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The adidas 26rs new running club

By Annie Rice on in News
Find out about the latest running club from adidas to hit London

Last night we went along to the launch of the adidas 26rs. The adidas 26rs is a brand new running club inspired by the Virgin Money London Marathon. It’s for marathon runners all gunning for the big 26.2 and no matter your goal, it’ll take you in – for free. ... 

Boston Marathon goes barking mad

By Mark Remy on in News
Citing security, B.A.A. says dogs will aid runners at 2014 race.

In its latest announcement involving heightened security, the Boston Athletic Association has said it will not allow human volunteers on or near the course at next month's Boston Marathon. Instead, it says, trained police dogs will assume those roles. The move comes on the heels of other changes, some of which have puzzled or ... 

Mo Farah collapses at the New York City half-marathon finish line

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Olympic hero recovers from painful fall to finish second to Kenya's Geoffrey Mutai, but has to be taken away in wheelchair after race.

Mo Farah collapsed at the finish line of the New York City half marathon after coming in at 1:01:07. Earlier in the race the father-of-three, who won two gold medals at 2012 London Olympic Games, accidentally tripped at the six-mile mark. Despite falling awkwardly on to his side, allowing eventual winner Geoffrey Mutai ... 

Do older marathoners gain a heart-health advantage?

By on in News
In the first report of its kind, a German study followed 108 over-50 marathoners for 6.5 years

No one doubts that training longer and harder will improve your marathon performance. But will it make you healthier? The question is particularly germane for older runners, since increasing age brings on higher disease risks. German cardiologist Stefan Mohlenkamp has been studying the cardiac risks of marathon runners older than 50 ... 

‘I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again.’

By Joe Mackie on in News

"I have now tried, at least twice, to run for more than 10 minutes, and hope never to do so again," Amol Rajan Full article  Reading this saddened and irritated me in equal measure. Leaving aside the questionable arguments about joints and relative required financial expenditure, I’d like to get straight to ...  ... 

Mo Farah to run NYC Half

By on in News
Race is Olympic champ's tune-up for the Virgin London Marathon.

Mo Farah has signed up to the NYC Half Marathon, a race he previously won in 2011 on a somewhat different 13.1-mile course. For Farah, who’s been training at altitude in Kenya, the race will be a tune-up for the Virgin London Marathon on April 13. Farah ran a section ... 

Danish study challenges pronation fears

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
A new study provides evidence that foot posture does not lead to injury

For a number of years, shoe manufacturers and running experts have advised pronating runners to opt for motion-control shoes. These experts maintain that inward-tilting motion of the legs after ground contact (ie, pronation) causes injury, and various motion-control shoes could limit that motion, and therefore the injuries.   A new Danish ... 

Heel landing beats midfoot strike in new study

By on in News
First research of its kind investigates running economy of 1:10 half marathoners.

Usain Bolt doesn’t worry about his running economy. He powers off his forefeet to generate as much speed as possible for just 10 to 20 seconds, then he gets to stop and recover. Oxygen use doesn’t concern him. On the other hand, marathoners strive for a high economy - that is, ... 

Royal Park Foundation Half Marathon ballot opens today

By on in News
Register today for your chance to bag a place in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon 2014.

Enter the ballot here between now and Wednesday 5 March and you could be joining 15,999 other runners on the start line in Hyde Park this October. It's the only race in the world where you will get the opportunity to run through four historic royal parks, past two royal palaces, the ... 

Government suggests using running as punishment

By Rhalou Allerhand on in News
Sign the petition today to overturn Michael Gove’s plans to make running a punishment in schools.

Despite the current lack of physical activity participation in UK schools, Michael Gove has issued guidance for meting out “traditional punishments” for pupils’ misbehaviour, including suggesting ‘running around a playing field’ as an acceptable chastisement for disobedient kids. The Department for Education Advice for Behaviour and Discipline in Schools recommends, 'When ... 

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