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VIDEO: Embrace your run face!

By on in Training
Virgin Money Giving are encouraging runners across the country to own their dodgy running expressions in their Whatever Your Run Face campaign.

We've never been ones to shy away from the realities of running - as much as we imagine that we finish races with arms spread wide and a look of jubilant determination, more often than not we look like angry velociraptors. And you know what? We're happy with that. In ... 

How to monitor training and fatigue

By Alex Hutchinson on in Gear
Should we follow data or go by feelings?

We live in an age of data, so you might imagine that training should be simple. How could anyone get overtrained if they’re diligently monitoring their heart-rate variability, omega-wave brain activity, hormonal profile, blood levels and lactate kinetics? Of course, it’s not that simple in practice. Lots of studies have shown ... 

Marathon recovery: how long should you rest for?

By Susan Paul on in Training
Stagger your comeback so you can resume running feeling healthy and upbeat.

How long should you take off from running after a marathon? It is smart to think ahead and plan the next phase of your training. Recovery will be next in your training cycle, and it’s best to plan it before the race rather than wait and “see how you feel.” All too ... 

Does periodisation matter in training?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Putting the theory of “periodisation” to the test.

The most interesting training talk at last month’s Endurance Research Conference at the University of Kent was Stephen Seiler’s - and the good news is that it’s now freely available online. (For what it’s worth, so is my talk from the same conference, titled “It's All in Your ...  Continue reading

6 nutritious chocolate fixes

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Make the most of your chocolate fix with these nutrition-packed treats.

Sorting your chocolate cravings doesn’t have to mean reaching for a family-sized bar of Dairy Milk. Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of these chocolate treats with a healthy kick. The Raw Chocolate Co: Organic Raw Chocolate Raisins (£1.49, 28g) What: Organic raisins covered with raw chocolate Why eat it: Raw chocolate is ... 

Top 6 craziest obstacle races in the UK

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Events
Time for a new challenge? Fling yourself into the unknown with wild abandon and get drenched, electrocuted and run over for the fun of it at one of the top 6 craziest UK obstacle course races.

Once you've ran your speediest 10K PB and devoted a chunk of your life to a marathon, where else is there to go with your running? Down and dirty of course! Check out the top ten craziest obstacle races in the UK and prepare to get muddy. The good news ... 

Running and its benefits for arthritis

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Keeping active can be beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Traditionally associated with the elderly, arthritis actually affects people of all ages. There are currently 12,000 children and approximately 27,000 under 25s living with arthritis in the UK. ‘Generally staying active is very beneficial for the joints, for the muscles, for the heart and for the mind,’ says Mr Zameer Shah, ... 

Make me a better runner: Pilates (Part 4)

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
We try out a Pilates Chair class to tackle muscle imbalances.

Read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Three weeks into my Pilates challenge, I was feeling much more secure in my core – the scooping of abdominals in every workout was something I could easily transfer to running. What wasn’t behaving, however, were my legs. With a collection ...  Continue reading

How to fuel your long runs

By Susan Paul on in Health
Once you’re running longer than normal, focus on foods that will energise your run.

It's a good idea to eat something before a long run, especially on runs longer than two hours. Just like logging miles is part of the conditioning process for a marathon, so is eating before and during the run so you’ll know what works best the day of the race. Digestion ... 

Kenyans dominate at Chicago Marathon 2015

By on in News
After opting out of elite pacemakers, a slow race produces a Kenyan sweep at Chicago Marathon 2015.

For the first time in 26 years the Chicago Marathon chose not to provide pacemakers for its elite field. Officials said the decision would result in a more competitive but slower event, with record-breaking performances less likely. As predicted the race was slower and subsequently produced a solid Kenyan sweep, with ... 

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