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From sole to soul mates

By Annie Rice on in Community
A passion for running has put many a couple on the road to marriage.

The anniversary Fell runners Sarah Martin and Nick Charlesworth took their passion to new heights when they created a race, the Charlesworth Chase, to mark their nuptials. In the inaugural race, which took place on their wedding day in 2012, 108 runners tackled a five-mile course and 366m of climb. ‘We ... 

What will it take to run a 2-hour marathon?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Community
It's the ultimate holy grail. How can it be achieved?

1/ The course will be very boring Runners used to set world records at the New York City Marathon. But since 1998, NYC winners have featured only three times in the year’s fastest 20 performances. Blame the 240m of ascent and the 26 sharp turns, which hinder momentum. Today, records require a ... 

British ultra runner to attempt new 12-hour treadmill world record

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Ultra runner Susie Chan will attempt to break one of the toughest indoor records in running this weekend.

Ultra runner Susie Chan hopes to set a new 12-hour world record on the treadmill this weekend. The 40-year-old mum of one from Farnham, Surrey will take on the challenge this Saturday 30th January. With the help of Kingston University, Susie hopes to run over 67 miles for 12 hours non-stop, ... 

Dog comes 7th in half marathon

By Megan Hetzel on in Community
The hound ran the entire 13.1-mile distance, much to the surprise of her owner.

Early on Saturday 19th January, Ludivine, a 2½-year-old hound dog, was let out of the house in Elkmont, Alabama, to do her business. Prone to roaming around town at will, Ludivine snuck out of the garden and made her way to the starting area of the inaugural Trackless Train Trek ... 

Good reads for endurance nerds

By Alex Hutchinson on in Community
Want to stay entertained without wearing yourself out? These great new running and endurance books should do the trick.

‘Tis the season to offer a few book recommendations. Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed this year or that I’m looking forward to cracking open in the New Year: Two Hours: The Quest to Run the Impossible Marathon, Ed Caesar Don’t be fooled: it’s not a delusional fantasy about how humans ...  ... 

The rise of the running selfie

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Can't resist the urge to turn your phone around and take a pic during your runs? It turns out you are not alone, but there's more to it than just a selfie.

Love it or hate it, since its inclusion in the Collins English Dictionary last year the selfie is officially here to stay. Listed as ‘a photograph taken by pointing a camera at oneself’, the emergence of smart phones has led to the concept of turning the lens around really taking ... 

How a running app helps a blind runner train solo

By Megan Hetzel on in Community
Despite loss of his eyesight, Simon Wheatcroft wants to complete more marathons and ultras.

Before Simon Wheatcroft starts running near his home in Doncaster, he finds where the grass begins on his left and takes one step to his right, positioning himself in the centre of a ribbon of sidewalk. Like any run, light poles and street signs jut slightly onto the path on occasion. While ... 

Set yourself a running advent challenge

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Need a leg up this Christmas? Set yourself an advent challenge and utilise the wealth of great support online to achieve your fitness goals.

From chocolate advent calendars to family get-togethers and successive nights on the town, the countdown to Christmas has always been exciting. But what if you used the days so often laden with stodgy dinners and boozy excess to set yourself a fitness challenge? There are lots of great ways to ... 

Target 26.2 2016

By on in Community
An announcement from Runner's World regarding Target 26.2

After many years of smashing PBs and guiding runners towards new marathon goals, we’re taking a break next year from our Target 26.2 franchise. We want to make sure we can deliver the proper experience, coaching and results for all those wishing to take part, and that unfortunately just isn’t ... 

How to get the whole family running

By Jeff Galloway on in Community
Introduce kids to running for a lifetime of healthy living.

Here's a true story: when I was 13, I was inactive, overweight and a poor student. My parents persuaded me to join my school cross-country team to get some exercise. The interactions and positive experiences I had while running changed my life. I had more energy, I was happier and ... 

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