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Mo Farah to compete in Commonwealth Games as England squad is announced

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Olympic champ included in team line up as 129 athletes head to Glasgow...

The English squad line-up for this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow has been announced. The headline news confirms that Mo Farah will be competing in the 5,000 and 10,000 metre events. He will be attempting to be the first athlete in history to claim a full set of championship 5,000 ... 

How far will footballers run in the World Cup?

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Ever wondered how many miles players and referees cover in a match?

To make the most accurate calls during a football match, a referee is told to stay no more than 20 yards from the ball at all times. The only way to do this when the ball whizzes from player to player through 90 minutes of nearly non-stop motion? Run. When the ... 

10 reasons to join in the 5K revolution

By Lauren Fleshman on in News
You can race hard, still walk normally the next day, fit training around your life, and get really fit really fast.

My one carry-on and six personal items are stashed in the overhead compartment. The seat pouch in front of me is crammed with the tools necessary to get us through a 13-hour flight back from Australia to Oregon: bottle, rice puffs, squeezy food packs, diapers, Picky Bars, rubber-boat teething ring, ... 

Can supplements that counter muscle acidity and fatigue aid training?

By Alex Hutchinson on in News
New research examines the effects of baking soda and beta-alanine.

A new study in the European Journal of Applied Physiology, from researchers at Victoria University in Australia, takes a look at two commonly used performance aids: beta-alanine and baking soda. What's interesting is that both are supposed to work in roughly the same way, by counteracting the increasing acidity (i.e. ... 

If you can’t race, then cheer!

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Why cheering on race day is good for the soul

Perhaps you’re injured, taking time out from running, or busy training for an event? There’s never been a better time to take to the streets and cheer. Good karma Willing strangers in the street to succeed not only gives you extra special karma points, but it makes you feel great to boot. ... 

Six great reasons to enter a race today

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On the fence about race day? Check out our six reasons to enter an event and reap the rewards of running.

1. Motivation for the nation Nothing gets you out the door like a motivational goal, so if you struggle with enthusiasm or simply need a running boost, enter a race and you’ll have something to work towards. If you’re not ready to go long, there are plenty of shorter distance races ... 

Runner’s World and Saucony present 'Finding Strong'

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Watch this amazing running film by Brian Vernor

Spanning multiple continents, Finding Strong is a documentary that gracefully depicts the transformative power of running.  The 22-minute documentary explores fascinating runners from around the world, including elite National Guardsmen in Japan, a youth running community in Brazil, goat-herding girls in Djibouti and physically challenged athletes in New York City. Continue ... 

Happy Run2Work Day!

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Celebrate Run to Work Day and log your run, join in the Twitter party and sign the petition to make run commute kit tax-free.

Today runners across the country have laced up their kicks, left the car keys at home and stuck two fingers up to public transport by collectively hitting the streets in celebration of Run to Work Day. Did you switch up your commute and run in to work today? To encourage as ... 

Study shows having fun makes runners more likely to lose weight

By Amby Burfoot on in News
Fun runners make healthier food choices than hard runners research shows.

New research conducted at Cornell University indicates that runners eat less after a run if they find it enjoyable rather than hard work. In the last decade, Brian Wansink has gained considerable recognition for investigating how perception influences appetite and calorie consumption. He is perhaps best known for his book Mindless Eating: ... 

Vicious crows target blonde haired runners in London park

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Blonde female runners have been forced to take evasive action after a series of crow attacks in South London Park.

Two women runners have been targeted by angry birds in Eltham park. The crows are said to have swooped down and pecked at their heads before flying off, leaving the runners shocked and alarmed. Sarah Green, 35, who was attacked last week, told the London Evening Standard: “The bird swooped down ... 

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