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Review: Little Women Sportsjock

By Annie Rice on in Gear
Little Women have launched a new sports range for the smaller chested women out there, we put it to the test.

Finding sports bras to fit the, ahem, smaller chested of us can be a complete nightmare. I for one often find myself sticking to crop tops and yoga wear, even though I know that wearing a decent sports bra is as important as choosing the right pair of trainers. In ... 

Alberto Salazar will be advisor to UK athletics

By News, Image by Victah Sailer / PhotoRun on in News
He's also tinkering with Mo Farah's form for the marathon.

Alberto Salazar, who took Mo Farah from the United Kingdom to Oregon and turned him into a double Olympic gold medalist and one of Britain’s biggest sports heroes, will become a consultant to UK Athletics, our national track and field and running federation, beginning in January. Salazar will ...  Continue ... 

Healthy diet linked to lower odds of depression

By News on in News
Produce, whole grains associated with better mental health.

There's growing evidence that diet can affect the risk of developing depression. Although previous studies that looked at the effect of single nutrients have come to different conclusions, a new review of existing research suggests that, taken as a whole, people with more healthful diets have a lower risk of ... 

Boston Marathon adds entries for those most affected by bombings

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A few hundred invitational entries to be decided on basis of written applications.

The Boston Marathon will issue a limited number of invitational entries for the 2014 race for those who were most impacted by the bombings at this year's marathon, the Boston Athletic Association announced today. B.A.A. spokesman Jack Fleming told Runner's World US Newswire that "up to a few hundred" such entries would be accepted for next ...  ... 

Aerobic exercise helps mental health in over 50s

By News on in Health
12 weeks study shows improved brain function and cognition

A new study in the journal Frontiers in Aging on Neuroscience found that people age 50 and older who did aerobic exercise may help keep their minds sharp as they age.For the study, 37 sedentary adults age 57 to 75 with normal brain health were randomly assigned to ...  Continue ... 

Who’s better at pacing, men or women?

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The fairer sex—but with caveats, study finds.

Fact: Men are faster than women. Yet research suggests that women’s physiology may render them superior endurance animals. Women burn through carbs more slowly than men, thus potentially helping them delay, or avoid, hitting the wall. And in hot temperatures, women are better able to dissipate heat. Does this mean, Continue ... 

14 year old girl runs Marathon on all 7 continents

By News. Image by Marathon Tours & Travel on in News
Winter Vinecki becomes youngest person to complete the feat

Fourteen-year-old Winter Vinecki crossed the finish line of the Athens Classic Marathon yesterday, becoming the youngest person, male or female, to run a marathon on all seven continents.The seasoned young athlete—she’s began racing triathlons at age 5—completed the hilly course from Marathon to the Olympic stadium in Athens in ...  ... 

Aerobic exercise better for overweight girls than strength work

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Treadmill running and elliptical machines lowered health risks for teenage girls, a study finds.

New research from Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital has found that aerobic exercise may be the best bet in the battle against childhood obesity. The study found that aerobic exercise, such as running, beat resistance training in the fat loss stakes. Significantly, the findings showed that the health risks surrounding obesity were ...  ... 

Weekend of running: 9th & 10th November

By Annie Rice on in News
Your weekend of running in pictures

"My husband and myself having finished running the Lytham Windmill 10k this morning, and both clocking sub 50 minutes for the first time ever! Steve Chase did 48 mins 16 secs and I did 49 minutes 06 secs. The speedwork sessions and tempo runs helped us reach our autumn goal." ... 

Nutrition clinic: overnight recovery

By Dr James Morton on in Health
Dr James Morton breaks down the science behind optimal post-run nutrition for the best recovery during the night.

Welcome to our nutrition blog by Dr James Morton, Senior Sports Nutritionist for Science in Sport (SiS), where he will be giving advice on nutrition, dispelling fuelling myths and offering his tips every month. If you have a sports nutrition question or area you'd like to see covered in the blog, ...  ... 

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