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Adapt how you train for shorter races

By Susan Paul on in Training
Even with a solid base, follow these steps so you can increase your speed safely.

Rick says: I am not exactly a beginner, but I am changing up my training so I feel like a new runner again. I'm not running a marathon this fall for the first time in a long time because I've decided to work on my speed. I'll run some 5Ks, ... 

What's the difference between rest and active recovery?

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
You need a little bit of both to help your body reap the benefits of hard workouts.

Your body needs rest to recover and get stronger from hard workouts. Rest and active recovery (including gentle cross-training) are both tools we can use to achieve our fitness goals. A rest day doesn’t involve exercise at all. Think of these days like a good night of sleep. Plan to completely ... 

Get over it: 5 ways to overcome common obstacles to running

By Beth Dreher on in Training
Too tired, stressed or hungry to run? Here's how to get past everyday training roadblocks.

As much as you may love to run, there are still days when simply tying your shoes requires a marathon effort. Morning runners groan when the alarm buzzes; midday runners battle full inboxes and growling stomachs; evening runners are tired after a long day. And when you hit the road, you ... 

Making the best of a bad workout

By Greg McMillan on in Training
Don’t despair if things haven’t gone to plan – you often learn more from failure than you do from success, says elite running coach Greg McMillan.

Bad workouts and poor races: we all have them and we always will. As a coach I no longer fret about the occasional flat session - instead, I see them as learning opportunities. Let's look at the main reasons for bad workouts and, more importantly, what to do about them. Wrong ... 

5 key prehab rules to avoid injury

By Paul Hobrough on in Training
These five essential prehab tips will help keep you running strong.

Think about where you work and what position you’re in most of the day. If you spend a great deal of time sitting at a desk you will have tight hip flexors and lengthened glutes. This means you increase your chance of developing lower back pain when you’re running. Schedule more ... 

What is tempo running and how do I do it?

By Karen Asp on in Training
Build your endurance and speed by hitting the middle ground.

You know what it feels like to run easy and you’re probably also familiar with the burn of going nearly all out. But what about the paces between those two levels? Workouts that target that middle ground – tempo runs – should be part of your weekly routine. These workouts help ... 

Train like an Olympian: Speed

By Jo Pavey on in Training
Fire from all cylinders and up your pace with help from GB Olympian runner Jo Pavey’s speed-boosting workout.

These plyometric exercises will help improve your speed. Performing them, muscles are given an eccentric loading (lengthening action) followed by a concentric contraction (shortening action). The objective is to be able to use energy accumulated during the loading phase to maximise the muscle contraction in the opposite direction. Plyometric work is ... 

Keep on your toes: 4 moves for stronger digits

By Nicole Radziszewski on in Training
They're not pretty, but your big toes are important when you're running. Get yours in tip-top shape with these four moves.

A runner’s big toe has a big job. When your foot strikes the ground, it helps stiffen the tissues along your arch. This creates a stable platform, giving your foot more ability to propel you forward. But if your big toe is stiff or misaligned it can’t do its job as well as ... 

Flexible fat burning speedwork for all abilities

By Jason R. Karp on in Training
We can burn fat more efficiently – and vary our running routine – by playing around with our pace.

Generally speaking, runners like structure. They like knowing where they’re going and how fast they have to go. But occasionally throwing a rigid routine to the wind can be a boon not only for your fat burning and fitness, but for your mental state as well. One of the most effective ... 

5 elite core moves for runners

By Scott Douglas on in Training
A 10-minute routine to improve your flexibility, form and injury-resistance.

Like almost all modern elite runners, US Olympian and 2009 World Championships 1500m medallist Shannon Rowbury and her peers consider strength work to be an integral part of training. By doing exercises that strengthen the core and improve midsection mobility, they can better hold up to the stresses of running and their ... 

1 to 10 of 106 blog posts

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