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Brilliant Brownlees Shine in London

By on in Triathlon
It's gold for Alistair Brownlee and a bronze medal for younger brother Jonny as Team GB wins its first ever Olympic triathlon medals

On a magical morning in London, two brothers set out to fulfill their dreams of gold. If you think this sounds like the start of a fairy tale, you'd be right because less than two hours later, big brother Alistair Brownlee crossed the finish line of the London 2012 Olympic ... 

Swiss on a roll at women's Olympic Tri

By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon

Switzerland's Nicola Spirig pipped Sweden's Lisa Norden in a photo finish at the London Olympic Triathlon this morning. Aussie Erin Densham finished just two seconds behind to claim bronze in the nail-biting sprint for the line. Great Britain's Helen Jenkins was fifth.  The race unfolded in dramatic fashion with several crashes on ... 

London's Winning Olympic Lesson

By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon
One week into the London Olympic Games, the future for sport in Britain looks sunny

Thursday morning’s travel news on Radio 5 reported long delays in central London thanks to the closure of Hyde Park Corner to traffic. And the reason? Competitors were trying out the course for the Olympic triathlons, due to begin this Saturday when the women's race gets underway at 09:00. The fact ... 

Gear Pick: Nectar Hydro Sports Hydration Tabs

By Cedric Lassonde on in Triathlon

Nectar Hydro Sports Hydration Tabs (£6.99) Cedric says: Nectar Hydro Sports Hydration Tabs are a new way to hydrate from the company that revolutionised recovery drinks: For Good Shakes. They are designed to help to replace the electrolytes you loose when you sweat, without the added calories of a regular sports ... 

Join Wednesday's Racing Strategy Webchat

By on in Triathlon
Get race ready by putting your posers to pro triathlete Mark Threlfall

Head to our forum this Wednesday (July 25) for a live webchat with pro triathlete Mark Threlfall from 1-2pm.  Mark, 23, has represented GB in duathlon, triathlon and cross triathlon. He discovered his passion for the sport in his teens and joined the British Triathlon World Class Performance Squad. Whilst at ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Daionic Pro Nutrition Shake

By James Fricker on in Triathlon

Daionic Pro Nutrition Shake, £1.99 (330ml) Daionic have created a readymade protein shake with a whopping 36g of protein per serving - it claims to pack the most protein of any sports nutrition drink on the market. It’s main aims are to refuel and promote recovery to aid muscle growth. I didn’t ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub

By Cedric Lassonde on in Triathlon

Natural Hero Hot Ginger Muscle Rub, £9.95 (100ml) Cedric says: Triathlon tends to attract people who find it hard to sit still. If that sounds familiar, next time your tired muscles complain that they need some TLC, reach for Natural Hero’s Hot Ginger Muscle Rub. Its blend of premium grade ginger ... 

First Triathlon - the Dos and Don'ts

By Graham Taylor on in Triathlon
Discover the lessons learnt as one novice makes his race debut

We’re always trying to encourage our colleagues over on sister magazine Runner’s World to take up triathlon. So when senior designer Graham Taylor expressed a desire to tackle his first triathlon recently, we encouraged him to face his open water fears, borrow a bike and make his triathlon debut. He ... 

Sign up for our Summer Training Newsletters

By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon
Spring into this summer's triathlon season with our expert training advice

The sun’s finally out, which means it’s time to turn up the heat on your triathlon training. To guarantee you taste race success this summer, we’ve put together a series of training newsletters that combine to create an essential guide to the sport of triathlon. Whether you’re tackling your first triathlon ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Lake TX212

By Cedric Lassonde on in Triathlon

Lake TX212 Cycling Shoes (£89.99) Cedric says: These are the new entry-level triathlon shoe from the respected Dutch company who specialise in natural leather cycling shoes. Though they are designed for triathletes, they will please regular cyclists too, especially when comfort is a priority. The large Velcro strap means these shoes are ... 

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