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Review: Nike Free Hyperfeel

By Joe Mackie on in Gear
RW deputy editor Joe tests the stripped-down, super-light and super-responsive Nike Hyperfeel

‘This is the future of our running shoes – more sensation and natural feel, but with the necessary protection,’ Tony Bignell, Nike’s Vice President of Footwear Innovation told me when I travelled to Nike’s HQ in Portland, Oregon back in June. Bignell is a runner, and struck me as genuinely ... 

Make me a better runner - Bootcamp Pilates

By Annie Rice on in Events
Can Pilates make you a better runner? We tested the ropes at Bootcamp Pilates.

Having heard whispers of Bootcamp Pilates through various fitness circles, I was intrigued to see what the fuss was about. Don’t get me wrong, I know how beneficial Pilates is and how important strength and conditioning for runners should be, but that said, I can't help but feel a little ... 

What shoes should you wear when you're not running?

By Annie Rice on in Health
Brand new foot scanning technology at UCL has revealed the true effects of wearing heels, this got us thinking.

After the shocking revelations about the effect of wearing heels were revealed in this video from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital it got us thinking about the best footwear to wear when you're not running. With this in mind we thought we'd start a discussion on the best day wear ... 

Richard Whitehead challenge update

By Annie Rice on in News
The Paralympic champ powers down with country with the help of a plasma screen

We caught up with Paralympic gold medalist Richard Whitehead last month ahead of his extreme marathon challenge. Check out the full Q&A here, but at just over half way through the 40 marathons in 40 days challenge here's an update on his progress.  Whitehead said: “My main motivation for the run ... 

TomTom Runner and Multi-Sport GPS Watches launched

By Annie Rice on in Gear

We got our hands on the latest training tool from TomTom to hit the market. The watch is currently under testing and there will be a full low down which will feature in the December issue of the magazine, but in the meantime if you’re on the lookout for a ... 

Your weekend of running: 31st & 1st Aug/Sept

By Annie Rice on in Events
This weekend's running highlights.

"Saturday morning run by the river before the tourist onslaught took over", Annie RW Continue reading

Nutrition clinic: Fasted Training

By Dr James Morton on in Health
We all know that to train and race effectively you need fuel in the form of carbohydrate, but is this the case all the time? We asked SiS’ Dr James Morton if fasted training, in certain scenarios, can help performance on a wider basis.

Welcome to our nutrition blog by Dr James Morton, Senior Sports Nutritionist for Science in Sport (SiS), where he will be giving advice on nutrition, dispelling fuelling myths and offering his tips every month. If you have a sports nutrition question or area you'd like to see covered in the ...  ... 

Review: Women's Mobium Elite

By Annie Rice on in Gear
We took the lastest from Puma out on a test drive

Puma have launched their first womens only Mobium Elite. The fundamental principles of the Mobium are concerned with 'adaptive running' for a shoe which subtly modifies itself to your foot. There are three elements to the shoe which Puma claim make this adaptation possible: Expansion pods on the sole that ... 

Your weekend of running in pictures: 17th & 18th August

By on in Events
Your snaps from this weekends running ventures.

Aimee Bellwood "I ran up Mount Royal in Montreal. Immense. Love running around the world"  Continue reading

Review: Crewroom Refresher Range

By Annie Rice on in Gear

It isn’t often that you can trace back the kit you wear to its roots, but Crewroom are keen to share the story of their origins. From initial idea through the logistical and financial struggles to today, the full story is here and it’s worth a read. The end products ... 

261 to 270 of 517 blog posts

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