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3 ways to improve your marathon finish time

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Here's how to modify your race training to improve speed without wearing your body out.

I'm training for my third marathon this autumn and want to improve my speed without getting hurt. I've had a variety of aches and pains through the past two seasons of training and would love to train and finish faster with fewer aches along the way. I train four days ... 

Should I run with a cold?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Know when it's safe to keep training and when to back off.

Kim asks: I'm training for my first half marathon, but I've had a sinus infection and cold for the past three weeks. How do I go about training when I'm under the weather? Training with illness always presents a runner with a difficult situation. Most of us in sports medicine use ... 

3 mental tricks for handling hot long runs

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
You may be suffering now, but when temperatures drop, you'll feel like a superhero.

Please tell me I’m going to be ready for my fall races. I’ve been training through a very hot and humid season and with every long or hard run, I feel my performance is suffering. I’m in desperate need for a pick-me-up! Much appreciated. - Nigel I feel your pain, Nigel, both in my ... 

My Mile - Joe Mackie

By Joe Mackie on in Events
RW deputy editor Joe regales how he set about tackling the mile and rediscovered a love for running

If I’m honest, my relationship with running was in a bit of a rut earlier this year. Not a scary end-game, ‘we’ve grown apart’ kind of rut, just that a-bit-too-comfortable-watching-boxsets-on-the-sofa-together kind of thing. I was contentedly meandering though medium-pace miles, but I needed something to re-ignite the passion and I ... 

Swimrun takes the UK by storm

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Inspired by Swedish ÖTILLÖ races, the fast-growing sport Swimrun is sweeping the globe and the UK is in on the action. After marshalling at the inaugural Breca Buttermere, our Online Ed Rhalou reports back.

Swimrun is about to take the UK by storm and following the success of its inaugural race, adventure-seekers will be pleased to hear that Breca Swimrun is returning to the Lake District in 2016. Inspired by the Swedish ÖTILLÖ race, which means Island-to-Island, participants run and swim over consecutive legs in pairs (you have to be ... 

Lynsey Sharp breaks Scottish women's 800m record

By on in News
Sharp cites Kelly Holmes as ‘massive inspiration’ for her win.

Lynsey Sharp broke the Scottish women's 800m record at the IAAF World Challenge in Berlin on Sunday, beating world champ Marina Arzamasova in the process. The 25-year-old set the new Scottish National Record for the event in one minute 57.71 seconds, making her third in the all-time British list behind Dame Kelly and Kirsty Wade. Holmes ... 

Team GB tops medal tally at World Transplant Games

By on in News
Team GB won an impressive haul of gold medals at the World Transplant Games in Argentina.

Team GB came out top of the overall medal tally at the 20th World Transplant Games this month, earning 121 gold, 76 silver and 48 bronze across all the sports and age categories. Argentina came in second, South Africa in third, and Hungary fourth. Hosted in Mar del Plata, Argentina, The World ...  ... 

Usain Bolt ducks out of Diamond League final

By on in News
The Jamaican sprinter won't compete for the rest of 2015 following his triple win at the World Championships.

Following his triple gold medal success at the world championships in Beijing, Usain Bolt has decided not to race again for the rest of the year. The six-time Olympic champ said he plans to take a ‘short break’ after winning gold medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay at the ... 

Paula Radcliffe 'categorically denies' doping allegations

By on in News
Marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe issues 1,700-word statement furiously denying allegations that emerged in a Parliamentary enquiry.

Paula Radcliffe has hit back at accusations made by The Sunday Times newspaper accusing athletes of cheating. Although Radcliffe was not specifically named, The Sunday Times published several pieces throughout August arguing that data taken from 5,000 athletes between 2011 and 2012 showed an 'extraordinary extent of cheating.' Radcliffe issued a 1,700 ... 

Why guys need to worry about bone health

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
It’s not just a women’s issue. Fortunately, new research shows the right exercises can help.

As a guy, you may not be thinking about bone health - it's usually considered a women’s issue. But estimates predict almost 2 million men in the United States have osteoporosis and 16 million more have low bone mass. Lack of the right kind of exercise and aging puts men at ... 

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