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How thoughts affect running efficiency

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Positive feedback produces improvements in running economy.

This is one of those studies that seems simple and even a bit silly, but actually has something quite profound to say. Researchers at UNLV recruited 20 experienced runners, divided them into two groups, and measured their running economy for 20 minutes at a pace corresponding to 75% of VO2max. ... 

Gear: LumbaCurve review

By Samantha Peliza on in Gear
We put this back pain reliving tool to the test.

I recently suffered with an acute lower lumber injury. It started to creep in to my life slowly over the course of a couple of long, stressful months in the office (the joys of working for fitness mags!) where I found myself sitting at a desk for long stretches of ... 

‘I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again.’

By Joe Mackie on in News

"I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again," Amol Rajan Full article  Reading this saddened and irritated me in equal measure. Leaving aside the questionable arguments about joints and relative required financial expenditure, I’d like to get straight to ...  ... 

#pumaraverun highlights: 7 March

By Katie Hiscock on in CityRaveRunsEdit
We’ve been loving seeing your City Rave Run photos come through on Twitter this week. See some of our picture highlights...

We’ve been loving seeing your photos come through on Twitter for our PUMA City Rave Run competition this week. Some of our picture highlights are in the montage above and you can see other great pics in the City Rave Run gallery. We’ll be updating the gallery every few days, ...  ... 

Mo Farah to run NYC Half

By on in News
Race is Olympic champ's tune-up for the Virgin London Marathon.

Mo Farah has signed up to the NYC Half Marathon, a race he previously won in 2011 on a somewhat different 13.1-mile course. For Farah, who’s been training at altitude in Kenya, the race will be a tune-up for the Virgin London Marathon on April 13. Farah ran a section ... 

Danish study challenges pronation fears

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
A new study provides evidence that foot posture does not lead to injury

For a number of years, shoe manufacturers and running experts have advised pronating runners to opt for motion-control shoes. These experts maintain that inward-tilting motion of the legs after ground contact (ie, pronation) causes injury, and various motion-control shoes could limit that motion, and therefore the injuries.   A new Danish ... 

Weekend of running: 1st & 2nd March

By on in Events
See the highlights of your weekends running adventures

"Over the moon, smashed my PB by 7minutes 43 seconds to finish in 1hour49minutes 07 seconds at Adidas Silverstone Half Marathon." - Lana Hornigold Continue reading

Training shortcuts runners should avoid

By on in Community
Why you shouldn't sabotage your training by cheating in other areas.

A few years ago, researchers in Taiwan recruited volunteers for what they were told was health-related product testing. Their first task was to take a pill and rate its texture and color; half were told it was a multivitamin, while the other half were told it was a placebo (which ... 

Perfect your protein timing

By News on in Training
The three key windows to refuel the runner.

It's critical for runners to keep track of how much protein is in their diets, but it's also important to eat it at the appropriate times to maximise performance benefits. Time this key nutrient for muscle recovery right and become a stronger runner. Rise and shine, protein time Start your day with ... 

Homemade energy truffles

By on in Health
Try this wholesome alternative to packaged products and add power to your snack time.

These truffles have the two-pronged value of being homemade energy bars and wholesome desserts, kind of like fruit and nut truffles. As the former, they provide high-quality energy for before a workout: unrefined sugars, monosaturated fats, and omega 3s. And as the latter, they are rich, delicious, and borderline effortless. You ... 

261 to 270 of 621 blog posts

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