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Home Run: London Launch

By on in News
Find our more about Home Run – a new scheme in London promising to take the stress out of your running commute

Keen to avoid the frantic hustle and bustle of public transport? Like running but hate running backpacks?  A solution is at hand (for lucky Londoners, at least). The exciting initiative Home Run launches fully next week, a scheme that will have all your office clobber lugged back to your home so ... 

Yoga for Runners: Position 18 - Dhanurasana

By Alexandra Rees on in Health

Dhanurasana in English means 'floor bow', a name which lends itself to the cliche of yoga being about tying yourself in to knots in the name of exercise. Though of course by now you know that's not true! Dhanurasana marks the end of the spine-stretching and strengthening section of the floor ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: X-Tenex Laces

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear

X-Tenex Laces (£9.00) Kerry says: This week's Gear Pick is a great budget-friendly pre-payday treat. They may look simple (and colourful) but these inexpensive elastic knotted laces could transform your running. Simply lace up the trainers and use the knots to adjust the tension between each set of eyelets. They don't ... 

MdS Training Blog: Mental Focus

By James Fricker on in Training
This week, things get tough for Team RW's Marathon des Sables challenger as he hits the Devon trails.

This weekend marked my first attempt at an ultra. I thought I’d chosen wisely - a coastal trail series in Devon sounds idyllic, and I had pictured waves crashing against rock faces as I bounded over 35 miles of beautiful trails in the mild February sun. How wrong (and unprepared) ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: ASICS Gel Kayano 18

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear

ASICS Gel Kayano 18 (£133) Kerry says: Any shoe that has 18 versions must be doing something right, and such is the case with the Kayano. This titan of the mild-moderate stability category lost some ground with the previous two versions, which had various issues with durability and comfort. The Kayano ... 

Olympic Spirit: Alive and kicking?

By Dominique Brady on in News

Does the 'Olympic spirit' still exist, or has it been swallowed up by commercialisation? I was delighted to be invited to a debate with a star-studded panel exploring this very issue, which took place yesterday at the Institut français du Royaume-Uni (that's the French Cultural Insitute in the UK). Continue reading ... 

Saucony FIND YOUR STRONG Competition Winners

By on in News
Did you have the winning 15-word formula in Saucony’s FIND YOUR STRONG Competition?

To celebrate the launch of Saucony’s "Geometry of Strong" range, we gave 20 lucky readers a pair of the range’s ProGrid Guide 5 shoes. To win all you had to do was tell us how you “"FIND YOUR STRONG" in 15 words. We were inundated with great entries and we picked ... 

Yoga for Runners: Position 17 - Poorna Salabhasana

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health

So last time we had you all doing the locust. Well here's the thing. It was only partial. This time you’ll be doing the Full Locust – and no, it isn’t a weird dance from the Rocky Horror Show. It involves lifting both your legs AND arms from the ground ... 

MdS Training Blog: What to wear!

By James Fricker on in Training
Spiders, venom pumps and a very special bit of running kit

It’s not something I usually have a problem with - I just reach into the drawer, pull out the closest bit of clobber and bound out the door – but oh, how times have changed (and the weather, and people's opinions of running in 'apple catchers' with We Will Rock ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Helly Hansen L/S Stripe Crew

By Kerry McCarthy on in Gear

Helly Hansen L/S Stripe Crew (£30.00) Kerry says: There's a reason why this baselayer with the distinctive stripes down the arms has become one of Helly Hensen's best known and biggest-selling pieces of kit: it works. It's small and lightweight (you can scrunch it up into a ball the size of ... 

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