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6 things you can learn from an 84-year-old marathoner

By John Hanc on in Community
Jules Winkler took on his 41st marathon in Boston on Monday. Here are his essential running tips.

The oldest participant in the 2016 Boston Marathon said that with a little luck and some common sense, you too can enjoy a long, healthy running life. “It’s not that difficult,” said 84-year-old Jules Winkler from Medford, New York, who ran his 41st marathon (and second Boston) this year. (Katherine Beiers, 83, ... 

British foursome take on 260-mile run across Iceland for charity

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Four friends are in the process of running 260 miles across Iceland from Jokulsarlon to the Blue Lagoon for Cancer Research UK.

Following their Death Valley double record attempt last year running brothers Scott (35) and Rhys Jenkins (28) from Cardiff are on yet another intrepid mission, this time to run 260 miles across Iceland. In a bid to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and the Kidney Wales Foundation, the brothers ...  ... 

How to have more fun on marathon day

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Feeling anxious about race day? Here's how to make sure you have the most fun!

Remember all those weeks ago when you first signed up to a marathon? You thought it was going to be fun! But as race day draws near, thanks to intensive training, more spaghetti than you could shake a stick at and a slightly irrational fear for your life, it’s easy ... 

43 signs you love running a bit too much

By Lisa Buckingham, RW Staff on in Community
Ever worry that your love affair with the sport may have gone too far? Read on and be honest...

1. You descend into a deep and impenetrable existential crisis when you finish a marathon in 3:30:01. 2. Your physio feels the needs to call security shortly after delivering the news that you ‘should probably take a few weeks off running.' 3. Your partner has to politely ask you to rationalise your ... 

The Daily Mile revolution

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Community
Should every child in Britain run one mile a day? The Daily Mile revolution is taking the playground by storm and it's coming to a school near you soon.

A third of children in Britain are currently considered overweight or obese when they leave primary school. To tackle this issue, in 2012 a primary school in Stirling started encouraging all the children to run one mile a day. Four years on, the mile a day scheme has been so ... 

9 best movie run chases of all time

By Johnny Dee on in Community
Cinema's truly great chases are powered by feet, not wheels. Here's our pick of scenes of celluloid speedwork.

We were born to run, not drive. Which is possibly why when it comes to movie chases, for all their explosions, screeching brakes and improbable leaps off conveniently located ramps, we reckon a foot-chase is more thrilling, raw and generally cooler than a car chase. Run chases pose a whole ... 

Would you like to run Chicago Marathon?

By on in Community
Back for another year, it's time for the PB Awards!

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What is it like to be a runner in the UK?

By on in Community
No really, we’re asking you.

Have you ever wondered how you compare to other runners?  You might know your place in a marathon or where you stack up in your running club, but who are those strangers ahead of you and behind you? Ten years ago, we conducted a comprehensive study, asking our readers about their running ... 

From sole to soul mates

By Annie Rice on in Community
A passion for running has put many a couple on the road to marriage.

The anniversary Fell runners Sarah Martin and Nick Charlesworth took their passion to new heights when they created a race, the Charlesworth Chase, to mark their nuptials. In the inaugural race, which took place on their wedding day in 2012, 108 runners tackled a five-mile course and 366m of climb. ‘We ... 

What will it take to run a 2-hour marathon?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Community
It's the ultimate holy grail. How can it be achieved?

1/ The course will be very boring Runners used to set world records at the New York City Marathon. But since 1998, NYC winners have featured only three times in the year’s fastest 20 performances. Blame the 240m of ascent and the 26 sharp turns, which hinder momentum. Today, records require a ... 

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