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Iron levels and altitude training

By Alex Hutchinson on in Health
Taking supplements could increase the benefits of thin-air training.

Altitude training is one of those dark arts where everyone has a different “secret recipe” for what makes it work best. One of the tips you often hear from top coaches is that you need to take extra iron to get the most benefit. It’s a logical suggestion in theory: ... 

Nutrition battle: Olive oil vs. coconut oil

By Georgia Scarr on in Health
We pit olive against coconut in the battle of the oils.

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How to handle running-related knee pain

By Jenny Hadfield on in Health
We will all experience it at some point, but what should we do?

I’m training to improve my 10K time, and last week during my long run I started to feel knee pain. Do you have any tips? Should I rest or run? - Rick You’re wise to be mindful of your knee pain, Rick. In many cases, catching it early and making a few ... 

The importance of taper nutrition

By Pamela Nisevich Bede, MS, RD on in Health
Making good nutritional choices in the week before race day will help you perform better.

Ask an endurance athlete to describe the most miserable part of training and racing, and their answer is likely to include the pre-race taper. If you’re all too familiar with taper week and the tantrums that ensue, it’s likely that your friends and family are too. After all, it’s hard to ... 

Tackling post-run insomnia

By William O Roberts, MD on in Health
Adrenaline may be responsible for a restless night after as long run.

Courtney asks: I have having trouble falling asleep the night after I run 10 or more miles. I run in the morning, and I only have coffee prior to running; I don't have caffeine after the run. Still, I can’t seem to fall asleep that night. It feels like I ... 

3 ways running helps your heart get stronger

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Ever wondered exactly what happens to your heart when you run? Here are the answers.

‘For any running other than sprinting, the muscles depend on the constant supply of oxygen as fuel,’ says Clodagh Dugdale, a sports physician at Fit Again Sports Therapy. ‘The heart is the pump that pushes oxygenated blood around the body, transferring it to muscles in exchange for carbon dioxide and ... 

Does getting older increase injury risk?

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Health
Ensuring you get enough recovery time and managing your training well will help you stay on form.

I am a marathoner and triathlete who was rarely injured in my 20s and 30s. I recently turned 40 and feel like it's much harder for me to stay healthy and injury-free now. Is it possible that all the wear and tear I put on my body in my “youth” ... 

How to solve IT band pain

By Susan Paul on in Health
When you return to running after this nagging injury, make sure it doesn’t flare up again.

Emily asks: I'm having some pain on the outside of my knee. It seems to kick in at about mile four and gets worse if I continue running. I've taken a few days off  and it seems to be no better. Any idea what this might be and what to ... 

Nutrition battle: Chicken vs. tuna

By on in Health
Which provides the best protein punch for runners?

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3 ways running boosts your brain

By Kerry McCarthy on in Health
Getting out for a run is good for your grey matter as well as your health.

It’s a common assumption that once you reach adulthood there’s nothing you can do about the number of brain cells you have, except wave them off as they die throughout your life. Until the late 1990s it was assumed that only children’s brains were capable of continued growth, but then ... 

31 to 40 of 278 blog posts

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