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Diet cola and running: Harmless or hurtful?

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Sugar free and with few calories, diet cola can seem like a good choice on hot days - but is that the case for runners?

As it heats up outside, we’re starting to move away from hot tea and coffee and onto something cooler. If you fancy a refreshing drink but are conscious of calories, diet cola can seem like a no-brainer. While sugary soft drinks have widely been linked to health problems such as ... 

What’s new in sports medicine?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
A look at research projects delving into the health of runners.

Dr William Roberts attended the 2015 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. Here are the key points pertaining to runners’ health that he reported back. Consider skipping a race when sick. Viral infections cause inflammation in your mucus membranes and that same inflammation may be present in ... 

Give it a zest: 8 citrus fruits for runners

By Liz Applegate on in Health
Citrus fruits are packed with runner-friendly nutrients – and they add zing and flavour to your meals.

TO BOOST HEART HEALTH Blood oranges and pomelos The antioxidants that give blood oranges their red hue protect arteries and improve blood flow. Pomelos also benefit your ticker: the white layer surrounding the fruit is high in fibre and flavones (a type of flavonoid) that lower LDL (bad) cholesterol. TO HELP BLOOD PRESSURE 
Studies ... 

Getting to the goal weight, more or less

By Pamela Nisevich Bede, M.S., R.D on in Health
Some runners would like to gain weight while others try to lose. Regardless, it’s important to do it safely.

When out and about giving nutrition presentations, I talk at length about how to improve performance, how to fuel, and, often, how to lose weight. When I finish my spiel, it’s not uncommon for a voice to peep up from the back of the room and profess that their performance ... 

Nutrition battle: Chicken vs tuna

By Sam Murphy on in Health
Chicken breast or fresh tuna: which packs the biggest nutritional punch?

PROS Tuna: A 100g serving provides your daily requirement of selenium, an antioxidant. Contains three times as much iron as the chicken. Chicken: High in B vitamins, especially niacin, which helps convert carbs into energy. It’s also a great source of choline, a mineral that helps keep your nervous system functioning.  CONS Tuna: The Food Standards Agency recommends ... 

Running may help prevent poor sleep in middle-aged adults

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
New study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds link between physical activity and sufficient sleep.

Forget early nights and dodging coffee - physical activity such as running may help prevent insufficient sleep in middle-aged adults, a new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine suggests. Over 5,000 adults with an average age of 45.5 took a self-report questionnaire in which they detailed their physical activity ... 

5 tasty alternatives to dairy milk

By Jessica Migala, Sam Murphy on in Health
Look beyond real dairy for milks with fresh flavours and a variety of health benefits.

Almond milk Best: Low-calorie option (if you choose unsweetened varieties) Use it: In hot drinks – it has a subtle, nutty flavour ‘At 30 calories for a 200ml glass, it’s the option with fewest calories, by a long way,’ says dietician Kimberly Mueller. One serving packs half your daily vitamin E needs. Per 200ml: 30kals, 1g carbs, ... 

Marathon runners should be tested in action for heart conditions

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Heartbeat irregularities may be missed if athletes are studied at rest, research finds.

Sudden cardiac deaths in runners are rare, but tragically not unheard of. It’s considered wise to be screened for heart conditions before undertaking a long distance race or training programme, but new research has found that it’s key to be tested while exercising in order to accurately detect heartbeat irregularities. The ... 

Muscle memory and endurance

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
After you get fit once, it really is easier to get fit the next time.

It took me more than five years of hard training to break 4:00 for 1500 metres for the first time. Not long after, I missed almost two years of training with a knee injury. When I was able to start running again, I was wondered (and worried) whether it would ... 

Long-distance running ability may be signal of desirable male genes

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Men with higher ‘reproductive potential’ are better distance runners, according to a new study.

Runners of a male persuasion, don't despair about those battered feet and missing toenails if you're trying to attract a partner - the ability to run long distances can indicate higher ‘reproductive potential’ and make you more attractive to women, according to a University of Cambridge study. The research, published in ... 

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