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Breakfast and athletic performance

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Study shows the effects of skipping breakfast lingers until evening, even after a big lunch.

Breakfast, we're often told, is the most important meal of the day. It certainly seems that way to me – I can't imagine making it to noon without eating. But the literature is much more mixed. Lots of studies have found that habitual breakfast eaters tend to be leaner, but ... 

5 foods for better joint health

By Liz Applegate on in Health
A protective diet can keep your knees, hips, and ankles in good condition – or help them heal from injury

Your joints are built to withstand incredible forces. Within each one is a capsule filled with synovial fluid, which cushions and nourishes your cartilage. It’s your cartilage that allows bones to pass over and across each other. A poor diet, age and genetics can cause cartilage cells 
to break apart, ... 

Study shows exercise directly affects cancer tumours

By Amby Burfoot on in Health
Increased blood flow via exercise appears to reduce cancer growth and spread.

Cancer patients are often advised to exercise, and it’s easy to understand why. A cancer diagnosis is life-shattering, so patients often fall into a deep depression, which makes recovery all the more difficult. Far better to challenge oneself with exercise goals, be they hitting a set minutes-per-week target or finishing a ... 

Study shows benefits of training on low carbs

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Training with depleted carbohydrate stores could lead to performance boost.

The "train low, race high" paradigm has been widely discussed over the past few years. The idea is that you do some training sessions with depleted carbohydrate stores, and this helps teach your body to burn fat more efficiently. Then when it comes time to race, you make sure to ... 

Looking after your heart health

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Learn the warning signs of a potential cardiac event.

Sudden cardiac arrests seem to come 'out of the blue' for runners and other athletes - people who seem fit and immune from heart problems. However, when you look closely, there are often storm clouds on the horizon that were not recognised as potential heralds of cardiac risk. There are two ... 

Q&A with the Veggie Runners

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Health
To celebrate National Vegetarian Week we speak to the Veggie Runners, a mother daughter duo devoted to running marathons on a plant-based diet.

Across the country this week thousands of people will be eschewing meat in favour of vegetables to celebrate National Vegetarian Week. We meet Janey and Bibi Rodgers AKA the Veggie Runners, the mother and daughter team who turned their blog about marathon running and healthy eating into a way of life. What made you decide ...  ... 

Run to delay high cholesterol onset

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
Want to hold off high cholesterol? Cardio exercise such as running may be the answer, a new study suggests…

A new study has shown that higher levels of cardio fitness may help delay age-related increases in blood cholesterol. The research, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, looked at the triglycerides, the most common form of fat ...  Continue reading

Exercise in your twilight years to live longer

By on in Health
Study shows exercise is as beneficial as giving up smoking for older men

A new study suggests we should continue running into our twilight years to live longer. According to new research by Norwegian scientists, men in their 70s and 80s who do half an hour of exercise six days a week are likely to live longer than those with a more sedentary ... 

Short-term marathon memory

By on in Health
Can't help signing up for new races? Research shows runners have short-term memory loss when it comes to marathon pain.

A new study Memory of pain induced by physical exercise sheds some light on the reason runners keep signing up to marathons even after a bad race. Trzemyslaw Babel interviewed 62 marathon runners in Poland on their perceived pain level immediately after completing a race. He then split the participants into two groups, ...  ... 

Manage your running tummy troubles

By Susan Paul on in Health
A three-step approach for finding the right way to fuel during runs.

Gastrointestinal (GI) distress and bathroom issues are very common among runners, yet we don't talk about it as much as we probably should. Think about it, from the time you are a child you are advised to wait 30 minutes to two hours after eating before exercising in order to ... 

31 to 40 of 180 blog posts

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