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6 nutrition tips for better bone health

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Eat your way to stronger bones.

1/ Keep up your calcium levels There’s more calcium in your body than any other mineral, and over 99% of that is found in your teeth and bones. “If we don’t get adequate calcium from our diet, our bodies will leech the calcium from our bones to achieve this,” says dietitian ... 

All you need to know about stress fractures

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Know your enemy to avoid spending time on the sidelines.

In amongst everything from blisters and chafing to plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome, there’s one injury that puts fear into the heart of runners: the stress fracture. A painful injury that strikes seemingly out of nowhere, a stress fracture is guaranteed to keep you away from the start line. ... 

What dehydration does to your body and how you can prevent it

By Pamela Nisevich Bede, M.S., R.D on in Health
Get the lowdown on how dehydration works so you can drink water responsibly.

Why hydration is important When your muscles work, they create heat. Sweat works to dissipate this heat, but if you’re not replacing those fluids with water and sports drinks (which have electrolytes that help balance your body’s fluids), and conditions are hot, it creates the perfect storm: your heart is forced to work harder, ... 

What it takes to run the Antarctic Ice Marathon

By on in Events
RW’s Steven Seaton travels to the end of the earth to tackle the wild majesty of the Antarctic Ice Marathon.

I’m struggling to speak. My brain is sending words to my mouth but they aren’t coming out properly. The left side of my face is numb with cold, my lips feel like they’ve been glued together and I’m slurring badly. Conversation is pointless anyway; the wind has picked up and ... 

9 best movie run chases of all time

By Johnny Dee on in Community
Cinema's truly great chases are powered by feet, not wheels. Here's our pick of scenes of celluloid speedwork.

We were born to run, not drive. Which is possibly why when it comes to movie chases, for all their explosions, screeching brakes and improbable leaps off conveniently located ramps, we reckon a foot-chase is more thrilling, raw and generally cooler than a car chase. Run chases pose a whole ... 

Would you like to run Chicago Marathon?

By on in Community
Back for another year, it's time for the PB Awards!

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Set smart goals to keep your training in check

By Susan Paul on in Training
Can’t get out the door? Take a look at your routine and start again.

Dawn asks: I’m having a very hard time sticking with my training. I really want to run regularly, but I’m having difficulty following through. After two or three weeks I fall off the wagon, give it up for several weeks, and then start all over again. How can I stick ... 

When do athletes get ill?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Analysis of training data shows Olympic medallists spend less time fighting colds.

An important skill for athletes is staying healthy - not just avoiding injuries, but dodging the endless minor colds and infections that can interfere with training and racing. How important is it? A new analysis of training data from 37 elite Norwegian cross-country skiers over a nine-year period compared the 16 ... 

Gear pick of the week: Bellum Active Capri pants

By Georgia Scarr on in Gear
Style meets substance in these fantastic workout leggings.

The last few years have seen the rise and rise of female-specific activewear, designed with comfort, style and affordability in mind. Gone are the days of hunting out the least offensive-looking leggings and hefty sports bras from corners of sports shops – there’s a plethora of options for female runners ... 

4 races that demand more from your core

By Runner’s World x Slendertone on in Training
Train your midriff muscles to conquer some of the world’s greatest races.

Although the distances vary, the landscapes are vast and the challenges unique, the one thing that unites these four RW race picks is the demand for unstoppable core strength. Crucial for torso stability, stride efficiency and acceleration, your abs should never be overlooked when training for a race. “Having a ... 

61 to 70 of 1,486 blog posts

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