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How thoughts affect running efficiency

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Positive feedback produces improvements in running economy.

This is one of those studies that seems simple and even a bit silly, but actually has something quite profound to say. Researchers at UNLV recruited 20 experienced runners, divided them into two groups, and measured their running economy for 20 minutes at a pace corresponding to 75% of VO2max. ... 

Homemade energy truffles

By on in Health
Try this wholesome alternative to packaged products and add power to your snack time.

These truffles have the two-pronged value of being homemade energy bars and wholesome desserts, kind of like fruit and nut truffles. As the former, they provide high-quality energy for before a workout: unrefined sugars, monosaturated fats, and omega 3s. And as the latter, they are rich, delicious, and borderline effortless. You ... 

Follow the healthy heart diet

By on in Health
What to take out of your pantry, and what to stock, to keep your ticker going strong for years to come.

In the game of life, there are already so many sacrifices one is forced to make. This is especially true for anyone wanting to shed pounds or eat healthier. This week, as we focus on love and--in my mind--heart health, here's a list of foods that should be making their ... 

Increase your protein and run like a pro

By News on in Health
Runners need more protein, more often, and for more reasons than non-athletes.

Compared with sedentary people, runners need a lot more protein. If you run an hour most days, you need about .6 gram of protein per pound of weight (run more and your needs go up), compared with .36 gram for couch potatoes. That means a 150-pound runner requires 90 grams ... 

How to master efficient running recovery

By Jenny Hadfield on in Health
Struggling to balance hard training with recovery time? Tune into your body and adapt to its performance trends with these simple tips.

I’m training for my fourth half-marathon and trying to break 1:45. I’ve upped my training substantially and wonder if you have any tips for tracking training recovery. I want to push it, but I also don’t want to overtrain and burn out. I’ve been known to push too hard at ... 

Brain food to boost your running

By on in Health
Enhance your diet for a healthier brain and become a better runner in the process.

Your noggin is not only responsible for memory and cognition, it plays a critical role in dictating fatigue levels during a run. And just as fuelling the muscles is critical to performance, nourishing the brain with key nutrients boosts its overall function. The result? You feel more alert at your desk, ... 

Top food tips for a healthy heart

By News on in Health
Keep your ticker in shape and boost your running in the process with these heart-protective foods.

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death for both men and women, and sadly being a runner doesn't automatically make you immune. 25 percent of heart attacks happen in people who don't smoke and have healthy cholesterol levels. The good news is exercise decreases your risk, as does ... 

Nutrition clinic: A beginner’s guide to fuelling your runs

By Dr James Morton on in Health
Dr James Morton goes over the fundamental principles of run fuelling for beginners.

Dr James Morton is the Senior Sports Nutritionist for Science in Sport (SiS), the leaders in endurance nutrition. He has led and collaborated in over 40 research papers and publications and is also Senior Lecturer in Exercise Metabolism & Nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). For those new to running, ... 

Slow Strength

By on in Health
Slow down the release of these five moves to train your body to run faster.

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Marathon Training - Boom and Bust

By Noel Thatcher, MBE, British paralympic runner, Physiotherapist on in Health
The perils of marathon training and how to avoid injury...

Usually as a running specialist physiotherapist there is a predictable pattern to the year. From mid February there is a steady increase in the number of runners targeting spring marathons phoning for appointments and the story usually goes something like, “I was doing really well until the end of January, ... 

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