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Q&A: Race training

By on in Training
We put your running and race training questions to our expert panel.

Will I lose fitness if I run every third day instead of every second day? Not necessarily, but include intense workouts – they preserve aerobic fitness for one to three months even if you run less often. Make one or two weekly sessions intervals, fartleks, hill repeats or tempo runs. And ... 

How to strike the balance between life and performance

By Jonathan Dugas on in Training
A periodised approach to your training allows you to adjust your workouts and race goals to your life.

You’re a runner who races regularly, from 5Ks to half marathons, but you’re dissatisfied with your performances. You run almost every day, with an intense effort once or twice a week, and try to fit in a weekend long run. You’d like to be better, but you’re just not sure ... 

5 running goals that have nothing to do with racing

By Kelly Bastone on in Training
Even if you never want to compete, identify your running goals to get fitter and feel happier.

Having a race on the horizon motivates many runners, but the prospect of competition is hardly the only reason people run. Your objective might be to lose weight, meet friends, claim some ‘me time’, or invest in healthy habits that ward off chronic disease. Some just simply love to run ... 

Running underwear: Sports bras

By Georgia Scarr on in Gear
Minimise bounce and keep your assets in place with these sports bras for all sizes.

Quick guide to sports bras Compression bras prevent movement by holding the breasts firmly with a tight chest band and elasticated material. Encapsulation bras secure each breast in a separate cup for extra support and comfort. Whichever you choose is down to personal preference, but bigger-breasted women should go for a hybrid bra, ... 

Jessica Ennis-Hill to miss indoor season due to injury

By on in News
The Olympian heptathlete has been struck down by an Achilles injury.

Jessica Ennis-Hill is set to miss the indoor athletics season due to an Achilles injury. The indoor season begins on 20th February, but the Olympic heptathlon champion has decided to prioritise her preparation for the Rio Olympics in August.  Ennis-Hill says "Training over the winter has been great, but in the ... 

Running underwear: Women's pants

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear
Avoid the curse of the migrating knickers with these running pants.

Pure Lime Hipster £12 Really soft and gossamer light, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing these, especially as they’re seamless, which cuts down on a little weight and a lot of irritation. They’re very stretchy and the sizing comes up big (Pure Lime say the small is equivalent to a size 10-12) ... 

Running underwear: Men's pants

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear
Take care of the crown jewels with the best running boxers on the market.

Odlo Evolution Long Pants £55 These could come in very handy during an icy snap. Essentially long johns, they are thin enough to be worn under standard running tights (or shorts if you think you can pull the look off) but are thermal, wicking, fast-drying and ergonomically designed to move with your ... 

How good is your posture?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Avoid fatigue on your runs by making sure your posture is the best it can be.

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Running underwear: Socks

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear
Keep your feet happy on the run with these top socks.

Wigwam Trail Trax Pro £14 There are four different materials in this sock: merino wool, spandex, polyester and nylon – and the result is a soft, cushioned, reassuringly thick feel on your foot. They’re also very quick-drying if you splash through any puddles, are highly breathable and don’t sag or bobble after ... 

100 miles in 10 steps

By on in Training
Running coach and veteran ultra runner Ian Torrence insists a 100-mile finish is within reach for anybody who’s serious about preparation and genuinely loves to run. Here are 10 tips to help you get there.

1/ Find a trail Many 100-mile races are on trails, so get used to them. ‘A lot of components of trail running are different to road running; the terrain, ascent/ descent, and tempering your legs to take that kind of abuse,’ says Torrence. ‘It’s also accepting your 8min/mile pace will drop ... 

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