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Target 26.2 2016

By on in Community
An announcement from Runner's World regarding Target 26.2

After many years of smashing PBs and guiding runners towards new marathon goals, we’re taking a break next year from our Target 26.2 franchise. We want to make sure we can deliver the proper experience, coaching and results for all those wishing to take part, and that unfortunately just isn’t ... 

How to get the whole family running

By Jeff Galloway on in Community
Introduce kids to running for a lifetime of healthy living.

Here's a true story: when I was 13, I was inactive, overweight and a poor student. My parents persuaded me to join my school cross-country team to get some exercise. The interactions and positive experiences I had while running changed my life. I had more energy, I was happier and ... 

3 ways to make the most of running without entering a race

By Debra Witt on in Community
Some runners never pin on a race bib. Their motivation to keep lacing up can help even the most committed racers.

Ask a coach or a sports psychologist for help climbing out of a motivational slump and they’ll probably offer the same advice: sign up for a race. It’s a good solution for many; putting an event in your diary can give your running a sense of purpose and ensure you ... 

Giving is receiving: The power of race day support

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Ever wondered if cheering at races makes a jot of difference to runners? Check out our race day support stories.

Following a frustrating spate of ailments, last weekend I begrudgingly dropped out of a big race. After recently writing an article on the subject, I was painfully aware that running an ultra while feeling below par was a bad idea, so I decided to heed my own advice and DNS. ... 

7 facts about portable toilets at races

By Rachel Swaby on in Community
We lift the lid on portable loos, those malodorous cubicles that runners are, nonetheless, always relieved to see.

Runners have a complicated relationship with portable toilets. We’re happy to see them before, during and after a race (especially when we’ve been downing liquids and glucose), though the time we spend in their odoriferous confines can yield some memorable (not in a good way) moments. However, rather than turning ... 

Mother with terminal cancer finishes half marathon

By Kit Fox on in Community
33-year-old Mum Rebecca Griffiths persuaded 300 friends, nurses, and colleagues to run the race with her.

On 5th August 2014, Rebecca Griffiths was diagnosed with inoperable liver and bowel cancer. Doctors gave her three months to live. Griffiths, 33, is a police officer and mother of two sons. For more than a year, she’s undergone chemotherapy - one week on, one week off.  Last May, scans showed the treatment was ... 

Running mum sets marathon pram world record

By Kit Fox on in Community
Jessica Bruce pushed her seven-month-old son Daniel to a record breaking finish at the Abingdon Marathon on Sunday.

Daniel Bruce never hit the wall during the Abingdon Marathon on Sunday 18th October 2015. That’s because he nailed his pacing strategy - a nap for the first 20 miles - and his nutrition strategy - a sip of milk from a bottle at mile 21. Now at seven months old, ... 

Running and its benefits for arthritis

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Keeping active can be beneficial for arthritis sufferers.

Traditionally associated with the elderly, arthritis actually affects people of all ages. There are currently 12,000 children and approximately 27,000 under 25s living with arthritis in the UK. ‘Generally staying active is very beneficial for the joints, for the muscles, for the heart and for the mind,’ says Mr Zameer Shah, ... 

What's the financial cost of running injuries?

By Georgia Scarr on in Community
Running injuries can cost you more than just your pride. What are the economic consequences?

Injuries are ludicrously common among runners, but they don't just cost you training sessions and PB goals - the money spent on physiotherapy treatments and kit adds up too. Research published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports studied the economic burden of injuries on runners in ...  ... 

VIDEO: Swiss athlete runs five 4000m peaks in under 8 hours

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26-year-old Andreas Steindl, an alpinist and Adidas athlete, has completed a 30.66k run from Zermatt to Saas-Fee in Switzerland. The route saw him take on five 4000m peaks and finish in an incredible 7 hours, 45 minutes and 44 seconds. Continue reading

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