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Gear Pick of the Week: Intact Endurance

By James Fricker on in Triathlon

Intact Endurance, £19.95 James says: Intact Endurance certainly packs a little punch. The 59ml bottle contains four key electrolytes that are lost through exercise – magnesium, chloride, sodium and potassium. Because you only need to add a few drops to 500ml of water, you'll get a whopping 59 servings from the ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Aqua Sphere K180

By Joe Walker on in Triathlon

Aqua Sphere K180, £19.99 Joe says: The latest goggles from swim innovators Aqua Sphere are designed to make your swim more streamlined and therefore speedier. How? Thanks to the amazing hydrodynamics, of course. The K180s are the first ever small-socket goggles to combine asymmetrical and anatomical curved lenses. This means you’ll ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Kinetica Recovery

By Joe Walker on in Triathlon

Kinetica 100% Recovery, £24.99(10 x 75g sachets) Joe says: Kinetica 100% Recovery is a 2:1 carb to protein supplement designed to aid quick delivery of nutrients to fatigued muscles and replenish glycogen stores post training. Kinetica’s exclusive Biotein protein blend prevents muscle soreness after a hard workout to ensure you recover from ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Garmin Forerunner 910XT

By Andy Dixon on in Triathlon

Garmin Forerunner 910XT, £359.99 Andy says: The best compliment that I can pay this latest multisport training device from Garmin is that it just works. I haven’t got the patience to trawl through user manuals, so I just got it out of the box, powered it up and started training. And ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Salomon EXO S-Lab Tech Tee

By James Fricker on in Triathlon

Salomon EXO S-Lab SS Zip Tech Tee, £80 James says: If I'd judged this running top on first impressions, it would have failed to make it into my running wardrobe, but once I’d got over its initial cardboard feel and garish yellow colour (it comes in a variety of colours, like ... 

Win a place at Ironman Lanzarote 2012

By on in Triathlon

If you've been training hard all winter, here's chance to reward yourself – by racing round the gorgeous island of Lanzarote. We've teamed up with Sports Tours International to offer you the chance to win a race place at Ironman Lanzarote. The race is only six weeks away though – on ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Knog Blinder

By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon

Knog Blinder Bike Lights, £34.99 each Alison says: The Knog Frog is one of the most copied light designs in existence, thanks to the clever silicone design and bright colours. But the cool folk at Aussie brand Knog would rather set new trends than bask in past glories, so they’ve created ... 


By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon
In this space we plan to talk about all things triathlon as the season swings into action. To get things started, we want you to send us your burning triathlon questions

Questions, questions, questions... One of the great things about triathlon is that there are always new things to learn, which means there are often new questions that need answers. We want you to bombard our expert panel with your triathlon queries. Our panel of triathlon coaches, nutritionists, elite athletes and medical ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: 110% Juggler Knickers

By Alison Hamlett on in Triathlon

110% Juggler Knickers, £110 Alison says: If, like me, you’re way too wimpy to plunge tired limbs into an ice bath after training, this new range of compression kit from 110% offers a great alternative. These wonderfully named Juggler Knickers come with six sheets that you soak in water then freeze. After ... 

Gear Pick of the Week: Zoggs Tri Vision

By Katherine Kendall on in Triathlon

Zoggs Tri Vision, £20 Katherine says: While noticeably larger than other goggles in the Zoggs range, the new Tri Vision mask offers superbly clear 180-degree vision thanks to its curved lens technology. The soft frame sits wide on the face for a comfortable fit and little risk of indentation marks. If you ... 

51 to 60 of 81 blog posts

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