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Tweak your running routine to succeed

By on in Training
Changing your schedule could magically produce faster results.

When Alberto Salazar took over as Dathan Ritzenhein's coach in 2009, Ritz quickly set personal bests over 5000 metres (an American record), 10,000 meters, and the half-marathon. A similar thing happened when Mo Farah joined Salazar's group in 2011. And Jenny Simpson's 1500-meter silver medal at last year's World Championships ... 

Elite Training Tips: Inside Powerade's Sports Academy

By James Fricker on in Training
Runner's World's James Fricker joins the Olympic stars of the future for some tough training

The Powerade Sports Academy is an elite coaching experience where sportsmen and women from around the world train across five different disciplines – athletics, swimming, football, cycling and basketball – with Olympians and world class coaches. As I headed towards the Park Club in west London on a sunny Sunday afternoon, ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day Four

By Alison Hamlett on in Training

Tuesday is speed work day in Kenya too. And since it’s not raining, the track at Kamariny Stadium is packed with groups running intervals, practicing drills and chatting with their coaches. Wilson Kipsang, winner of the 2012 London Marathon, isn’t doing speed work though. He’s still recovering from the race 10 ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day Three

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World meets two-time Boston Marathon winner Moses Tanui in Eldoret

It’s Monday morning at 5:30am. Today is considered an easy day on the Kenyan training schedule so we go for a gentle run from the High Altitude Training Camp down to the Kamariny Stadium. The track’s deserted because it’s raining but we decide to do a lap anyway – and ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day Two

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World heads to running legend Kipchoge Keino's training camp in Eldoret

My second day in Kenya begins at 7:30am with a five-mile run. I set off with Sarah Baxter and Sarah Ivory – the other two journalists being treated to a few days of Kenyan running – at a gentle 10-minute mile pace but I soon feel short of breath and ... 

Kenya Training Diary: Day One

By Alison Hamlett on in Training
Runner's World heads to Kenya's Rift Valley to discover the training secrets of Kenyan runners

I’ve come to Iten, a small village overlooking the Great Rift Valley, to discover why Kenyan runners are so dominant right now. The benefits of training at altitude play their part – we’re at 2,400m, which means that walking upstairs causes the kind of wheezing you’d associate with a 4- ... 

MdS Training Blog: The Final Countdown

By James Fricker on in Training
As the race draws closer, our Marathon des Sables blogger is packing, packing and re-packing!

With just days to go now until the race - I fly out to Morocco on Thursday - it is all getting very real!I had some pacing commitments for RW last weekend in Hastings; it saw me pit my wits against the notorious Hastings hill, which was not I ...  ... 

Sprinting Masterclass with Richard Whitehead

By Dominique Brady on in Training
We took a masterclass with the world paralympic record holder over 200m to find out how to pick up the pace…

Sprinting is an art form I'd never mastered. Back in my school days, sports day was voluntary - so guess who spent the day guzzling chocolate on the sidelines. So when I found myself lining up alongside Paralympic sprinter Richard Whitehead I wished I'd paid slightly more attention in PE... Fortunately, ... 

MdS Training Blog: Desert Dining

By James Fricker on in Training
Our MdS blogger has to carry 14,000 calories on his back to complete the race – it’s time to start taste testing some desert-proof fuel

I love my food; I just don’t like carrying it, who does? It’s heavy and awkward to the extent that I even hate coming out of Tesco and walking to the car with bags – that’s how much I hate carrying food. Now my problem with the MdS is that part ... 

MdS Training Blog: Four Weeks of Training Left – and Counting

By James Fricker on in Training
There’s only a month to go before the race – but will Team RW's Marathon des Sables challenger be ready in time?

After a tricky last couple of weeks, battling a few niggles and sitting on my arse, I’m back running. Following on from the Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series in Devon, I had a low-key week as planned with a few short runs and a longer run at the weekend. I started the ... 

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