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4 tweaks to maximise your training gains

By Lauren Bedosky, Steve Magness on in Training
New research reveals surprising – and intriguing – ways to help you run better.

Runners are creatures of habit: we tend to latch on to particular training strategies and persist with them until we get bored or burn out. If your routine feels stale, try shaking it up with science. Researchers are always working to examine how athletes respond to different training techniques, and ... 

I’m a runner: Michael Palin

By on in Community
The founding member of Monty Python’s Flying Circus on over three decades of running

From the June Issue of Runner's World 2011 In 1978, I had to look tanned and fit to play the ex-leper in Life of Brian, so I ran up and down the beaches in Tunisia where we were shooting the film. I got back to London and I thought, I must ... 

What all runners need to know about bone health

By Drew Price, Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Everything you do, in and out of your trainers, affects your skeletal structure. Here’s how to upgrade your training and everyday life to ensure better bone health and faster running.

Think about the subjects that crop up most in those nerdy running chats with your friends. Speed endurance, V02 max, running economy and lactate threshold will be in there. And so they should; they all come into play as you work to become a stronger runner. But how often do ... 

9 tips for running in fancy dress

By on in Training
We spoke to two Supermans and a rhino to get the lowdown on how to run in costume.

1/ Practise in your outfit before the big day You know the rules - nothing new on race day, hilarious costumes included. Take your fancy dress out for a test run before your goal race – maybe a local 10K if you’re aiming for a half marathon. ‘This will bring to ... 

3 relaxing things you can do to aid your recovery

By Bradley Stulberg on in Training
None of them include foam-rolling or ice baths.

After a race or hard workout, our bodies can be pretty out of whack. Cortisol, a hormone that’s released when we’re under duress, floods our systems. And our beaten-up muscles, replete with micro-tears, trigger an inflammatory response that makes us feel stiff and sore. Although it sounds awful, this stress response ... 

10 best running skills workouts

By on in Training
The top sessions to improve every part of your running armoury

The last few months of the year are a good time to work on key running skills, which are often neglected in a target-oriented race-training schedule. But by spending time working on your form, cadence, pace and sense of effort, you’ll be setting down the building blocks for future running ... 

Strava updates mobile app with group functionality

By Ben Hobson on in Community
The update helps users connect with other athletes and their groups via the mobile app

If you're a member of any clubs on Strava, the latest mobile update will please you as it's added a new club experience that they claim will "give athletes a comprehensive home for group activities: one place to meet athletes, get inspired by each other’s training, share routes and events, ... 

Live like an Olympian: Dietary analysis

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Despite Usain Bolt's nugget strategy at the Beijing Olympics may have suggested, nutrition in training plays a major role for elite athletes. Here's what happened when an ordinary runner had their diet analysed.

The test: Dietary analysis What it measures: Nutrient intake and diet composition Why have it? A sports dietitian or nutritionist is now an integral part of any performance team working in elite level sport, which is why although Mo Farah celebrated his double gold at the London Olympics with a tasty burger, ... 

Race report: Heroes Ultra

By on in Events
The Heroes Ultra, a gruelling traverse across the savagely beautiful interior of Crete, is a new race with an inspiring wartime history. RW’s Tobia Mews summoned his inner hero to tackle an epic adventure.

‘You’re almost there, just keep moving,’ I say to myself as I hobble along the beach, casting longing glances at the blue waters of the Mediterranean. It’s easier said than done. Over the past 24 hours I’ve run right across the unforgiving interior of Crete and right now I’m feeling ... 

Why bother with clocks on race courses?

By Dave McGillivray on in Events
In large, chip-timed events, the times displayed at mile markers are only accurate for front-of-the-pack runners.

Years ago, before the huge field sizes and multiple wave starts, I always thought seeing course clocks along the race route was both informative and motivational. Now, I am not so sure anymore. Once the gun fires and the clocks are set to that gun, the times displayed by those clocks ... 

21 to 30 of 1,761 blog posts

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