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#Run2WorkDay – Turn your run commute into a fat burner

By on in Training
Why not try fasted training on Run2Work day

If you’re someone who can’t function in the morning without your brekky, then this might not be the article for you, but the benefits of fasted training first thing in the morning might make you change your mind. Bucking the trend that every training session should always be completed with high ... 

Mo Pain, Mo Gain - Strength training with Mo Farah

By on in Training
A selection of key moves from Farah’s strength and conditioning regime

This steps make up Mo's hour long strength and conditioning sessions. Do ten reps of each, see how that feels and then repeat. You'll soon feel the burn! Gym ball windscreen wipers Hold the ball using your ankles and rotate through your core to lower it to the floor, both sides.  Continue ... 

8 great podcasts for long runs

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
Need a little distraction on your long runs? Try one of these 8 podcasts to keep your thoughts occupied and your feet pounding the streets.

Long runs provide the perfect opportunity to explore your surroundings, get lost in your thoughts or solve complex mathematical equations (if you’re that way inclined). But for even the most ardent fans of solitude, once you’ve enjoyed the beautiful sounds of nature or listened to your favourite disco mix a ... 

Hoka Highland Fling training blog week 5: the joys of following a training plan

By Rhalou Allerhand on in Training
Can an average runner take on 53-miles in the Scottish Highlands? In the fifth week of her training our Online News Ed Rhalou starts to find her feet.

As a laid back soul runner, I confess I've never been one to follow a training plan. Before an event I often start my training full of good intentions, but by week two I usually fall off the wagon in favour of freestyling. However, this time around with a weekly ... 

Divide and conquer your long runs

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
The benefits to splitting your long runs in two.

There are many ways to train for long distance running, but the key is to develop a schedule that fits into your lifestyle. The great news is marathon training allows for plenty of flexibility, and it can be fun to tailor a custom plan. The idea of breaking up a longer ... 

Race more to run better

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
How frequent racing can make you a better competitor.

Defending champion Shalane Flanagan skipped the national 10,000-metre championships last June because she was preparing for a marathon...in September. Like Flanagan, many top athletes race sparingly, waiting until their fitness is perfect before toeing the line. But it wasn't always that way. In the months leading up to his American ... 

Study shows benefits of run walk strategy

By Alison Wade on in Training
Marathoners who took walking breaks reported having significantly less muscle pain and fatigue at the finish line.

Don't feel bad if you take the occasional walk break during your first marathon–you're not hurting yourself or your time as much as you think. Runners who took planned walking breaks throughout their races ran times comparable to those who ran the entire distance but reported having less fatigue and ... 

The ELLE x RW running playlist

By on in Training
Here's some musical motivation ahead of the RW & ELLE bumper packs going on sale

Featuring 31 tracks, the ELLE UK running playlist is here to motivate you to get out there and claim a few miles as your own. So why are you seeing this? Well, you can get ELLE and Runner's World as a bumper pack at the moment (more info here) and ELLE ... 

Brain plasticity in skill vs. endurance sports

By Alex Hutchinson on in Training
Or, why I took up rock climbing.

Running, and endurance exercise more generally, is good for your brain in all sorts of different ways–increased cerebral blood flow, formation of new blood vessels (including new neurons), elevated levels of growth factors, protection from damaging inflammatory substances, and so on. But there are some things running doesn't do, and Continue ... 

A beginners guide to cadence

By Ben Hobson on in Training
Fast feet could be the key to better running. Master the art of a higher cadence

If you’re new to running, now is the perfect time to master the art of a higher cadence. Even if you’re not new to running, introducing some cadence work into your routine will help speed you up, improve you posture and reducing your ground contact time, all key parts of ... 

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