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The ultimate 10K speed training plan

By Runner's World x New Balance on in Training
Fit some speed work into your 10K training regime with these drills from New Balance Ambassador Charlie Watson – AKA blogger The Runner Beans.

This content has been created in collaboration with New Balance. Adding speed training into your training plan can feel daunting, but it’s very simple when, like New Balance ambassador Charlie Watson (@therunnerbeans), you know how. “Often we put so much pressure on ourselves to stick to training plans. Which is why ...  ... 

Strengthen your core for 5K success

By Runner's World x Slendertone on in Training
How to use EMS to power you to a faster 5K time.

This content has been created in collaboration with Slendertone. brightcove.createExperiences(); Your go-to distance for weekday runs, the 5K fits conveniently around your busy schedule and delivers just enough of an endorphin hit to give you that superhuman post-workout feeling. So what if you could literally supercharge your workout and get even ... 

5 simple ways to improve your 5K time

By Runner's World x New Balance on in Training
Smash your personal best with these top five workout tips from our speed specialist.

This content has been created in collaboration with New Balance. Want to get in your best shape ever? Run a 5K. Tailoring your training to this short and snappy distance will not only supersize your strength, it’ll also maximise your endurance and set your metabolism skyrocketing. But only if you prep ... 

Beginner's guide to sprinting technique

By Runner's World x New Balance on in Training
Ramp up your speed and bolt out of the blocks with our guide.

This content has been created in collaboration with New Balance. Hitting the gym hard, but sprints always leave you looking less Sonic the Hedgehog and more, well, hedgehog? Don’t worry. Morphing your strength into speed is possible with a few simple tricks from sprint specialist and New Balance ambassador Richie Norton ... 

World 1500m champ Aregawi suspended after positive drugs test

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Abeba Aregawi has been provisionally suspended after testing positive for a banned substance, the Swedish Athletics Federation has confirmed.

A spokesman for the Swedish Athletics Federation has confirmed that 25-year-old 1500m world champion Abeba Aregawi tested positive for a banned substance in an out-of-competition test conducted by the IAAF. Due to defend her title at the World Indoor Championships in Portland, Oregon next month, Aregawi has requested a B sample ... 

8 yoga moves to loosen up tight muscles

By Katie Neitz on in Training
A simple yoga routine loosens tight spots, strengthens weak spots and makes you less prone to injury

For Rebecca Pacheco, yoga and running have always been intertwined. ‘I started running when I was 14 and doing yoga when I was 16, so I really don’t know one without the other,’ says the yoga instructor and two-time marathoner. Recognising the benefits the ancient practice can have on both ... 

How music tempo can affect your running pace and recovery

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
The tempo of your running tunes can make all the difference, according to a small study.

If you always run with a pumped up soundtrack, you may be onto something – research has found that listening to fast tempo music while running can help you increase your speed without perceiving it as more intense. The study, published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, saw ... 

Quick guide to your hips

By Cindy Kuzma on in Health
Hip issues are behind many common running injuries. Get to know yours and stay off the physio bench.

Weakness or dysfunction in the structures of the hip can contribute to a wide range of running injuries, extending up into your lower back and as far down as your feet. Here's a quick anatomy lesson. What’s in a hip? Pelvic bones These anchor your core and upper leg muscles and should stay ... 

Q&A: Cross training

By on in Training
We put your cross training questions to our expert panel.

Is a short bike ride as good as a short run? It can be, on recovery days, especially if your legs are tired from a hard run – cycling emphasises different muscles. Don’t take it too easy: try to maintain a cadence of 90 revolutions per minute. Also, don’t make this ... 

4 reasons chillies are great for runners

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Health
Spice up your life and feel the benefits.

In the winter months it makes sense to add a little chilli to your dinner to warm things up, but the humble pepper has more benefits than simply adding spice to your supper... 1/ They can help you live longer Are you keen to see in your centenary or run 100 marathons ... 

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