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How long should you warm up for before a tough workout?

By Susan Paul on in Training
Take stock of your training goals to find the right amount of prep time.

I’m training for my second marathon, and lately I’ve been running a three-mile warm-up before my speed workouts, which are usually once or twice a week. Is a three-mile warm-up too long? A three-mile warm-up is long, however that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing. While a one-mile warm-up is usually ... 

3 simple ways to improve running efficiency

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Want to run faster while using less energy? Here’s how to train your body to be a more efficient machine.

I’ve been running for about two years now, and I want to improve my running efficiency. I follow a program that has plenty of variety (tempo, hills, long run, cycling), but I’d love to know what I can do to improve.  Training for speed via intervals, tempo, and other workouts is ... 

Drills: Of speedwork and dentistry

By Mark Remy on in Training
Speedwork, like dental work, is necessary - and not even all that evil.

Psychologists are great. They have a word for everything. Take experiential avoidance, for instance. (Okay, that’s two words. Indulge me.) Experiential avoidance, as described in a research paper out of George Mason University, “is a process involving excessive negative evaluations of unwanted private thoughts, feelings, and sensations, an unwillingness to experience these private ... 

Why do you race faster than you train?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
A new study finds that endurance athletes can tolerate greater muscle fatigue in competition.

There’s nothing more demoralising than trying to run at your goal race pace in training. Personally, I’ve seldom managed to run even half my race distance at goal pace; and on the rare occasions that I try something like that, I’m always left wondering: “How on earth am I going ... 

Science of suffering

By Sam Murphy on in Training
A stronger mind means a faster body. RW grabs the keys to the hurt locker to learn the secrets of the science of suffering.

Each ragged breath feels like fire being torn from your lungs, your heart is thudding like a basketball on the court floor, your muscles throb, each footstep sends shock waves through your body. Every fibre of your being implores, ‘Stop!’ Running certainly hurts when you’re pushing hard. But according to researchers ... 

How to run a 5K with your dog

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Here are eight steps to take before you sign up your pup to run a race.

I want to train with my dog to participate in a 5K this summer. We typically walk about 15-20 minutes daily. Do you have any tips to prepare for the 5K event? We all know that regular exercise is a key ingredient for living a healthy lifestyle, and the same is true for ... 

How experienced half-marathoners can boost their training

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Bring in more race-pace and lactate threshold training to run your fastest half yet.

As an experienced runner, you’ve already notched a few halves and are comfortable with the distance – but perhaps you haven’t done the 13.1-miler justice, focusing your efforts more at either end of the speed/distance spectrum. ‘Optimal half-marathon preparation involves a middle ground between 10K and marathon training,’ says veteran ... 

Best fitness classes for runners: Treadmill classes

By Georgia Scarr on in Training
Combine speedwork, hills and strength work in a challenging treadmill class to take your running to the next level.

If you’re a little too familiar with the looming sense of pre-speedwork dread or can’t bring yourself to sprint unless a soon-to-depart train is involved, you’re in luck. Treadmill classes are the answer to your speedwork session prayers – we took a look inside to discover exactly how pounding something ... 

6 power exercises to help you pick up the pace

By Lauren Bedosky on in Training
Use these plyometric drills to improve your explosive power.

Whether you’re chasing a 5K PB or you’d just like to run your local loop a little faster, plyometrics should be part of your training arsenal. Explosive dynamic moves that incorporate jumping and bounding, as well as quick changes in direction and speed, help you develop the elastic tissue components ... 

4 reasons for training fatigue

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Here's why you may be experiencing mid-season fatigue - and how to overcome it.

I'm training for my fourth marathon and attempting to improve my time. This time around I'm struggling with lack of energy and strength in my workouts. The reason I'm writing is that it's lasted for several weeks now, and I'm headed into my longest and hardest runs this month. Have you seen this ... 

1 to 10 of 340 blog posts

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