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We Own the Night 2014 Nike 10K

By Annie Rice on in Events
This year's women's only 10K is launching, join us and get signed up.

Nike are rallying women across Europe to sign up to a race that’s a bit different to anything they’ve done before. We Own the Night 10K is back this May. The event is designed to display a celebration of sport, fashion, design and music. It’ll take women through Europe’s capital ... 

How to master efficient running recovery

By Jenny Hadfield on in Health
Struggling to balance hard training with recovery time? Tune into your body and adapt to its performance trends with these simple tips.

I’m training for my fourth half-marathon and trying to break 1:45. I’ve upped my training substantially and wonder if you have any tips for tracking training recovery. I want to push it, but I also don’t want to overtrain and burn out. I’ve been known to push too hard at ... 

Think like an elite runner to succeed

By on in Training
Try out these elite-tested mental strategies to run at your best.

Think about your running heroes. They could be anyone from Olympians to the talented pack leaders in your local running scene. Of course, most people aren't blessed with the lightning-like fast-twitch muscle fibers of Usain Bolt or the innate prowess of their neighbourhood podium climbers. But some of the traits ... 

Set long-term goals for running success

By on in Training
How to train for a goal that is six, nine, or twelve months down the line.

As you set your goals for the year ahead, consider planning beyond your next race or even your next season and choosing an ambitious long-term target. "If you're just looking at lots of short cycles, it's hard to reach your potential," says Jess Cover, a running coach at On Track ... 

Tweak your running routine to succeed

By on in Training
Changing your schedule could magically produce faster results.

When Alberto Salazar took over as Dathan Ritzenhein's coach in 2009, Ritz quickly set personal bests over 5000 metres (an American record), 10,000 meters, and the half-marathon. A similar thing happened when Mo Farah joined Salazar's group in 2011. And Jenny Simpson's 1500-meter silver medal at last year's World Championships ... 

Love on the run

By on
14 February 2014 at 10:00
in News
It's Valentines Day and we're celebrating all things love and running

The Runner’s World forum has been home to many things. Of which and with it being the 14th of February we thought it appropriate to celebrate the forum’s role is love. Over 10 years ago in September 2002 forumite nicknamed Happy Bunny (Caz) met her husband to be on the ... 

Brain food to boost your running

By on in Health
Enhance your diet for a healthier brain and become a better runner in the process.

Your noggin is not only responsible for memory and cognition, it plays a critical role in dictating fatigue levels during a run. And just as fuelling the muscles is critical to performance, nourishing the brain with key nutrients boosts its overall function. The result? You feel more alert at your desk, ... 

Beginners: 10 years of running advice

By on in News
The 'working at it slowly' thread is 10 years old!

Here at Runner’s World we are constantly impressed by our forums. In many ways they epitomise the essence of the running community and the spirit of running as a positive pursuit. 10 years ago yesterday (the 9th February 2004) a thread was started in the beginners forum that continues to ... 

Top food tips for a healthy heart

By News on in Health
Keep your ticker in shape and boost your running in the process with these heart-protective foods.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women, and sadly being a runner doesn't automatically make you immune. 25 percent of heart attacks happen in people who don't smoke and have healthy cholesterol levels. The good news is exercise decreases your risk, as does ... 

How to avoid common running injuries

By on in Physio clinic
Strength training and the right shoes can be the difference between great running form and injury.

It's an all too common scenario: A runner begins training program, a month or so later, a twinge appears in a knee. The runner stretches, takes it easy, keeps running. A few, or maybe 100, runs later the runner is on the couch, ice pack on knee. What are the ... 

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