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Runner plans to topple Lake District 24-hour fell record

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
27-year-old Adam Perry hopes to break one of the toughest fell running records in history.

Adam Perry from Sedbergh in Cumbria has high hopes to tackle over 77 peaks in 24 hours and set a new Lake District 24 Hour Fell Record in the process this June. The challenge sounds straightforward enough; simply scale as many summits as possible within the 24-hour time limit. In reality, ... 

Studies show protein boosts performance

By Amby Burfoot on in Training
Four new studies highlight the importance of protein in a runner's diet.

Fats and carbohydrates get all the attention, but protein - the tissue builder - is a nutrient runners should not neglect. Four recent papers are giving runners more reason to pay attention to their protein intake. They conclude that increased protein intake can decrease “cardiometabolic risk” (of heart attacks, diabetes, etc), ... 

2XU - running and its impact

By on in Training
We talked to the experts at 2XU about their approach to recovery

Most people are aware to some degree that compression is used to aid recovery; it can help with circulation, flush the muscles etc but we wanted to go beyond that with the guys at 2XU and here they explain how the body responds to different types of running and how ... 

What To Do If You Get Injured During Taper

By By William O. Roberts, MD on in Training
Dr Bill answered some running questions, this one about tapering injuries

Hi, I'm in the last week of tapering for my first half marathon, my problem/question is that I did my last long run and I was fine, over the next three days at work I strained my legs lifting, so I did a few shorter runs (6,7, and 12K) but ... 

RW staff marathon tips

By on in Training
There's no special secret to surviving a marathon, but here are our staff top tips

Name: Sam Murphy @SamMurphyRuns Number of marathons run: 16 Greatest piece of advice: Run the first mile at a pace you believe you can run the last. Greatest piece of recovery advice: Drink half a pint of strawberry nesquick as soon as is humanely possible after the race, put on ...  Continue reading ... 

Hoka Highland Fling blog 14: Taper time

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
In the fourteenth week of her training, our Online News Ed Rhalou runs her last long run before the big day.

Against the odds I have successfully made it through 14 weeks of training for the Hoka Highland Fling, which means it’s time to taper! But this also means there's just over a week until race day, so the pressure is on. Week 14 was a brutal one and for the ... 

Strength Training without a gym

By Michele Moses on in Training
Get strong outside the box.

Strength training is all too easy for runners to neglect in the summer, when they'd prefer to exercise outside as much as possible. But who says squats can only be done in the gym? This routine from Chicago Area Runners Association coach Melissa Stone requires no equipment, which means it ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog 12: Tackling back-to-back long runs

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
In the twelfth week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou ups her mileage.

Week 12 has arrived, which means there are only four weeks to go until my attempt to conquer the Hoka Highland Fling. Holy guacamole I'm starting to get nervous. My training plan stipulated two rest days in a row (hurrah) a 50-minute easy run on Wednesday, 35 minutes easy on Thursday, some ...  ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog 11: The loneliness of long distance running

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
In the eleventh week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou goes in search of inclines and company.

Week 11 and my training plan for the Hoka Highland Fling stipulated two 35-minute tempo runs in the morning and evening on Tuesday, an interval session on Wednesday, some strength and conditioning work on Thursday, a fast 5K followed by a 25-minute cool down on Friday and a long paced run ...  ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog week 10: race day nutrition

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
In the tenth week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou experiments with ultra running fuel.

In the tenth week of my training for the Hoka Highland Fling the repercussions of sneaking a marathon in have started to show, but not necessarily in a bad way. In the immediate 72 hours following a marathon I am usually struck with an all-consuming hunger that just won’t leave me. ... 

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