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New study on runner size and shoe type

By Alex Hutchinson on in Gear
New research finds that higher body weight raises injury risk in minimalist shoes.

I’m in Boston for the American College of Sports Medicine’s annual meeting, which is an absolutely massive gathering of people interested in sports science. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of the interesting presentations and posters I’ve seen, starting today with one about the role of body ... 

Easy on the apps

By Philip Latter on in Training
The social aspect of training apps can tempt us to be too competitive. Here’s how to keep a balance.

On December 15th 2014, four members of the Asheville running collective, a club in North Carolina, US, attempted to set a new course record on a one-mile stretch of path along the French Broad River. At stake: major bragging rights among a close circle of friends on the social media ... 

On tour: Moscow Marathon

By Andy Dixon on in Events
The Moscow Marathon could become one of the greats, says RW editor Andy Dixon.

One of the pleasures of doing a big city marathon is running on roads that, on any other day, would be swamped with traffic. I can think of few other races where this feeling is more pronounced than the Moscow Marathon. More than 11 million people live in the Russian ... 

How to recover between intervals

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
There's no formula to use, and you may need longer jogging or walking breaks as the workout goes on to continue running hard.

I just started doing interval workouts and I love them. I’m running hard then jogging for one minute each, but I’m finding I’m not recovered after the breaks. Can I modify the recovery without losing the benefits of the workout? I love your question because it is filled with intellect ... 

Hip weakness and knee pain

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Which is cause and which is effect?

If you've got knee pain, you might need to strengthen your hips. That's an increasingly common prescription these days, thanks to a bunch of research over the past decade or so linking conditions like runner's knee (also known as patellofemoral pain, or PFP) and more recently iliotibial band syndrome to sub-par hip ... 

How do I stay in love with running once my fast days are behind me?

By on in Training
Feeling disheartened by your recent performances? Jo Pavey shares her words of wisdom.

How do I stay in love with running once my fast days are behind me? Don’t be quick to set limits on yourself; depending on your age and experience, it may be possible to achieve better times. If you still crave competition you can find motivation as you move up through ... 

How to get motivated to run

By Jeff Galloway on in Training
Lost your resolve to run? Here's how to get motivated. Again.

It happens. You start strong, diligently ticking off run after run. But gradually the excitement wears off, you skip a workout here and there, and before you know it, lacing up your running shoes begins to feel like a chore. Don't despair, though: you can find plenty of ways to ... 

4 running myths get busted

By Georgia Scarr on in Community
Read on and let these misconceptions of running lore be left well and truly in the past.

1/ It's bad for your knees Ah, the old classic running myth. While it's easy to see why people might believe the repetitive pounding of running will damage your joints, research widely proves otherwise. A study at the University of Frankfurt followed new marathon runners as they took on a six-month ... 

Meet the UK’s 8 most improved runners

By Sam Murphy on in Training
What are the secrets to running success? We asked the eight men and women who improved their performances more than anyone else in the UK last year.

You’re about to meet Britain’s most improved runners of last year. They aren’t all young, gifted or superfast, but of more than 64,000 runners registered with Runbritain Rankings, our Super 8 bettered their performance in one of four key race distances (from 5K to marathon) by the greatest percentage between ... 

When is the best time to get a massage in the lead-up to a marathon?

By Jo Pavey on in Training
Time it right to get the best out of your pre-marathon massage.

It’s good to get a fairly deep massage four to five days before a marathon. It will help reduce muscle tightness before your final taper. However, if you’re not accustomed to deep massage, this is not the time to try it for the first time, as it could leave you ... 

81 to 90 of 1,624 blog posts

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