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Why running higher mileage can mean better energy efficiency

By Alice Mosey on in News
If you want to improve your overall performance, it may be time to become a player in the high-mileage game.

If you're looking to improve your energy efficiency - being able to run for longer using less energy - it may be time to ramp up your mileage. A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology has found that runners who had a higher weekly mileage showed a more ...  Continue ... 

How weight training during pregnancy can benefit your running after birth

By Alice Mosey on in News
Research reveals how body strengthening workouts can prevent your run being hit by awkward postpartum side effects.

Returning back to your normal running regime after you’ve just spent the past nine months homing your unborn baby (not forgetting the transformations your body experiences in labour too) can be intimidating. And we’re not talking about the fear of your PB having plummeted dramatically because you’ve been out of ... 

How running enhances your brain function, according to science

By Alice Mosey on in News
Study reveals how runners are better at decision-making and multi-tasking.

Whether you run for fun, for fat loss or to train for a big race, there are heaps of benefits to be had from getting your kit on and enduring a regular run. In fact, you’ve probably seen fellow runners post a motivational quote to their Instagram profile along the ... 

Watch Laura Muir break 25-year-old British indoor 5000m record

By on in News
The race was streamed live on Facebook, watch the action again...

Laura Muir has started 2017 with a bang and shown that a recent stint of training in South Africa has really paid off as she broke yet another British record, this time the 5000m indoor record, with a time of 14:49.12, taking 14 seconds off the 25 year old recor ... 

Safety while running survey

By on in News
How safe do you feel when you're out running? Tell us your thoughts.

In October, our colleagues over at Runner's World US reported shocking results on how many runners experienced harassment while out training. Now, we want to hear from UK-based runners about your encounters. Let us know your experiences through the survey below - and if you've got a story you want ... 

A new Runner's World is coming!

By on in News
New year, new website.

After many months of planning, coding and development, a brand new runnersworld.co.uk is on its way! As the UK’s biggest running magazine we want to be here for you whether you’re taking on your first 5K, prepping for a marathon PB or just looking for a cracking post-run snack. Now, ... 

9 best running moments of 2016

By Harriet Lewis on in News
From Olympic victories to dashing dogs, here are our top running moments of this year.

1/ Usain Bolt wins the ‘triple double’ For the third consecutive Olympic Games, Jamaica’s Usain Bolt took the title of the world’s fastest man. Once again making history, Bolt became the first athlete ever to win three consecutive gold medals in the 100 metres, and then just four days later achieved ... 

3 athletes who are attempting the sub 2-hour marathon in 2017

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
Meet the elites who are attempting to smash the 2-hour barrier.

Nike has announced the launch of its ambitious Breaking2 project - a plan to break one of running’s most formidable barriers - the two-hour marathon - in 2017. In the end, of course, none of the science matters without athletes capable of executing the plan. Here, in no particular order, ...  ... 

5 steps elite athletes need to take to break the sub 2-hour marathon barrier

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
We take a closer look at how the world’s best marathoners can take a step towards the 26.2 holy grail.

Yesterday, Nike announced its ambitious Breaking2 project. Here, the team highlight five key areas they believe will need to be optimised or improved. 1/ Athlete selection No matter how perfectly everything else is planned, there are probably only a few people on earth who have a chance of breaking two hours. The team ... 

Nike gears up for a sub 2-hour marathon breakthrough

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
Three Nike athletes are being prepped to attempt a sub 2-hour marathon in spring 2017.

Nike has today announced the launch of its ambitious Breaking2 project - a plan to break one of running’s most formidable barriers - the two-hour marathon - in 2017. After more than two years of research, preparation and testing, three top distance runners have officially started their Nike-backed build-up toward a ... 

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