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Stay warm without overheating

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Training
What to wear to run comfortably in cold temperatures.

Jack asks: How can I stay warm on my runs when it is cold outside but still keep from sweating too much once I get warmed up? This is the paradox of winter runners - keeping warm while avoiding overheating. From my perspective, the key for exercisers who produce a lot ... 

2015 in running data

By on in News
Strava reveal what running in the UK looked like with insights using logged data

Strava, the social network for runners and cyclists, has published its annual End of Year Insights for 2015. Comprising of millions of individual runs and rides, the data offers unique insight into the habits and behaviour of Britain’s runners. The data reveals that in 2015 a staggering 5.3 activities were uploaded ... 

Fruit and nut bars

By Pip Taylor on in Health
Packed with dried fruit, these bars from The Athlete's Fix are a brilliant energy booster before a run.

Change up this recipe to make these bars your own: use different varieties of dried fruit (apricots, dates or sour cherries), try hazelnut flour in place of almond flour, add some orange zest or step up the spices, or mix in pure cocoa powder for a rich, chocolate spin. Fruit and nut bars Makes 16 bars or ... 

Resuming running after an Achilles tear

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
How to ease back into training after an Achilles tear.

Sarah asks: Last year while training, I tore my Achilles tendon but didn't know it for months. It wasn’t until I felt a sharp, shooting pain in the back of my foot that I went to the doctor. After six weeks in a boot and months of physiotherapy, I'm ready ... 

The rearfoot: A user's guide

By Annie Rice on in Health
Don't let your run get off on the wrong foot - brush up on your rearfoot knowledge to avoid injury and improve your technique.

Made up of the calcaneus – the largest bone in the foot, which forms your heel – and the talus, which rests on top and forms the pivot of the ankle. ‘The rearfoot provides guidance and stability in front to back and side-to-side motion at heelstrike to aid a smooth ... 

7 ways to have a running breakthrough

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Try one of these strategies to take your speed and strength to the next level.

Tara asks: I’ve been running for a year now and I want to focus on improving my speed this year in the 10K and half-marathon distances. How can I set myself up for running and racing faster? I run four times per week. A breakthrough in running by definition is an ... 

Rules of running: Over 40s

By Lisa Marshall on in Training
Keep running strong past the big 4-0.

Ok, here’s the bad news: runners tend to slow by three to six per cent over the course of their 40s, by 10 per cent per decade in their 50s and 60s, and by 15 per cent per decade after 70, as their strength, flexibility and bone density diminish. Now ... 

Build stronger hips for better running

By on in Health
Use these videos to help strengthen your hips and the muscles that surround them

How to check your hips Hip check phase 1 Hip check phase 2 Hip check phase 3 Hip check phase 4 Continue reading

The midfoot: A user's guide

By Annie Rice on in Health
This central section of your foot can also be home to the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Find out how to keep it in good working order to boost performance and sidestep injury.

Made up of five tarsal bones – navicular, cuboid and three cuneiform – ‘the midfoot helps to absorb shock during pronation and provides rigidity for a powerful and stable toe off’, says Thatcher. Improve your run: Strengthen the midfoot Why it matters: ‘Better foot strength will boost power and reduce injury further up ... 

Exercise and the onset of Alzheimer’s

By Alison Wade on in Health
Studies show running can be an effective way to slow progression of the disease.

Every morning, Geno Meyers, 67, wakes up and asks his wife, “Do we have a race today?” Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease has rendered him unable to answer the question for himself. Diagnosed at age 62, Meyers, from Grass Valley, California, can no longer run on his own - he got lost 10 miles ... 

441 to 450 of 1,733 blog posts

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