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9 ways running benefits your body from head to toe

By Kit Fox on in Health
Running isn't just great cardio - check out how it improves your body all round, from boosting brainpower to upping bone strength.

Cartilage growth Ignore the naysayers – running isn’t necessarily bad for your knees. Research from Australia’s Monash University suggests that the impact of running can increase cartilage production, which can safeguard your joints against arthritis. Sharper hearing Research from Bellarmine University in the US found that very fit women were six per cent ... 

7 ways to sleep better and run stronger

By Cindy Kuzma on in Health
From helping you avoid injury to keeping your hormones on form, sleeping well has a whole load of benefits for runners. Here's how to set yourself up for a solid night's sleep.

Recent research suggests that just one night of bad rest can have a negative impact on your running performance. Meanwhile, chronically denying yourself an hour of sleep each night has cumulative negative effects on your running and your health. ‘Sleep is as important as your workouts,’ says running coach Joe ... 

Battling nausea after a big race

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Determine how much water you need - and don't overdo it - to keep your tummy happy.

Brad asks: I am always nauseous after running marathons. After my last two marathons, I vomited 30 minutes after finishing. I drink water at most of the water stops and fuel along the way. What could be the cause?  I have seen runners with this problem at the finish of a ... 

The best protein for runners

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
Runners need more protein, more often, and for more reasons than non-athletes.

Compared with sedentary people, runners need a lot more protein. If you run an hour most days, you need about .6g protein per pound of weight (run more and your needs go up), compared with 36g for couch potatoes. That means a 150-pound runner requires 90 grams a day. But don't ... 

The lowdown on fungal toenail infections

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
You’ve got a toenail that looks a bit suspect. What now? We ask Dr Pixie McKenna.

What does a fungal nail infection look like and how is it diagnosed? You’re probably familiar with the symptoms of a fungal nail infection – thickening, brittleness and discolouration of the affected nail. However, such symptoms don’t necessarily spell trouble. “If you’re a runner, you may have a very similar looking ... 

4 steps to becoming a more durable runner

By Greg McMillan on in Health
The most underrated ‘ability’ needed for consistent running success is durability, says Greg McMillan.

I always thought I was talented. I was driven, I loved training and I was competitive. I had it all, except one crucial component: durability. I was forever getting injured. Durability is the most undervalued component of distance running. Many of us know someone who is talented but seems always ... 

The importance of pre-race sleep

By Susan Paul on in Health
The rest you get leading up to race day is just as important as the night before.

Do you struggle to to go to bed early the night before a race? If your next event involves an early start, training early can help you become accustomed to running early. But in the tune up to race day, it's also important to get quality sleep. Just like so many ... 

Should runners give blood?

By William O Roberts, MD on in Health
Is it safe for runners to regularly donate blood - including the double red blood cells?

It is almost always safe to donate blood, and the nation’s blood supply depends upon regular donors to help those in need. It just may not always be prudent for a runner to donate close to a big race or hard workout, since red blood cells contain the haemoglobin protein ... 

6 common GI issues and how to fix them

By Liz Applegate, Ph.D. on in Health
Don’t let stomach trouble sideline your running.

If you’re like most runners, you have at some point experienced mid-run stomach trouble that forced you to cut short a workout or even a race. So what’s going on? When you run, your body diverts oxygen and blood from your gastrointestinal (GI) tract to your muscles. This limits your ... 

Why runners should do Pilates

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
We've got the lowdown on all things Pilates and why it's so good for runners.

What is Pilates? Pilates is often compared to yoga, but they actually have very different backgrounds. While yoga is a centuries-old practice with close links to spirituality, Pilates is a mind and body conditioning technique developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. Classes feature exercises to improve core stability and encourage ... 

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