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Kenya Training Diary: Day Four

By Alison Hamlett on in Training

Tuesday is speed work day in Kenya too. And since it’s not raining, the track at Kamariny Stadium is packed with groups running intervals, practicing drills and chatting with their coaches. Wilson Kipsang, winner of the 2012 London Marathon, isn’t doing speed work though. He’s still recovering from the race 10 ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day Three

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World meets two-time Boston Marathon winner Moses Tanui in Eldoret

It’s Monday morning at 5:30am. Today is considered an easy day on the Kenyan training schedule so we go for a gentle run from the High Altitude Training Camp down to the Kamariny Stadium. The track’s deserted because it’s raining but we decide to do a lap anyway – and ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day Two

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World heads to running legend Kipchoge Keino's training camp in Eldoret

My second day in Kenya begins at 7:30am with a five-mile run. I set off with Sarah Baxter and Sarah Ivory – the other two journalists being treated to a few days of Kenyan running – at a gentle 10-minute mile pace but I soon feel short of breath and ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day One

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World heads to Kenya's Rift Valley to discover the training secrets of Kenyan runners

I’ve come to Iten, a small village overlooking the Great Rift Valley, to discover why Kenyan runners are so dominant right now. The benefits of training at altitude play their part – we’re at 2,400m, which means that walking upstairs causes the kind of wheezing you’d associate with a 4- ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Brooks Ravenna 3 Men's Running Shoes

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear

Brooks Ravenna 3 Men's Running Shoes (£90) Kerry says: When the Marketing Manager for Brooks first took me through the spec for these shoes, he finished his pitch by saying: "These are like going for a run while sitting on the sofa." Frankly, I told him to stop talking such ... 

Yoga for Runners: Position 21 - Ustrasana

By on in Health

Ustrasana - or camel pose - has nothing to do with having humps, trekking through the desert or indeed, being raced as a quirky alternative to horses. It does have a lot to do with reversing the 'keyboard slump' that we develop in our desk-based culture: camel is the deepest back-bend ... 

Virgin London Marathon Record Attempts

By on in Events
Find out which madcap records could be toppled this year

Guinness World Records have announced more than 100 runners will be hoping to smash records at this Sunday’s Virgin London Marathon. The records range from slightly mad to completely off-the-scale. Here are a few of the wackiest attempts to watch out for if you’re spectating - or to aim not be ... 

Win Saucony Kinvara shoes at the Virgin London Marathon Expo!

By Alice Palmer on in Gear
Get your mitts on a pair of Kinvaras - all you need is the secret code...

It's our favourite week of the year - Virgin London Marathon week! To celebrate, we've teamed up with Saucony to give you the chance to win a pair of Kinvara 3 running shoes. Rather than the usual competition page on the site, we've decided to tap into all the fun of ... 

MdS Race Diary: Stages 5 and 6

By on in Events
An update from the desert as RW staffer Jamie completes his epic adventure

A quick update today as we're hoping to have the full story from our Marathon des Sables challenger himself when he returns to RW Towers later this week. Jamie completed the MdS in a total time of 39 hours and nine minutes. The marathon stage he whipped through in 5:25, leaving ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: X-hale Women's Bamboo Tee

By on in Gear

X-hale Women's Bamboo Tee (£19) Kerry says: This is a tee which is more than the sum of its parts. It solves several issues that many self-conscious female runners have. Firstly, the loose fit, wide hems and slightly flared midriff section means if you have any lumps and bumps they ... 

301 to 310 of 397 blog posts

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