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Why long run mileage varies in training plans

By Susan Paul on in Training
Determine your fitness and goals to find the best 26.2 plan for you.

Steve asks: I’m preparing to train for my first marathon and have been searching for a training plan. My question is about the long run mileage because I see some plans just go to 16 miles, while others build to 20 or even more. Which one is best? How do ... 

How strong is your upper body?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Running isn't all about your legs. A powerful upper body will boost your form for better racing.

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Do all those stats matter?

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Avoid data overload by paying attention only to the important details and ignoring the rest.

It’s a good time to be a running geek. Just a few decades ago, digital watches still seemed like a pretty neat idea; now heart-rate monitors and GPS watches are standard, and new gadgets analyse your stride and cadence, compute your power output or measure your lactate levels, all in real time ... 

5 moves to make hills easier

By Kit Fox on in Training
Monster hills will pose no problems if you add these exercises to your routine.

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Feeling fragile: To train or to rest?

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Think you've got an injury on its way? Here's what to do.

To train or to rest? That’s the big question when you feel a niggle developing. Do you back off from training, or push on through? Here’s how you know... Few of us get through training for a marathon without having to take time off for an injury or illness at some point. ... 

How good is your balance?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
See if your stability hits the mark with this quick test.

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Can you commit to a marathon?

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Training for a marathon puts huge pressure on your body, mind and time. Consider the four questions below to see if you're ready.

Are you accustomed to running at least three days a week? Suddenly stepping up from one or two sessions a week – or none – to four in week one of your training plan is a bad idea, risking pain or injury. ‘Three runs a week is typically the minimum you’ll ... 

How to pace your mates like a pro

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
Need a new running challenge? Learn how to pace your mates round their first big race and bask in the glory of their success.

If you’re a seasoned runner with a few marathons under your belt and a packed race calendar as integral to your year as Christmas and Hannukah, you may find yourself in a unique position. Once you’ve run all your desired distances and achieved your PBs, where does your running go? Of ... 

How strong is your core?

By Mark Bailey on in Training
Put your core to the test.

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Advice for ageing athletes

By William O. Roberts, MD on in Training
Build your core and leg muscles to stay strong and steady over time.

Zandra asks: I am 81 and still love to run. I like to do half-marathons. But I am feeling increasingly ill at ease on the trail because I am getting slower and slower. It often feels that the trail is no place for old ladies. What do you think?  Good for ... 

11 to 20 of 228 blog posts

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