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Race picks: five trail races this summer
Take a look at some of the trail race calendar highlights this summer and why not set yourself a challenge.

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UK Marathon Calendar 2004
When it comes to UK marathons in 2004, you're spoilt for choice

13 February 2004 at 15:20

RW's Races Of The Year 2003
The cream of the crop: RW's top 100 UK races of the year. Plus for subscribers: extra details for 6 x top-fives

09 February 2004 at 10:49

Three Dicks And An Iron Maiden
The URWFRC tames the Tough Guy ...

06 February 2004 at 17:23

RW Previews: Hastings Lions Half, March 14, Sussex
Get ready for the Battle Of The Hasty

28 January 2004 at 16:19

RW Previews: Hillingdon 5, March 14
Short n'sharp and with a public house in every direction! It has to be the Hillingdon 5.

15 January 2004 at 15:22

RW Previews: Tunbridge Wells Half, Feb 15
A history lesson and a race all on the same day? It's got to be the Tunbridge Wells Half-Marathon

12 January 2004 at 16:13

Transatlantic Trips - Best Spring US Marathons
A short selection of some of the USA's best spring marathons

09 January 2004 at 09:59

Short Breaks - Shorter European Races in Spring
A short selection of some of Europe's best spring events without doing the full 26.2

08 January 2004 at 16:23

Readers' Races of the Year 2003
You voted for them... here they are. It's your races of 2003

06 January 2004 at 11:40

Newsflash! Great North Run 2004 Entries Open!
Great North Run 2004 entries are now open - don't hang about...

19 December 2003 at 12:32

The Holly & Mistletoe Christmas Frolic, Dec 14
More fun, running and socialising at the latest Forumite gathering

17 December 2003 at 11:15

RW Previews: Dartford 10, January 18
Introducing the Dartford 10, a great race in a quiet month...

05 December 2003 at 16:51

RW Previews: Not the Roman IX, January 18
The Ronhill Roman 9 might be dead and buried, but its successor is alive and kicking.

05 December 2003 at 15:13

Rate The Races Of 2003!
From the good to the bad to the downright quirky: rate the races of 2003 right here!

05 December 2003 at 15:12

Be Afraid: Darkside Challenge at the Sodbury Slog
Challenge the forum Darkside to a mud 'n' guts eight-miler, and this is what you get!

05 December 2003 at 12:29

RW Previews: Blackburn 'Winter Warmer' 10K, Feb 1
"Spectacular views that no other race in the area can match..." reckons the organiser...

20 November 2003 at 16:15

RW Previews: GRIM, January 18
Why not jump into the deep end at this multi-terrain event in Hampshire?

20 November 2003 at 14:30

London Half 2004 - Going Fast
The Adidas Flora London Half-Marathon is back - and over 2300 people have entered so far!

19 November 2003 at 13:00

RW Previews: Stockport 10, December 14
A great course over a classic distance

12 November 2003 at 16:15

RW Previews: Great Barford Half, December 14
The last half-marathon of the season? Well you had better sign-up then!

11 November 2003 at 15:21

401 to 420 of 544 articles

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