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What to drink when you’re doing Dry January

By Alice Mosey on in Health
7 drinks that won’t savage your social life or wellness resolutions in Dry January.

When you’ve spent the whole of December on a diet of mulled wine, G&Ts and whatever else was offered to you at all your festivities, what to feed your thirst with come Dry January can often make you feel like a little lost sheep. Of course water’s great, but when ... 

6 running nutrition products that have stood the test of time

By Kelly Bastone on in Health
Sports nutrition has evolved over the last few decades, but these classic products still get the job done.

These days, attempting to run a marathon without drinking anything along the way would be defined as either an act of pure lunacy or a first-class attempt at self-sabotage, yet that was the status quo until the 1960s. ‘People thought that drinking cold beverages while running would give you a ... 

How to avoid toilet breaks during a race

By K. Aleisha Fetters on in Health
Ease stomach troubles and make that portable loo trip a thing of the past.

Sometimes, the only thing standing between you and a new PB is that pesky mid-race toilet break. And even if it’s not a full-on sprint to the bathroom, maybe the cold-sweat-inducing cramps that come with it are enough to keep you from a strong finish. We chatted with top gastroenterologists to ... 

9 seasonal superfoods to eat this winter

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
Boost your health and performance with some of winter’s finest fare.

1/ Broccoli A mere 175 grams of this veg supplies 276 per cent of your daily vitamin K needs. This may help regulate your body's vitamin D levels – especially key during winter, when many British people become vitamin D deficient (thanks, winter sunshine). Eat it: Add to a chicken or beef ... 

6 moves to ease out tired legs before a long journey

By Kit Fox on in Health
Got a long drive or flight ahead? Freshen up your legs before you get going.

If you’ve just done a distant or foreign race and have a tight travel schedule, you might be stuck sitting in a car or plane seat mere hours after you cross the finish line – and that can hurt your recovery. ‘Moving is important to keep the blood flowing,’ says ... 

5 hot drinks to sip after your run

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
These antioxidant-rich drinks will warm up your cooldown.

1/ Mexican-style hot chocolate Bittersweet chocolate has polyphenols, which, when routinely consumed, can help boost blood flow and improve running performance. The heat from cayenne pepper may also rev up your metabolism. Post-run, the protein and carbs in milk will help your muscles recover. Mix 250ml milk, 30g chopped 70 percent chocolate, ... 

Is wearing compression tights to bed safe?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
A reader questions the medical safety of some of her friends’ more unusual uses for running gear.

A few friends of mine have mentioned that they like to wear their running tights to bed. I know those tights can be particularly snug. Is there anything potentially unhealthy about doing that? What about wearing compression tights to bed? Wearing running tights - or even compression tights - to sleep should not ... 

Why you need to work on ankle flexibility

By Sam Murphy on in Health
Your ankle flexibility can have a big impact on your running technique. Here’s how to test it and sidestep shortcomings.

If you lack ankle flexibility you may compensate by rolling your foot in or out more, or lifting the heel off the ground earlier, says podiatrist Nicola Blower. This can lead to pain in the ankle and foot, and overuse or deactivation of the peroneal tendons (which run behind the ... 

Why you have one side stronger than the other and how to fix it

By Mark Henricks, Carl Leivers on in Health
Running well is all about balance. Strengthen your weaker side to cut down on injuries.

A few years ago, Jim Rose kept getting injured while training for a half marathon. Nearly 20 years of running had taught him that the sport and injury are often partners and he was clocking 35-60 miles a week, but Rose was struck by an odd consistency. ‘My injuries in ... 

4 pieces of timeless nutrition advice

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
Thirty years of truth about diet plans, fat loss and mid-run fuelling.

In 1986 I wrote my first column for Runner’s World, covering sports drinks and hydration. Over the years, my columns have been based on the latest scientific research available. And while performance nutrition has undoubtedly changed, even flip-flopped, these are steadfast truths to keep in your fuel belt. 1/ There is no “magic” ... 

1 to 10 of 405 blog posts

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