Ask the experts

Over the coming weeks our expert athletes and a team of product designers at PUMA will be on hand to give their words of wisdom on making the most of your running.

  • Ever wanted to know the science behind running kit? On Wednesday 20 August, we'll be talking shoe technology, design and performance with PUMA's product team, including Bob Michalski from development and Steve Keating from design. Put your questions to them in the forum.


Steven Keating is currently the Head of Design, overseeing the design team responsible for PUMA’s running and training footwear. Steven has been designing performance footwear for more than ten years. His love for sport and design led to his pursuit of a career in the sports equipment industry. Steven’s favourite design is the spike he designed for Usain Bolt for the 2012 Olympics. While wearing this spike Usain won three Gold Medals, broke a World Record, and two Olympic records.

Bob Michalski has worked in footwear since the early nineties. He worked at Reebok, managing custom footwear needs for pro tennis athletes like Michael Chang, Jimmy Connors, Pat Rafter and Arancha Sanchez Vicario, and has since held various roles at K-Swiss and PUMA. Today he is the group head of development for footwear for PUMA in Boston.

Upcoming webchats:

  • On 5 September, Dewi Griffiths will be offering his advice for the speedy 10K distance.
  • On 17 September, James Wilkinson will be sharing his wisdom on setting goals and staying motivated.

Meet our PUMA ambassadors

  • James Wilkinson

    James Wilkinson, British cross country champ and steeplechase runner
    "City running is a good way of getting from A to B. Sometimes I run home straight from work. It's a great time saver and that's a big thing for lots of people," says James Wilkinson, British cross country champ and steeplechase runner. "Reflective gear is also important. No matter where you go in a city you're going to be crossing roads, so reflective gear is key."
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  • Susan Partridge

    Susan Partridge, Scottish and GB distance runner
    "In cities, you're passing cars and people and you can imagine they are your crowd. You can pace yourself like you're in a race," says Susan Partridge, Scottish and GB distance runner. "There's a route that I like to do in Leeds, which is a loop from my house. Some people might think it’s boring but it's ever so slightly uphill on the way out and slightly downhill on the way back so it's good training."
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  • Dewi Griffiths

    Dewi Griffiths, Welsh half marathon champion and cross-country athlete
    "I went to university in Swansea and spent three years running around the city. Running in Swansea was great, with the bay as the backdrop," says Welsh half marathon champion and cross-country athlete Dewi. "I've never been a morning person and have always run at night. Running under the city street lights is a great feeling, it's just you and the road. That's why I like to run really."
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