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4 tweaks to maximise your training gains

By Lauren Bedosky, Steve Magness on in Training
New research reveals surprising – and intriguing – ways to help you run better.

Runners are creatures of habit: we tend to latch on to particular training strategies and persist with them until we get bored or burn out. If your routine feels stale, try shaking it up with science. Researchers are always working to examine how athletes respond to different training techniques, and ... 

9 tips for running in fancy dress

By on in Training
We spoke to two Supermans and a rhino to get the lowdown on how to run in costume.

1/ Practise in your outfit before the big day You know the rules - nothing new on race day, hilarious costumes included. Take your fancy dress out for a test run before your goal race – maybe a local 10K if you’re aiming for a half marathon. ‘This will bring to ... 

3 relaxing things you can do to aid your recovery

By Bradley Stulberg on in Training
None of them include foam-rolling or ice baths.

After a race or hard workout, our bodies can be pretty out of whack. Cortisol, a hormone that’s released when we’re under duress, floods our systems. And our beaten-up muscles, replete with micro-tears, trigger an inflammatory response that makes us feel stiff and sore. Although it sounds awful, this stress response ... 

10 best running skills workouts

By on in Training
The top sessions to improve every part of your running armoury

The last few months of the year are a good time to work on key running skills, which are often neglected in a target-oriented race-training schedule. But by spending time working on your form, cadence, pace and sense of effort, you’ll be setting down the building blocks for future running ... 

Live like an Olympian: Dietary analysis

By Sam Murphy on in Training
Despite Usain Bolt's nugget strategy at the Beijing Olympics may have suggested, nutrition in training plays a major role for elite athletes. Here's what happened when an ordinary runner had their diet analysed.

The test: Dietary analysis What it measures: Nutrient intake and diet composition Why have it? A sports dietitian or nutritionist is now an integral part of any performance team working in elite level sport, which is why although Mo Farah celebrated his double gold at the London Olympics with a tasty burger, ... 

How to run at your best when you're 65+

By Richard A. Lovett on in Training
Adapt and adjust your training to continue racing as you grow older.

65-74 ‘Humans are well adapted to run into late middle age,’ says Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist at Harvard University. He says our ancestors appear to have evolved to continue running or hunting well into today’s masters years. ‘Hunter-gatherers often live into their 70s or even 80s and they remain very ... 

How to let go of pace and run by feel

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
It’s easier said than done - especially for data nerds - but effort-based pacing ensures you’ll perform your best on the given day.

I understand the concept of training and racing by feel, and I've even attempted to do it for a full marathon training cycle, but it's really, really hard for me to let go of pace. If I don't know how fast I'm going in training, how can I know what I can ... 

9 steps to getting faster at sprinting

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Want to improve your running fitness and overall health? Learn the right way to sprint.

I read your column about high-intensity training, and I wanted to ask about proper form during the sprints. Is it different from proper form during easy running/jogging or merely a sped-up version of it? In other words, do I consciously alter my posture, movement range, etc., during sprints? The short answer ...  ... 

How to train for a marathon on 3 days per week

By Jenny Hadfield on in Training
Are you an experienced marathon runner prone to running injuries? Here's how to get faster on fewer miles.

I'm training for my fourth marathon, and I find that if I run more than three times per week, I get injured. Is it possible to train for a marathon and improve my time on three days per week? What a great question. The short answer is yes, it is possible ... 

9 pieces of advice for runners as they age

By on in Training
Jo Pavey on how the principles behind her long career can help all older runners.

1/ Set goals for yourself My goal for 2016 was to qualify for a fifth Olympics. I trained hard through winter but I got a chest infection before the UK trials in May. I still ran, but the race went badly, as I expected. It was then a race against time ... 

11 to 20 of 395 blog posts

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