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8 tips for successful long runs

By on in Training
Training for your first ever big event? Here's how to nail your long runs.

1. Slow your pace You'll save energy for those bonus miles by slowing your pace. You should feel comfortable and able to carry on a conversation. A good rule of thumb: Add 90 seconds to two minutes per mile to your normal pace.  2. Add miles gradually To keep injuries and burnout at ... 

What will it take to run a 2-hour marathon?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Community
It's the ultimate holy grail. How can it be achieved?

1/ The course will be very boring Runners used to set world records at the New York City Marathon. But since 1998, NYC winners have featured only three times in the year’s fastest 20 performances. Blame the 240m of ascent and the 26 sharp turns, which hinder momentum. Today, records require a ... 

Why do I get sick after a race?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Expert insight on why you might be feeling too rough to celebrate.

Lisa asks: Why do I get sick after racing a half marathon or 10K? When I do long runs I never have a problem. I'm not sure if your symptoms strike immediately after your efforts, or if you fall ill in the days following a race. I'll cover both situations to ... 

3 benefits of treadmill training

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
When it's unsafe or inconvenient to run outdoors, know that indoor workouts can prepare you for a race.

Josh asks: I’m training to race a half marathon this spring. Due to the weather, most of my runs have been on a treadmill. Will running indoors affect my performance? You’re wise to take your runs inside when weather conditions could slow you down or leave you injured. Logging miles indoors will ... 

adidas launch new women-specific running shoe

By Georgia Scarr on in Gear
The PureBOOST X has been developed based on extensive research into women’s feet as they run.

adidas announced the launch of their high performance, high fashion women’s running shoe today (28th January 2016). The PureBOOST X has been developed as a result of years of research into women’s feet and shoe preferences. “Women’s shoes are typically adaptations of men’s designs. We started from the beginning knowing we ... 

Gear pick of the week: TORQ Chews

By on in Gear
We're getting thoroughly energised with this week's gear pick.

If you’re not a fan of sugary gels, these new organic Chew bars from TORQ are a fantastic way to fuel on the run. Made from just dried fruit, agave syrup and maltodextrin, TORQ Chews offer a brilliant wholefood alternative to other highly processed fuelling products. While the chewiness of the ... 

Fitness model pulls a Mini Cooper for an entire marathon

By Kit Fox on in News
Ross Edgley took the better part of a day to pull the 228-stone car 26.2 miles.

Like many first-time marathoners, Ross Edgley felt like a car was strapped to his back when he crossed the finish line. Unlike many first-time marathoners, Edgley actually did have a car strapped to his back at the 26.2-mile mark.  A 228-stone Mini Cooper, to be exact. Calling it the “World’s Strongest Marathon,” the ... 

Why long run mileage varies in training plans

By Susan Paul on in Training
Determine your fitness and goals to find the best 26.2 plan for you.

Steve asks: I’m preparing to train for my first marathon and have been searching for a training plan. My question is about the long run mileage because I see some plans just go to 16 miles, while others build to 20 or even more. Which one is best? How do ... 

British ultra runner to attempt new 12-hour treadmill world record

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Ultra runner Susie Chan will attempt to break one of the toughest indoor records in running this weekend.

Ultra runner Susie Chan hopes to set a new 12-hour world record on the treadmill this weekend. The 40-year-old mum of one from Farnham, Surrey will take on the challenge this Saturday 30th January. With the help of Kingston University, Susie hopes to run over 67 miles for 12 hours non-stop, ... 

GB athletes face anti-doping contract

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Athletes may be asked to sign a pledge waiving their right to GB selection and forfeiting their career if they are caught doping.

All British athletes may be asked to sign a pledge agreeing to forfeit their Team GB career if they are ever convicted of a serious doping offence. The contract comes as part of an on going UK Athletics initiative designed to address the current doping crises. Earlier this month UK Athletics (UKA) released A Manifesto ...  ... 

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