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Running as pain relief

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Vigorous exercise harnesses the body's own pain control mechanisms.

As much as running sometimes hurts, it can also relieve pain — so much so that exercise is sometimes suggested as a pain-management approach for chronic pain patients. But it's not clear exactly how exercise reduces pain, or what types of exercise are best. Here are a couple of interesting ... 

Think yourself strong

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Use the power of your mind to become a fitter, faster runner.

When people think of hypnosis, they often picture a cloaked figure swinging a watch on stage, or Derren Brown making some unsuspecting punter bark like a dog. But on a day-to-day basis it’s very different. ‘Hypnotherapy is not about losing control, it’s about giving the person more control, specifically over ... 

6 foods to help boost your cardio

By Matt Gilbert on in Health
Eat your way to better heart function with a hand from these cardio-friendly foods.

Apples It’s crunch time. The quercetin found in an apple a day will improve lung capacity and protect against pollution, say scientists at St George’s Hospital Medical School, London. Servings per week: 5 Try baked apples with pink peppercorns or oaty apple crumble muffins. Avocado The sodium, potassium and magnesium found in the creamy ... 

Essential track running tips

By Susan Paul on in Community
Keep these guidelines in mind when you start doing speedwork.

Thinking of working on your speed but new to the track running scene? There are some basic track etiquette rules that may be helpful to you. Track etiquette is not written in stone, though, so be prepared for some degree of variation on different tracks. If there are any signs ... 

Why do my hands swell when running?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Get advice on this common hot weather problem.

Finger and hand swelling is relatively common during running, although sometimes it is very subtle. It probably occurs more frequently when it is hot, but it is not a sign of dehydration and would be unlikely to occur if you were truly dehydrated. Hand swelling can be found in hyponatremia, ... 

Sex files: Running and libido

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
RW investigates the intimate, intricate relationship between your running life and your sex life.

If you’re worried your training is going to leave you with no energy in the bedroom, think again: research has shown that regular exercise actually boosts your libido. This is partly down to exercise’s effectiveness in combating stress, a major cause of low sex drive. The more stressed you are, ... 

ASICS - Beat the Sun 2015 Highlights

By on in Events
Five teams took on the challenge of running around Mont Blanc before the sun set...

On Sunday 21 June 2015, five continental relay teams, featuring expert and amateur runners, battled it out in an action-packed relay race around Mont Blanc, ASICS Beat the Sun. A mere four seconds separated Team Americas and Team South Europe after each team had completed 150km course, with both teams ... 

Drinking between workouts

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
As hydration guidelines evolve, your fluid intake between runs matters more.

The debate about hydration usually focuses on the question of how much you should drink during exercise. And the trend lately has been to conclude that you probably don't need as much as we used to think — in fact, simply drinking when you're thirsty may be good enough in many contexts. But a ... 

What's the difference between pushing hard and overtraining?

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Your body will tell you if you're overdoing it — you just have to listen.

I’m coming back from two injuries and a serious bout of overtraining last season. How do I know when I’ve crossed the line from pushing hard to overdoing it? — Jeffrey First, you need to learn the difference between pushing hard and pushing too much, and then you should track your performance ... 

VIDEO: Race the DLR

By on in News
Ever been stuck on the train and thought you could run it quicker? James Heptonstall and his mates prove it's possible...

Remember James Heptonstall, who beat the Circle line in a sprint from Mansion House underground station to Cannon Street station? Well, he's at it again - Heptonstall and his friends Noel Carroll, Rob Bell and Will Serocold took on London's Docklands Light Railway, carrying out a relay race against the train ... 

241 to 250 of 1,245 blog posts

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