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Q&A: Race training

By on in Training
We put your running and race training questions to our expert panel.

Will I lose fitness if I run every third day instead of every second day? Not necessarily, but include intense workouts – they preserve aerobic fitness for one to three months even if you run less often. Make one or two weekly sessions intervals, fartleks, hill repeats or tempo runs. And ... 

How to strike the balance between life and performance

By Jonathan Dugas on in Training
A periodised approach to your training allows you to adjust your workouts and race goals to your life.

You’re a runner who races regularly, from 5Ks to half marathons, but you’re dissatisfied with your performances. You run almost every day, with an intense effort once or twice a week, and try to fit in a weekend long run. You’d like to be better, but you’re just not sure ... 

5 running goals that have nothing to do with racing

By Kelly Bastone on in Training
Even if you never want to compete, identify your running goals to get fitter and feel happier.

Having a race on the horizon motivates many runners, but the prospect of competition is hardly the only reason people run. Your objective might be to lose weight, meet friends, claim some ‘me time’, or invest in healthy habits that ward off chronic disease. Some just simply love to run ... 

How good is your posture?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Avoid fatigue on your runs by making sure your posture is the best it can be.

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100 miles in 10 steps

By on in Training
Running coach and veteran ultra runner Ian Torrence insists a 100-mile finish is within reach for anybody who’s serious about preparation and genuinely loves to run. Here are 10 tips to help you get there.

1/ Find a trail Many 100-mile races are on trails, so get used to them. ‘A lot of components of trail running are different to road running; the terrain, ascent/ descent, and tempering your legs to take that kind of abuse,’ says Torrence. ‘It’s also accepting your 8min/mile pace will drop ... 

Is 100 miles the new marathon?

By Warren Pole on in Training
Now that 26.2 miles is mainstream, runners are increasingly considering ultra events. Should you be putting triple digits on your to-do list? And just how do you go the distance?

In the film Run, Fat Boy, Run, Simon Pegg’s character faces losing his former fiancée to the dashing Whit. Among Whit’s qualities, the fact ‘he runs marathons’ is delivered as the final nail in Pegg’s coffin. After all, how could a mere mortal compete against such a superhuman? In 2007, when ... 

Getting over perfectionism

By Richard Lovett on in Training
We runners tread a fine psychological line between celebrating success and forever wanting to perform better. Here’s how to ensure perfectionism doesn’t sabotage your results

After months of diligent training, Theresa Hailey was perfectly on pace for her time goal when she reached the halfway mark in a marathon. But by mile 18 she had faded significantly and she crossed the line over six minutes outside her target. She was ecstatic. Why? She had missed her ... 

How strong are your lower legs?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Ensure your calves and ankles are up to scratch with our quick test.

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8 tips for successful long runs

By on in Training
Training for your first ever big event? Here's how to nail your long runs.

1. Slow your pace You'll save energy for those bonus miles by slowing your pace. You should feel comfortable and able to carry on a conversation. A good rule of thumb: Add 90 seconds to two minutes per mile to your normal pace.  2. Add miles gradually To keep injuries and burnout at ... 

3 benefits of treadmill training

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
When it's unsafe or inconvenient to run outdoors, know that indoor workouts can prepare you for a race.

Josh asks: I’m training to race a half marathon this spring. Due to the weather, most of my runs have been on a treadmill. Will running indoors affect my performance? You’re wise to take your runs inside when weather conditions could slow you down or leave you injured. Logging miles indoors will ... 

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