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By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon
Spring into this summer's triathlon season with our expert training advice

The sun’s finally out, which means it’s time to turn up the heat on your triathlon training. To guarantee you taste race success this summer, we’ve put together a series of training newsletters that combine to create an essential guide to the sport of triathlon. Whether you’re tackling your first triathlon ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Lake TX212

By Cedric Lassonde on in Triathlon

Lake TX212 Cycling Shoes (£89.99) Cedric says: These are the new entry-level triathlon shoe from the respected Dutch company who specialise in natural leather cycling shoes. Though they are designed for triathletes, they will please regular cyclists too, especially when comfort is a priority. The large Velcro strap means these shoes are ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits

By Julia Sobik on in Triathlon

Chrissie Wellington, A Life Without Limits (£18.99) Julia says: Before reading this book I expected it simply to cover the training life and perseverance it took for Chrissie to become the incredible sports woman that she is. How wrong I was. Yes, the book covers the hours, blood, sweat and tears Chrissie ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Fujifilm FinePix XP150

By James Fricker on in Triathlon

Fujifilm FinePix XP150 (£219) James says: Looking for something to take to your next race that can be thrown in your kit bag along with your wet suit? This is one gadget that should be on your kit list. The very impressive Fujifilm XP150 is a waterproof, shockproof, freeze-proof and dust-proof ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: ZICO Mango

By Izzy Clark on in Triathlon

ZICO Mango Coconut Water Review (£2.49) Izzy says: Coconut water is not just this summer’s celebrity diet fad – it’s naturally packed with essential electrolytes and potassium, making it a great alternative to sugar, caffeine and preservative-loaded sports recovery drinks. It helps you hydrate faster than water and is perfect straight from ... 

Join our Webchat with Sports Nutritionist Lynn Clay

By on in Triathlon
Get the answers to all your nutrition posers in our live Maxifuel webchat

Head to our forum next Wednesday (June 6) for a live webchat with Maxifuel’s sports nutritionist Lynn Clay from 1-2pm.   Lynn Clay is a sports scientist, nutrition consultant and freelance journalist with eight years experience in the nutrition industry. She’s a former AAA gold medallist runner and a keen cyclist, ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Limar Ultralight+ Road Helmet

By Joe Walker on in Triathlon

Limar Ultralight+ Road Helmet Review (£119.99) Joe says: If shaving weight off your ride is a priority, look no further. The Limar Ultralight+ Road is the world’s lightest helmet. Available in road and MTB versions, the medium size weighs just 175g (53-57cm) and the large a mere 200g (57-61cm). It also has ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Nike MAX Transitions

By James Fricker on in Triathlon

Nike MAX Transitions, £195 James says: Now the weather has picked up, it's time to think about your summer eyewear. When you do, consider the new Nike MAX Transitions. Just like your favourite tee, these sunnies are the crucial piece of kit to make your summer running or cycling go without ... 

Wiggle Competition Winners

By on in Triathlon
Have you won top triathlon prizes?

We teamed up with Wiggle last week to give away some top-notch triathlon kit to help you train and race at your best this summer. Look at the list below to find out if you’ve won any of the three prizes up for grabs. We've passed all the winners' details on to ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: ClearEars

By Katherine Kendall on in Triathlon

ClearEars, £5.19 Katherine says: Over the years swimmers have found unique ways to clear their waterlogged ears. However, some of us have had no choice but to tolerate the deafening sensation whilst water dislodges itself naturally. ClearEars is a revolutionary product designed to combat this. Made from pliable foam with FDA ...  ... 

41 to 50 of 82 blog posts

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