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What's the financial cost of running injuries?

By Georgia Scarr on in Community
Running injuries can cost you more than just your pride. What are the economic consequences?

Injuries are ludicrously common among runners, but they don't just cost you training sessions and PB goals - the money spent on physiotherapy treatments and kit adds up too. Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports studied the economic burden of injuries on runners in ...  ... 

VIDEO: Swiss athlete runs five 4000m peaks in under 8 hours

By on in Community

26-year-old Andreas Steindl, an alpinist and Adidas athlete, has completed a 30.66k run from Zermatt to Saas-Fee in Switzerland. The route saw him take on five 4000m peaks and finish in an incredible 7 hours, 45 minutes and 44 seconds. Continue reading

Essential track running tips

By Susan Paul on in Community
Keep these guidelines in mind when you start doing speedwork.

Thinking of working on your speed but new to the track running scene? There are some basic track etiquette rules that may be helpful to you. Track etiquette is not written in stone, though, so be prepared for some degree of variation on different tracks. If there are any signs ... 

Debate: Speed vs soul running

By Ben Hobson & Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
From speed demons to leisurely fun runners, we all have our reasons to run, but which one is best? We put it to the debate.

Are you a PB chaser or do you run for the fun of it? After putting this question to Twitter last week we were inundated with replies from each side of the fence... ‘I’m a PB Chaser,’ said @mrjosereyes. ‘I have an obsession with speed.’ While ‏‪@thetfish86 is firmly on camp soul ...  ... 

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon unveils new route for 2015

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
The iconic London half marathon has announced a new route incorporating Trafalgar Square and the Strand.

Changes at this year's Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon on Sunday 11th October will see runners starting the race along the full length of Whitehall, up to Parliament Square and within metres of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, before they loop back towards Trafalgar Square. The Strand is a new addition to ... 

Marathoner becomes butt of his own joke

By on in Community
A daring marathon runner has had his mate's name tattooed on his backside to raise money for charity.

In the run up to the London Marathon, runner and charity fundraiser Jonathon Green boldly decided to auction off a space on his bum cheek to raise funds for Cannock Newlife, a charity which helps children with disabilities and terminal illnesses. Much to Green's surprise, it was his training buddy Dave Anson who ...  ... 

We asked, you answered: how did you #UseYourRun with New Balance?

By on in Community
You tackled new challenges, you ran for mind and body, you helped out in communities… Thanks, RWers, for sharing how you #UseYourRun...

Twitter tells us something’s been stirring in the build up to summer. Runners everywhere have been digging, painting, taking on new challenges and generally doing good in their ‘hood. The cause? #UseYourRun. Back in March, we asked you to share how you #UseYourRun and social media’s been buzzing ever since. We’ve ... 

PROMO: New Balance - Get more from your run

By on in Community
New Balance has partnered with GoodGym to challenge you to #UseYourRun

Ever feel like you need a dose of motivation to get up and out of the door? This year New Balance is challenging you to #UseYourRun with partnerships such as with GoodGym, a group of runners who combine exercise with doing something positive for the community. ‘Do good, get fit’ is ... 

Q&A: We meet the fancy dress marathon queen Lisa Jackson

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Former RW contributor, clinical hypnotherapist and writer Lisa Jackson shares her love of running.

If you've run a marathon in the western hemisphere sometime over the past ten years, chances are you'll have shared a race with Lisa Jackson. A seasoned runner, fancy dress aficionado and 100 marathon club contender, Lisa loves nothing more than making new friends during an event. She paced our Online News Ed ... 

4 great reasons to volunteer on race day

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Fancy meeting new friends, learning a new skill or giving back to the running community? There's never been a better time to volunteer.

From parkrun to 10Ks to marathons, if you’ve ever run an organised race, chances are you’ll have benefited from the kindness of strangers. Many running events rely heavily on the support of volunteers to make race day happen. Volunteering is not only an integral aspect of events; it’s an excellent ... 

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