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10K advice for total beginners

By Susan Paul on in Training
Advice for new runners looking to increase mileage for a 10K

Before beginning any training regimen, I encourage all first-timers to meet with your doctor and discuss your goals. Next, find a training plan that works for you. Check out the Runner's World online Beginner 10K programme and see if that is a programme you can follow. It is always okay to ... 

92-year-old cancer survivor becomes oldest woman to complete a marathon

By Georgia Scarr on in News
Harriette Thompson finished the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 7:24:36.

92-year-old cancer survivor Harriette Thompson has become the oldest woman to complete a marathon, after finishing the San Diego Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in seven hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds. Having battled cancer three times, lost her husband in January and struggled with an infected leg throughout training, Thompson overcame ... 

Strength workouts may yield significant improvement in 5K times

By Amby Burfoot on in Training
New study shows resistance training has to continue throughout a competitive season.

A new study adds to existing evidence that strength training can improve your 5K time. This one, however, provides an important new point: you’d better keep at it. When the subjects stopped their strength training, their 5K efforts returned to the previous (and slower) times. The paper concludes: “Coaches and athletes are ...  ... 

Breakfast and athletic performance

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Study shows the effects of skipping breakfast lingers until evening, even after a big lunch.

Breakfast, we're often told, is the most important meal of the day. It certainly seems that way to me – I can't imagine making it to noon without eating. But the literature is much more mixed. Lots of studies have found that habitual breakfast eaters tend to be leaner, but ... 

5 foods for better joint health

By Liz Applegate on in Health
A protective diet can keep your knees, hips, and ankles in good condition – or help them heal from injury

Your joints are built to withstand incredible forces. Within each one is a capsule filled with synovial fluid, which cushions and nourishes your cartilage. It’s your cartilage that allows bones to pass over and across each other. A poor diet, age and genetics can cause cartilage cells 
to break apart, ... 

How to decide when to skip a race

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
The one question you need to ask yourself and how to deal with it.

One of the single greatest strategies for running healthy and strong is in knowing when to pull out of a race due to injury — one of the hardest decisions a runner can make. When you get injured after signing up and training for an event, your mind still wants to ... 

Why you should run hard on trails

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Hard runs on rugged trails build more than just speed.

Runners usually think of trails as a nice place for an easy run — soft surfaces, tweeting birds, and so on — and reserve hard workouts for the track or the roads. After all, how are you supposed to hit your goal pace with all those rocks and roots? But ... 

We asked, you answered: how did you #UseYourRun with New Balance?

By on in Community
You tackled new challenges, you ran for mind and body, you helped out in communities… Thanks, RWers, for sharing how you #UseYourRun...

Twitter tells us something’s been stirring in the build up to summer. Runners everywhere have been digging, painting, taking on new challenges and generally doing good in their ‘hood. The cause? #UseYourRun. Back in March, we asked you to share how you #UseYourRun and social media’s been buzzing ever since. We’ve ... 

80-year-old grandfather set to break his own ultra-marathon record

By on in Events
Jack Denness AKA Badwater Jack hopes to retain his record as the oldest person ever to finish Badwater 135.

This July Jack Denness, an 80-year-old grandfather from Kent, plans to run the Badwater 135, one of the most gruelling ultra marathons on the planet. Known as the ‘world’s toughest footrace,’ the 135-mile ultra endurance challenge covers three mountain ranges across Death Valley between Badwater and Mount Whitney in California. With ... 

Downhill training: All you need to know

By Cindy Kuzma on in Training
It's not all about uphills. Train on descents to build strength, increase speed and boost co-ordination – and don’t forget to have some fun.

When most runners tackle hills, they focus on the difficulty of the climb. But downhill running poses its own set of challenges – and rewards. Descending feels easy aerobically, but each step triggers muscle-damaging eccentric contractions in the quadriceps and lower legs, says Greg Wells, an exercise physiologist at the ... 

301 to 310 of 1,169 blog posts

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