Bahar Shoghi tweeted that she'd seen two women race unofficially, taking on the 'I Run Iran' marathon alongside around 250 male runners. Race founder Sebastian Straten, who ... 

London Marathon 2016 Guinness World Record attempts

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
From a 20kg dinosaur suit to a hot dog, the fun runners will be out in full force at the London Marathon this month. Here are the best ones to look out for in the crowd.

A bus fleet engineer from Crawley in West Sussex, Ian Bates has created arguably the finest costume ever to grace the circuit. The 3D dinosaur suit weighs 20kg and has taken 18 months to create – spectators will be running for the hills as he roars towards the finish line. Charity: ... 

3 phases to beating IT band syndrome

By Brian Fullem on in Health
Iliotibial band (ITB) pain can derail your training. Our three-phase plan will get you back on track.

Iliotibial band syndrome, or ITBS, is one of the main causes of knee pain in runners. The IT band, or ITB, can become so painful that a runner is unable to train at all. ‘You need to address both the cause and the symptoms,’ says Mark Fadil, director of Sports ... 

When to tough out a workout and when to skip it

By Carl Leivers on in Training
Work out whether you’re wimping out or wising up.

It’s a question all runners face when the mind is tired, the legs are heavy and a scheduled session is feeling like one huge struggle: should I suck it up and keep going, change the workout or just call it a day? In a ‘no pain, no gain’ world, that can ... 

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