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Gear Pick: Incredisocks

By on in Gear

Lucy says: With a name like Incredisocks, it’s fair to say that expectations are high. Reportedly, Incredisocks gives your feet a healthier skin tone. As much as I don’t care about the skin tone of my feet, the science behind this is fascinating.  By increasing your circulation they have been shown to ... 

Gear Pick: Apres ChocMalt Recovery Drink

By Lucy Trevallion on in Gear

Lucy says: There’s nothing like the smell of hot chocolate on a cold morning. This one, however, is no ordinary hot chocolate. Packed with 20 supplements, including vitamins, electrolytes and potassium, this recovery drink is designed to be enjoyed after a race or heavy training session. It is also consciously made: ... 

Gear Pick: dounlimited Women's Sheer Performance Tights

By Lucy Trevallion on in Gear

Lucy says: The stretch fit is of these tights is really effective, they are incredibly comfortable and definitely feel like a second skin. They were also really easy to take off thanks to the handy zip along the calf. Once I started running, they didn’t chafe and the lower leg grip ... 

Gear Pick: Revolution Running Softshell Jacket

By Lucy Trevallion on in Gear

Lucy says: My biggest mistake as a runner has to be layering up my existing gear rather than buying a proper winter running jacket.   So I was very excited about Revolution Running’s Softshell jacket, £60, arriving in the office to try. Unwrapping the jacket was like Christmas in November. This is one ... 

Gear Pick: Ergoflex mattress

By Andy Dixon on in Gear

Andy says: It might seem odd to be reviewing a mattress on a running website, but the importance of good sleep is often overlooked preparing for an endurance race. Quality shut-eye is crucial in helping the recovery process during training, as it's in the deepest part of the sleep cycle ... 

Gear Pick: Nike Free Run +3 Women's Running Shoe

By Annie Rice on in Gear

Annie says: Nike says these shoes create the feeling of barefoot running with cushioning and support. So if you’re trying to make the transition to barefoot or minimalist running, these are a good ‘halfway house’ of a shoe. They are ultra flexible for optimum comfort, too, and the horizontal flex ... 

Gear Pick: Helly Hansen L/S Stripe Crew

By Annie Rice on in Gear

Price: £22.00 Base layers are a wardrobe staple all year round, but never more so than in the winter season, which, judging by the advent calendars in supermarkets, is fast-approaching. This Helly Hansen piece comes at a great price so you can avoid any muscle chill without breaking the bank. A ... 

Gear Pick: Asics Gel Fuji Men's Running Shoes

By Annie Rice on in Gear

These hardcore trail shoes are sure to help you tackle the toughest terrains. With uphill and downhill traction suitable for all conditions these little machines are prepared for any outdoor running adventures you're going on. So even on the wettest, muddiest of woodland tracks, the high abrasion rubber outsole will keep ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Craft Women's Performance Top

By Annie Rice on in Gear

Craft Women's Performance Top, £9 Annie says: It's hard to ignore the increasing nip in the air and it's about time our running wardrobes reflected the weather. I've picked this bargain buy for Gear Pick of the Week, partly because, well, you can’t argue with the price and also because it's ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Mizuno Be Men's Running Shoes

By Annie Rice on in Gear

Mizuno Be Men's Running Shoes, £80 Annie says: Mizuno’s Be running shoes have a secret weapon: an inner sock, and that’s why they’ve made it into our gear pick of the week. The activation insock is designed to stimulate the muscles of the foot to give greater muscle activity, which should ... 

51 to 60 of 111 blog posts

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